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Steve Algozino

DJ-Portrait (English)

Name: Steve Algozino
Born: September 27, 1956
Dead: August 24, 1986
Zodiac: Libra
Type of DJ: Club-DJ, Remixer
Active: 1976-1986
Photo Steve Algozino

Steve Algozino founder of HOT TRACKS

Words: Gini Spiersch (Hot Classics 6 flyer)

Steve Algozino graduated from Oak Glen High School, in Chester, West Virginia and attended Marshall University for two years, majoring in Drama.  He then moved to California and began his musical career.  In 1976, he started playing at Buzzby’s in San Francisco and then in Southern California at Man’s Country and Greg’s Blue Dot.  There were various guest spots, including Probe, Trocadero Transfer and Studio One.  When HOT TRACKS began to take from, Steve was back playing at Buzzby’s in San Francisco.  The local San Francisco talent was springing up everywhere; such dance labels as Moby Dick Records, Megatone Records, Arial Records and C&M Records were supplying the base material for the makings of a new subscription service on the west coast.

12"-Single Cover: Zino - Walk Away Satisfied

After HOT TRACKS was underway, it then gave Steve the means to express yet another talent, producing music.  He started his own commercial label, known as Pacific Records.  Many friends and associates should be given special acknowledgement at this time: Ross Lopez, financial partner and co-owner; Lester Temple, Office Manager and Dee-Jay; Michael Lewis, Craig Morey, Rob Kimbel, all part of the original mixing staff that contributed to the early success of a young HOT TRACKS.  A special friend and talent lyricist, Brian Soares, was very instrumental with lauching Pacific Records.  Such songs as Build Me Up Buttercup by Torch, Lovin’ Is Really My Game by Zino featuring Tyne Mouton and Walk Away Satisfied by Zino featuring Jayne Edwards.

Late in September, 1985, Steve’s health condition required hospitalization, which resulted in his withdrawal from the functions of HOT TRACKS and Pacific Records.  At this time, Cameron Paul was hired to fill the Producer roll.  Gini Spiersch, who was initially hired to promote the Pacific Records releases, was asked to maintain the production of HOT TRACKS.  Pacific Records was disbanned and all creative efforts were aimed at HOT TRACKS.  On January 17, 1986, Steve moved to Oahu, Hawaii to live out his remaining months.  In early August, 1986, Michael Lewis was then hired as Producer and Co-Director to assist Gini.  Ownership of HOT TRACKS passes to Steve’s mother, Anne Medice and brother Scott Cox.  Steve activated many new ideas during his retreat, some of the changes are already in effect, such as our new sweatshirts, T-shirts and the master catalog.  There are a few more surprises to come in the future.  Steve loved to brainstorm and come up with new ideas; HOT TRACKS was just one of those new ideas.

On August 24, 1986, Steve Algozino, founder and owner of HOT TRACKS and Pacific Records died.

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