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Michael Lewis


Name: Michael J. Lewis
Geboren: 24. Februar 1944
Gestorben: 26. August 1988
DJ-Typ: Club-DJ, Remixer, Produzent
Aktiv: 1974-1988
Photo Michael Lewis

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Hot Classics #6 – Co-Remixer)
The Beach Boys
Here Comes The Night (Caribou – Remix Konsultant)
The Big Hurt (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
Boystown Gang
Cruisin' The Streets (Moby Dick – Co-Remixer)
Disc Charge (Album) (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent)
Disco Kicks (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
Laura Branigan
Solitaire (Hot Tracks SA 2-4 – Remixer)
I Can Hear Music (RSO – Remixer)
Music, Music, Music (Curb/Warner – Remixer)
Crystal & The Team
Sooner Or Later (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
(Won't you) Dance With Me (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
Love's Taboo (Hot Tracks SA 7-2 – Remixer)
Dead Or Alive
Something In My House (Hot Tracks SA 6-1 – Co-Remixer)
Voyage, Voyage (Hot Tracks SA 7-1 – Remixer)
50 & 50 Brothers
Red Man (Hot Tracks SA 7-2 – Remixer)
Flash & The Pan
Midnight Man (Hot Tracks SA 4-2 – Remixer)
Party Boys (Disconet Vol. 3, Prog. 6 – Remixer)
Party Boys (T.K. Records – Remixer)
David Gamson
Honey Honey/Sugar Sugar (Hot Tracks SA 1-4 – Remixer)
Hot Posse
An American Dream (Medley) (Moby Dick – Percussion Remixer)
The Jacksons
Can You Feel It (Disconet Vol. 3, Prog. 13 – Co-Remixer)
Carol Jiani
Mercy (Moby Dick – Remixer)
Woman In Me (Moby Dick – Remixer)
Bruce Johnson
Pipeline (??? – Remix Konsultant)
Birdland (Hot Tracks SA 5-4 – Remixer)
Madleen Kane
You Can (unrealesed – Remixer)
The Kids From FAME
We Got The Power (Hot Tracks SA 2-3 – Remixer)
Die Hard Lover (Moby Dick – Remix Konsultant)
Love Unlimited Orchestra
Welcome Aboard (Hot Classics #6 – Co-Remixer)
Pop Goes The Movies (Hot Tracks SA 1-4 – Remixer)
Noise Boyz
No Way Back (Hot Tracks SA 6-8 – Remixer)
Hot Leather (Moby Dick – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
Rosetta Stone
Sunshine Of Your Life (Hot Rocks #1 – Remixer)
Sterling St. Jacques
I Wish You Welcome (Hot Classics #6 – Co-Remixer)
Soft Cell
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Hot Tracks SA 1-4 – Remixer)
Top Shot (Disconet Vol. 4, Prog. 3 – Remixer)
Top Shot (Importe/12 – Remixer)
Can We Try Again (Arial – Co-Produzent/Remixer)
Ike Turner
Shame, Shame, Shame (Fantasy – Remixer)
A Desert Place (Hot Tracks SA 1-4 – Remixer)
A Desert Place (Siamese – Remixer)
Voices In The Dark
Do Doo Ran Ran (Martian – Percussion Remixer)
Vesta Williams
Sweet Thang (Hot Tracks SA 6-1 – Co-Remixer)
Various Artists
Hot Tracks Christmas Medley (Hot Tracks SA 6-11 – Medley-Mixer)

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