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Mark Alsop


Name: Mark Alsop
Type of DJ: Club-DJ, Remixer
Photo Mark Alsop

Do Me Right Now (CD Single Pride)
Do Me Right Now (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 14-8)
Better Days
You Can Do It (You Know) (Rhythm Stick: RS 3-7)
The Power Of Love (Hot Tracks: NRG For The 90's Volume 20)
The Power Of Love (Hot Tracks: Best Of NRG For The 90's Volume 4)
The Power Of Love (Ozz Mix: Volume 14)
Black Box
Positive Vibration (ACE: Volume 22)
Carnival Of Lost Souls
Without You (12" Vinyl Love It)
Without You (Techno Baste)(Art Of Mix: Precision 11)
Without You (Hot Tracks: NRG For The 90's Volume 14)
Without You (Hot Tracks: Best Of NRG For The 90's Volume 3)
Supernature (ACE: Volume 16)
Jellyhead (ACE: Volume 15)
Jellyhead (ACE: Best Of... Volume 2)
Culture Beat
Got To Get It (Factor 3: Volume 11)
No Surrender (12" Vinyl Central Cuts)
No Surrender '97 (ACE: Volume 16)
DJ Miko
What's Up (Ozz Mix: Volume 15)
Dr. Alban
Let The Beat Go On (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 14-3)
Sing Hallelujah (Discotech: Nineteen (19))
Sign Your Name Across Your Heart (CD Single MDA)
Sign Your Name Across Your Heart (ACE: Volume 17)
Dream Girls
Year Of Decision (ACE: Volume 21)
D Train
You're The One For Me (Discotech: Twentyseven (27))
East 57th Street
Saturday (ACE: Volume 23)
East 17
West End Girls (Discotech: Twentythree (23))
The Look Of Love (Eurotracks: Issue Fifteen (15))
Everything But The Girl
Missing (ACE: Volume 8)
Everybody Dance (Discotech: Twentyone (21))
Never Gonna Give You Up (Discotech: Twentyfour (24))
The Funky Space Nation
Ride The Rocket (Discotech: Fifteen (15))
Hell's Party (Hot Tracks: Roadkill 1.07)
Let's All Chant (ACE: Volume 15)
Jennifer Holliday
No Frills Love '96 (ACE: Volume 14)
Human League
Human (RC-01)
Tainted Love (ACE: Volume 12)
Itchy & Scratchy
Disco Girlfriend (ACE: Volume 3)
Gisele Jackson
Love Commandments (ACE: Volume 20)
Janet Jackson
The Knowledge (Hot Tracks: The Best Of 1991)
Throb (Factor 3: Volume 10)
Fell The Rhythm (Ozz Mix: Volume 13)
Shay Jones
Are You Gonna Be There (Rhythm Stick: RS 3-8)
Johnny X
Call On Me (ACE: Volume 23)
Son Of A Gun (Discotech: Twentyeight (28))
Shine On (ACE: Volume 16)
Kate Project
Wuthering Heights (Ozz Mix: Volume 14)
Evelyn "Champagne" King
Shame (Rhythm Stick: RS 4-2)
Ken Laszlo
Hey Hey Guy (ACE: Best Of... Volume 1)
Rocket To Your Heart (ACE: Volume 17)
Livin' Joy
Don't Stop Movin' (ACE: Volume 12)
Dreamer (ACE: Volume 4)
Dreamer (ACE: Best Of... Volume 1)
Love Construction
Endless Love (CD Single Colossal)
Shine On Me (Discotech: Twenty (20))
Cheryl Lynn
Good Time (ACE: Volume 10)
Lee Marrow
Try Me Out (Discotech: Twentyone (21))
Sally Anne Marsh
Windmills Of My Mind (ACE: Volume 14)
Billie Ray Martin
Imitation Of Life (ACE: Volume 9)
Kylie Minogue
Celebration (feat. Kool & The Gang) (Discotech: Sixteen (16))
Lisa Moorish
Mr. Friday Night (ACE: Volume 19)
Mr. Friday Night (ACE: Best Of... Volume 2)
New Atlantic
Take Off Some Time (Discotech: Nineteen (19))
Your Song (Hot Tracks: NRG For The 90's Volume 21)
Your Song (Hot Tracks: Best Of NRG For The 90's Volume 4)
Out Of Mind (Ozz Mix: Volume 16)
Dolly Parton
Peace Train (ACE: Volume 20)
Ce Ce Peniston
Hit By Love (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 13-7)
Somebody Else's Guy (ACE: Volume 24)
Pet Shop Boys
Miserabilism (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 11-2)
Sharon Redd
You're A Winner (ACE: Volume 8)
Day By Day (ACE: Volume 22)
Royal T
Baby Don't 'cha Leave Me This Way (12" Vinyl Dinky)
S. Bam
Shake It Up Tonight (Discotech: Seventeen (17))
Theme From S-Express '96 (ACE: Volume 11)
Theme From S-Express '96 (ACE: Best Of... Volume 2)
Kym Sims
I Must Be Free (Discotech: Thirtytwo (32))
I Must Be Free (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 14-1)
Take My Hand (ACE: Volume 18)
Sunday Morning
Saturday Night (Factor 3)
Jeanie Tracy
It's My Time (Discotech: Twentyfive (25))
Stomp (Ozz Mix: Volume 15)
Ultra High
Are You Ready For Love (ACE: Volume 13)
Baker Street (ACE: Volume 7)
Urban Cookie Collective
The Key, The Secret (Hot Tracks: Roadkill 1.07)
Hold Me (ACE: Volume 5)
The Weather Girls
Party (Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 14-1)
World Series Of Life
I Would Give Anything (Discotech: Eighteen (18))
Various Artists - Compilations
Directions In Dance... Paul Goodyear Vol. 1 (Pride)
Directions In Dance... Mark Alsop Vol. 2 (Pride)
Mix Culture (Smurf Records)
Q Pride (Central Station Records)
Smash Mix Vol. 1 (Central Station Records)
Smash Mix Vol. 2 (Central Station Records)
The Strip... Pride & Joy (Central Station Records)

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