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Ace Remix

Best Of Volume 1

Label: Ace-DJ Remix Service Pty. Ltd.
Land: Prahran, Australien
Datum: 06/1996
Produzent: James Fraser & Paul Goodyear
Format: 1 CD
Cover dieser Ace-DJ Remix Ausgabe

# Interpret: TITEL – Zeit / BPM – Remixversion


On The Bible

7:48 / BPM 133

Mix by James Fraser & Paul Goodyear



Union City Blues

5:35 / BPM 129

Mix by Paul Goodyear


Disco Biscuit

Disco Biscuit

6:26 / BPM 128

Mix by Paul Goodyear


Livin' Joy

Dreamer '95

7:12 / BPM 129

Mix by Mark Alsop


Simply Red


7:40 / BPM 128

Mix by Paul Goodyear



Fingers & Thumbs

5:54 / BPM 131

Mix by James Fraser & Paul Goodyear



Every Shade Of Blue

5:15 / BPM 136

Mix by Paul Goodyear


Billie Ray Martin

Your Loving Arms

7:39 / BPM 130

Mix by Paul Goodyear



What Goes Around

5:46 / BPM 124

Mix by Paul Goodyear


Ken Laslo

Hey Hey Guy

6:05 / BPM 126

Mix by Paul Goodyear & Mark Alsop

The first “Best Of” volume from Australia’s Ace DJ Remix service contains the most outstanding examples of the work by globally recognised remixers and DJ’s Paul Goodyear & James Fraser. Eight of the ten tracks assembled for this special volume have appeared on previous issues of the series, and certainly offer among them the most unique track selections to be discovered anywhere. The individual mixes routinely achieve in reaching enhanced energy levels through restructuring and creative sampling, while providing ease of mixing for the DJ. Deuce’s UK smash “On The Bible” and Ken Laslo’s HiNRG classic “Hey Hey Guy” make their first appearance here, as well as the highly-prized Billie Ray Martin “Your Loving Arms” from Volume 5, which is based from the rare Brothers In Rhythm remix. A new time-shifted mix of “What Goes Around Comes Around” by Abigail, which previously surfaced on the USA’s ZYX label is included as well as selections from long out-of-print and sold out Volumes 7 and 8 are here once again available. Enjoy the results of prolific performance and craft - here and in upcoming volumes - which has become the Ace standard.

John Hrabar (DMA USA reviewer), June 1996

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