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The Erasure Medley:

"The Erasure Medley" ignites Disconet's T-N-T program.  This non-stop megamix of Sire Records, dynamic Duo of progressive music was produced by Mike Carroll & Steven Von Blau.  The medley incorporates some of Erasure's classic cult Favorites, as well as their current cross-over hits.
Special Thanks: Debra Pelton & Craig Kostich

1. A Little Respect
2. Oh L'Amour
3. Victim Of Love
4. Chains Of Love
5. Stop

Courtesy P 1986-1988 Sire Records (Clarke-Bell)

SIDE A RUNS:  11:28 at 116 - 124 BPM.

Ashford & Simpson and Chaka Khan:

Side B starts off with "Cookies And Cake", another tasty creation from Ashford & Simpson.  This scrumptious piece is from their Capitol Records LP "Love or Physical".  "Cookies And Cake" is pure r&b/pop perfection, and the classic Ashford & Simpson hooks are the icing on the cake.  Next is the remix of the classic "I'm Every Woman", by Chaka Khan.  This is just one of the many exciting new remixes of Chaka Khan's biggest hits and classic favorites, on the Warner Bros. records album "Life Is A Dance, The Remix Project".  Dennis Muyet has created this special Disconet edit that's sure to be a crowd pleaser.

SIDE B RUNS:  5:22 at 116 BPM, and 7:10 at 120 BPM.

The Paula Abdul Medley and Pump:

Bonus Side 1 explodes with "The Paula Abdul Medley".  The tunes on this knockout megamix are from her multi-hit debut lp "Forever Your Girl", on Virgin Records America.  Next is "Makin' Love In The Jungle" by Pump (featuring Russ Brown), on MF Records.  This hot new rhythmic house tune, with mean bass line, driving percussion, great vocals and the call of the jungle, is sure to set a wild groove on your floor.

1. Straight Up  (Elliot Wolff)
2. Knocked Out  ((L.A.Reid-Babyface-D.Simmons)
3. The Way That You Love Me  (Oliver Leiber)
4. Cold Hearted  (Elliot Wolff)
5. Forever Your Girl  (Oliver Leiber)

Courtesy P 1988 Virgin Records America
Special Thanks: Cary Vance

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  9:18 from 112 BPM to 122 BPM, and 6:28 at 125 BPM.

Tantra and Mark Styles:

Bonus Side 2 starts off as the Tantra journey continues, with the special edition of "Wishbone '89".  Steven Von Blau has created this exclusive Golden Razor Blade edit that's sure to drive your floor into a summertime frenzy.  Next is "Ice House" by keyboard wiz Mark Styles.  This summertime instrumental will electrify you with it's pounding bass, driving percussion, and cool keyboards.  "Ice House" was produced and mixed by Mark Styles.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  10:40 at 131 BPM and 5:42 at 128 BPM.

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