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Paula Abdul and Charvoni:

Paula Abdul heats up Disconet's Summer Fever program with "Cold Hearted" on Virgin Records America.  This knockout, out-of-the-box smash single is from her debut mega-hit LP "Forever Your Girl," and is sure to go straight up the charts.  Forever your man with the master plan, Dennis Muyet has created a floor packing powerhouse megamix.  Charvoni, Capitol Records' new sizzling sensation, is next with "Always There."  This bass driven R&B/house tune, with moving percussion and captivating soulful vocals, is from Capitol's "Black Havana" compilation.  The Disconet edit by beach bully Mike Carroll and Steven Von Blau is a real crowd pleaser.

SIDE A RUNS:  6:20 at 123 BPM and 7:12 at 121 BPM.

Royalty and Erotic House Boyz:

Side B erupts with this summer's big mover "Baby Gonna Shake" by Royalty.  This Pop/dance tune on Sire Records is from the soundtrack to the hit movie "Earth Girls Are Easy."  Steven Von Blau's mega-edit will make your dance floor shake with excitement.  The Erotic House Boyz are up next with "I Can Make You Feel It" on Soul Street Music.  This underground house record was produced by Richie Weeks and Glenn LaRusso.  The Hit-House remix by Mark Styles and Steven Von Blau will make you feel the kick a.. groove of this tune, and pack your floor.

SIDE B RUNS:  7:41 at 121 BPM and 6:45 at 116 BPM.

New Baccara, Real Life and Fiesta:

Temperatures rise on Bonus Side 1 with "Touch Me" by New Baccara on Bellaphon Records Germany.  New Baccara's sensuous vocal delivery is matched by driving percussion and sweeping keyboards.  J.R. Clements and Steven Von Blau have created an edit that's sure to touch the dancers on your floor.  Next is "Send Me An Angel '89" by Real Life on Curb Records.  Originally a dance club hit in 1983, the '89 remix is enjoying crossover chart success.  Steven Von Blau's edit will send your dancers high above the clouds.  Bonus Side 1 winds up with "Bryllyant" by Fiesta on VCN Record Company Ltd.  This power driven high-energy cut has created quite a buzz as a U.K. import, and is available for licensing via John McDonald.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  6:10 at 129 BPM, 6:19 at 127 BPM and 5:36 at 122 BPM.

Deja-Vu and K.C. & The Sunshine Band:

Side 2 reaches a fever pitch with "Don't Turn Around" by Deja-Vu on Retra Records Ltd.  This cover of the classic dance hit by The Raes features an enthralling vocal delivery by Lonnie "Quartzlock" Gordon.  The Disconet edit, which has an extended new intro, exciting breaks and crowd pleasing surprises, was done by Stan Parchin and Steven Von Blau.  Next is the classic Disconet K.C. & The Sunshine Band "Superhit Medley."  All the cuts are from the legendary TK Records catalogue.  These include: "Get Down Tonight," "Shake Your Booty," "I Like To Do It," "Keep It Comin' Love," "That's The Way (I Like It)" and "I'm Your Boogie Man."

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:10 at 132 BPM, and 11:17 at 114-117 BPM.

Notes from the beach:

Time to clean out the cabanas and get ready for another hot summer season.  The entire Disconet staff wishes everyone an exciting summer season, filled with beach parties, smokin' barbecues and packed dance floors.

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