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Taylor Dayne and Centrifuge:

Igniting Disconet's double '88 year-end explosion is "Don't Rush Me" by Taylor Dayne.  This pop/dance tune is from her multi-hit debut album "Tell It To My Heart" on Arista Records, Mike Carroll, who causes an explosion with his razor blade, has created a firecracker edit of "Don't Rush Me" that's a real crowd pleaser.  Next is "From Here To Eternity" by Centrifuge featuring Fax Headroom.  This turbo-charged cover of Giorgio Moroder's 1977 classic was originally produced by Mark Styles & Kenneth Scott in Europe.  Now Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles have re-recorded and remixed the tracks to create an atom splitting version for this Disconet exclusive.

SIDE A RUNS:  6:48 at 130 BPM, and 8:02 at 130 BPM.

Muyet's Year-End Medley and A.K.A.:

Side B heats up with "Muyet's Year-End Medley," the follow-up to "Muyet's Mid-Year Medley" (Volume 10 Program 10).  Your floor will explode as this megamix uncontrollably pounds out ton of 1988's hottest hits.  Next is "Cruel Lovin'" by A.K.A. on Wide Angle Records.  This captivating R&B/dance tune with mean bass line, moving percussion, and seductive vocals by Mithat Konar was produced by Kurt Valaquen.

Artist Song Courtesy
Giant Step Another Lover 1988 A&M Records
S-Express Superfly Guy 1988 Capitol Records
Depeche Mode Strangelove 1988 Sire Records
Good Question Got A New Love 1988 Sire Records
Raze Break For Love 1988 C.B.S. Records
Inner City Big Fun 1988 Virgin Records
Yazz The Only Way Is Up 1988 Elektra Records
Will To Power Say It's Gonna Rain 1988 Epic Records
Noel Out Of Time 1988 4th & Broadway
Kim Wilde You Came 1988 MCA Records

SIDE B RUNS:  10:45 from 116 BPM to 120 BPM, and 6:05 at 114 BPM.

Celi Bee, Kim Mazelle & Art Of Noise+(Tom Jones):

Bonus Side 1 explodes with "He-Man '88" by Disco Diva Celi Bee.  This soulful dance record with strong bass line, driving beat, and knockout effects was remixed by Mr. Sunshine State - Artie Jacobs.  Next is "Useless" by Kim Mazelle on Capitol Records.  This R&B/house dance tune is from the "London Towne House: Syncopate '88" LP.  With Kim's soaring and commanding vocals and with tracks that make you dance, this cut is a multi-format smash.  Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps the most inconceivable combination in musical history: Art Of Noise & Tom Jones.  Even more surprising is this pairing's cover of the Prince classic "Kiss," which is already an out-of-the-box hit.  Now, with this non-stop crowd pleasing, hip-swaying edit by Mike Carroll, get ready to Dance!  I said "Dance Now"!!!!!!

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  6:48 at 104 BPM, 5:50 at 120 BPM, and 6:02 at 115 BPM.

The High Energy Turbo Megamix '88:

Bonus Side 2 blasts off with "The High Energy Turbo Megamix '88."  This unparalleled non-stop megamix of twelve of this year's biggest high energy club hits was created masterfully by J.R. Clements and Cliff "Bubbles" Pope.  This turbo megamix will electrify your crowd from start to finish.  So put the needle to the record and just say yo.

Artist Song Courtesy
S-Express Threme From S-Express 1988 Capitol Records
Pet Shop Boys Heart 1988 EMI Records LTD.
Tracie Spencer Symptoms Of True Love 1988 Capitol Records
Sabrina Boys (Summertime Love) 1988 Sire Records
Yazz The Only Way Is Up 1988 Elektra Records
Hazell Dean Maybe (We Should...) 1988 EMI Records LTD.
Erasure Chains Of Love 1988 Sire Records
Kim Wilde Never Trust A Stranger 1988 MCA Records
Quartzlock No Regrets 1988 Refelction/Nightmare
Offshore All Work And No Play 1988 Reflection/Nightmare
Olivia Newton-John The Rumour 1988 MCA Records
Blue Zone U.K. Jackie 1988 Arista Records

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  13:48 from 120 BPM to 136 BPM.

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