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The Michael Jackson Medley:

Sha-mone, "The Michael Jackson Medley",  Starts off Disconets eleventh anniversary program celebration.  Tuta Aquino has masterfully created an extroadinary Megamix, with 8 of Michael Jackson's multi-platinum hits.  This amazing unparalleled non-stop medley with eleven hundred (1,100) edits is Bad!
Project Co-ordinators: Bryan Cronin & Steven Von Blau.

1. The Way You Make Me Feel  (M. Jackson)
2. Billie Jean  (M. Jackson)
3. Bad  (M. Jackson)
4. Thriller  (R. Temperton)
5. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough  (M. Jackson)
6. Shake Your Body Down  (R. & M. Jackson)
7. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'  (M. & J. Jackson)
8. Beat It  (M. Jackson)

SIDE A RUNS:  7:42 at 118 BPM, and 7:12 at 109 BPM.

Hitlist and The Lotus Eaters:

Side B, is a special Disconet presentation of two of the most requested out-of-print records.  Starting off this side is a powerhouse high energy favorite, "Into The Fire" by Hitlist, on Virgin Records U.K.  "Into The Fire", was written by Riddell, Waterman, and Hoare, and was produced by John Punter.  Special Thanks: Claire Shave - Virgin Records U.K.  Next is, "You Don't Need Someone New", by The Lotus Eaters, on Arista Records Ltd.  This early morning cult favorite from 1983, was standard faire at The Saint NY, and is now an underground classic.  "You Don't Need Someone New", was written by Coyle, Kelly, and Quinn, and was produced by Alan Tarney.  Steven Von Blau has created a special club edit to help celebrate Disconet's eleventh anniversary program.

Special Thanks: Clive Munday at BMG Eurodisc, London.

SIDE B RUNS:  5:44 at 132 BPM, and 6:17 at 142 BPM.

Bros and Madleen Kane:

Bros, the sensational trio from the U.K., ignites bonus side 1 with "I Owe You Nothing" on Epic Records.  This sizzling new 12" is the follow up to "When Will I Be Famous", and one of the many captivating tracks on the Bros Epic Records LP, "Push".  The always progressive Mike Carroll has created a powerhouse edit that's a real floor packing pleaser.  The celebration continues with Madleen Kane's classic "Forbidden Love" on Warner Bros. Records.  Madleen Kane, appropriately enough first appeared on disconet eleven years ago, (Volume 1 Program 7) with her first hit single "Rough Diamond".  "Forbidden Love" was from her sparkling second LP "Cheri", which became an instant disco classic.  This brilliantly produced tune sounds as hot and exciting today as it did when it came out in 1979.  J.R. Clements (Madleen Kane's biggest fan) has created a classic Disconet version, with a hot new intro, fun breaks, and crowd pleasing surprises.
Special Thanks: Debra Pelton & Craig Kostich.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  7:42 at 124 BPM, and 7:14 at 129 BPM.

Yaz and Marc Almond:

Yaz, one of the original progressive musical groups, starts off bonus side 2 with their #1 hit "Situation".  This trend setting Sire Record 12" was a major influence on the music scene in 1982, and is a true classis.  Dennis Muyet, a true classic himself, has created a turbo-electric, mega-edit that will create a wild situation on your floor.  Special Thanks: Debra Pelton & Craig Kostich.
"Tears Run Rings" by Mare Almond, on Capitol Records is next.  "Tears Run Rings" is an irresistable and melodic song with a captivating uptemno beat, moving percussion, and with commanding yet seductive vocals.  Todd Culver has created a special non-stop edit, with exciting passages and many surprises that's a sure crowd pleaser.  Special Thanks: Frank Murray.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  8:05 at 120, and 7:28 at 134 BPM.

and more for your floor…

It's amazing to think it's been a whole year since Disconet celebrated its tenth anniversary.  They say time flies when you're having fun, and we've been doing just that.  It has been an exciting year at Disconet, not only with premiering new releases, innovative remixes, edits, and superstar medleys but some new and exciting venues.  The Disconet/Telegenics MegaVideos (The Madonna Medley II & The Jody Watley Medley), the Dance Classic #3 set including our first C.D., and most importantly, the new Disc Jockeys, editors and artists who've become a part of what Disconet is really about.  Disconet is a vehicle for Disc Jockeys to develop and share their talents, and for producers, artists and record labels to promote their material.

It's been the talent, imagination and hard work of many individuals, new and old who have made Disconet's eleventh year our most exciting ever.  I greatfully extend my thanks to you all and especially: Pat Rosiello -my partner (We've made it through another year), Mark Styles, Tuta Aquino & Selma Fonseca, Jim Shelton & staff at Europadisk, Bryan Cronin, Mike Carroll, Frank Murray, Rob Sawyer, Hazell Dean, Dennis Muyet, Craig Kostich, Debra Pelton, Dave Jurman, Bobby Shaw, Todd Culver, J.R. Clements, Joel Teitelbaum, Bill Cothran, Glenn Friscia, Scott Blackwell, Steve Ellis, Mario Rios, Dr. Fred Held, Henry Stone, Bernie Stein, Chuck The Jock Davis, Phil Harding, Clive Munday, Casey Jones -Dance Music report, Claire Shave, Chuck Parsons, Terry Sherman, Ian Levine, Artie Jacobs, Claudja Barry, Jurgen Korduletsch, Doug DiFranco & Deirdre, Tony Monte, Vince Pelligreno, Rick Gianatos, Henry Winslow, Nikki Lauren, Mildred Gibson, Benjamin & Rosalie, and Stan Parchin.  Also to all the Disc Jockeys, pool directors, producers, reviewers and industry people.  Thanks to everyone for their endless support.

With Love, Steven

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