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OLYMPIC SPECIAL… (or… Got To Have Seoul!!!)

Hazell Dean and Four Tops:

"Turn It Into Love" by Disco Diva Hazell Dean, leads off Disconet's Olympic Special.  "Turn It Into Love" is a romantic energetic 12" pop/dance single, from Hazell's long awaited Capitol Records LP.  Combining a brilliant production by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, and Hazell Dean's captivating vocals, this tune is sure to be instant club hit.  Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles have added additional percussion, electrifying keyboards, special effects, mixed and edited to create an exciting Disconet Version.  The commercial 12" will feature a club edit by Danae Jacovidis and a Disconet Version by Steven & Mark.  "Indestructible" by the Four Tops (the leading team of soul), keep the excitement going.  This inspirational tune on Arista Records, is from the groups new album, "Indestructible", and is the first single from Arista's Olympic compilation album.  J.R. Clements, has created a Gold Medal edit that will pack your floor.

SIDE A RUNS:  7:42 at 118 BPM, and 7:12 at 109 BPM.

The Kyrme and Tony Terry:

Side 2 starts off with "Now & Forever" by The Kyrme, on Epic Records.  With a mean bass line, powerhouse R&B dance groove, sizzling sax solo by Danny Lemelle, and seductive vocals by Trudy Miller, "Now & Forever" should climb the charts to the top.  Tuta Aquino remixed and provided additional production on the commercial 12" release, and has also created a special Disconet version.  "Young Love" by Tony Terry, is next.  This out of the box smash single is from Tony Terry's Epic Records LP "Forever Yours", and was produced by the prolific Ted Currier.  Dennis Muyet has created a non-stop explosive edit to fire up your floor.

SIDE B RUNS:  6:40 at 119 BPM, and 7:14 120 BPM.

Good Question and S-Express:

What group has just released one of the hottest new dance singles on Paisley Park Records?  Good Question!  "Got A New Love" by Good Question, is pure R&B/pop perfection.  This cut has driving percussion, a super bass line, superb vocals, and a catchy hook.  Mike Carroll, who always has the answer, has created a club version that's a real crowd pleaser.  All aboard S-Express, for an excursion on the new Capitol Records turbo charged 12" track "Super Fly Guy".  This follow-up to "Theme From S-Express", is right on track to being an instant hit.  Todd Culver (Nam Enterprises 265-1800), has turned out a first class edit that's sure to pack your floor.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  6:42 at 117 BPM, and 6:42 at 118 BPM.

Pretty Poison, Debbie Jacobs-Rock, & Sunshine Crew:

"When I Look Into Your Eyes" by Pretty Poison, on Virgin Records starts off Bonus Side 2.  This is the third smash dance single for Pretty Poison, and it should easily catch the attention with the nighttime crowd.  Mark Styles has created a special club mix with an extended intro, hot breaks, and exciting surprises.  Special Thanks: Angel Ugarte, Whey Cooler, and Iris Dillon.  Next up on Diva Records is Debbie Jacobs-Rock, with a powerhouse High-Energy cover of the classic "Forever Came Today".  Mr. Sunshine State Artie Jacobs, produced, John Haag mixed, and the Weather Girls did the background vocals.  The Disconet edit was done by the legendary J.R. Clements, and his side kick DJ Ed Richbourg of "The Chute", TN.  Wrapping up the side is "Comeback" by The Sunshine Crew, and features the romantic vocals of Delano.  Mark Styles produced and mixed this exclusive club track.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  5:46 at 118 BPM, 7:10 at 127 BPM, and 5:22 at 130 BPM.

Eleven Year Anniversary Special

Disconet is happy to announce that we will be celebrating our 11th Anniversary, with our October release.  This special issue will be shipped to you as one of our regular monthly programs.  Featured on this special program will be remixes of some of Disco's greatest classics (i.e.-Madleen Kane), an often requested out-of-print high energy favorite, special edits of the hottest new releases (i.e.-Marc Almond), and of course other exciting surprises that Disconet is famous for.

DISCONET - "The Original Remix Service" Since 1977

This program is dedicated to a friend, Michael Lewis, whose untimely passing has left a musical void to all that knew him.  One of the truely dedicated pioneers of dance music, Michael has been producing Hot Tracks for the last three years.  Some of Michael's earliest works turn out to be notable Disconet classics (Can You Feel It-The Jacksons & Party Boys-Foxy).  We will miss him dearly and always remember his lasting contributions to dance music.

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