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The Janet Jackson Medley by Tuta Aquino:

Give me a beat! We'll give you the beat and more, we'll give you "The Janet Jackson Medley".  This non-stop Megamix with seven of Janet Jackson's smash hits, is nasty, is cut like a diamond, defines the pleasure principle, and will have you in control.  The megamix was produced by Tuta Aquino; (you can call him #1 if you're nasty).  This exciting medley kicks off Disconet's 125th program celebration.  Special Thanks: John McClain and Milt Ollin.

P.S.  A very special thanks to Bellina Kranzler-Ross, for her endless help in co-ordinating this project.

1. Let's Wait Awhile  (James Harris III-Terry Lewis-J. Jackson-M.Andrews)
2. What Have You Done For Me Lately  (James Harris III-Terry Lewis-Janet Jackson)
3. Nasty  (James Harris III-Terry Lewis-Janet Jackson)
4. Diamonds  (Jerry Jam-Terry Lewis)
5. When I Think Of You  (James Harris III-Terry Lewis-Janet Jackson)
6. The Pleasure Principle  (M. Moir)
7. Control  (James Harris III-Terry Lewis-Janet Jackson)

Courtesy P 1986-7 A & M Records

SIDE A RUNS:  10:24.

Tracie Spencer, and S-Express:

All aboard S-Express, for a ride on Capitol Records turbo charged 12" track, "Theme From S-Express".  Jump on board, 'cause this is sure to be one of this summer's biggest sizzling dance singles.  Todd Culver (NAM Enterprises 265-1800), an exciting new editor, has created a non-stop edit that could throw the Orient Express off track.  Next is Tracie Spencer, a young lady who will steal your heart away with her debut single "Symptoms Of True Love", on Capitol Records.  Tracie, a 12 year old from Iowa, has an amazing vocal range and the sweetest delivery.  This is no surprise, as she has a strong musical family background, was a winner on Star Search in December of '86, and has been singing since age five.  Dennis Muyet has created an edit that will give you symptoms of a packed floor.

SIDE B RUNS:  6:40 at 118 BPM, and 6:30 at 120 BPM.

Nia Peebles, and Grace Jones:

"Trouble" by Nia Peeples, starts off Bonus Side 1.  This chart climbing cut is from her Mercury/ Polygram Records LP, "Nothin' But Trouble".  With a mean R & B dance groove, moving percussion, and seductive vocal delivery, this cut is on heavy rotation on radio, and packing dance floors.  Troublemaker Mike Carroll delivers an exciting edit, with a hot intro, exciting breaks, and surprises, that will create double trouble.  Keeping the celebration hot is a Disconet classic, "Pull Up To The Bumper" by Grace Jones on Island Records.  Always ahead of her time, this classic Grace Jones cut from 1981, still sounds fresh and hot today.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  7:53 at 117 BPM, and 7:47 at 112 BPM.

XS-5, and Magnifique:

Bonus Side 2 starts with "I Need More" by XS-5.  This powerhouse high energy dance record is from our friends at Blue August Music/VCN, U.K.  Produced by England's mixmaster, Sir Phil Harding and John McDonald, this cut should quickly become a club favorite.  Steven's Disconet edit will have them screaming "I Need More".  Next is "Magnifique" by Magnifique, a Disconet classic and a high energy favorite since its release in 1981.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:20 at 126 BPM, and 6:36 at 132 BPM.

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