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*** OVER 100,000 EDITS SERVED ***

The Jody Watley Medley, and Blue Mercedes:

The envelope please… and the winner is… "The Jody Watley Medley"!  Jody Watley, Grammy Award winning "Best New Artist", was looking for a new medley and, most of all, to have Mike Carroll do the editing.  This non-stop megamix kicks off Disconet's milestone celebration at reaching the 100,000 edit mark.  So get ready 'cause the party is gonna' get rockin'; over seven and a half minutes of four monster hits ("Looking For A New Love", "Most Of All", "Don't You Want Me", and "Some Kind Of Lover") megamixed by Mike Carroll, that will cause an explosion on your floor.  Special Thanks To: Bobby Shaw.  Continuing our May Madness celebration is "See Want Must Have" by Blue Mercedes, their follow up single to "I Want To Be Your Property".  This time out Blue Mercedes delivers a serious R & B dance cut with a mean bass line, a hard groove, and a powerful vocal delivery.

SIDE A RUNS:  7:47 from 108 BPM to 119 BPM, and 5:53 at 100 BPM.

Ceejay, and Hazell Dean:

What's going on?  Side B starts with Ceejay's exciting new 12" release "A Little Love (What's Going On)", on Next Plateau Records.  This catchy tune has all the right elements (U.K./pop sound, sweet vocals, and released on a hot label) to make it a cross over success.  Special Thanks To: Eddie O'Loughlin, Tony Monte and Vince Pellegrino.  Next is disco diva Hazell Dean with a supercharged cover of "Who's Leaving Who?", originally done by Anne Muray.  Hazell has taken her exciting version of "Who's Leaving Who" top ten in the U.K.  It has now been remixed for its stateside release.  Chuck Parsons (a big Hazell Dean fan) has masterfully created a Disconet edit that will send your floor into a frenzy.  Special Thanks To: Frank Murray.

SIDE B RUNS:  7:42 at 120 BPM, and 7:46 at 120 BPM.

Jellybean, and Pepsi + Shirlie:

The music is jumpin' with "Jingo", Jellybean's hot new single from his megahit Chrysalis LP "Just Visiting This Planet".  "The Beans" interpretation of Candido's "Jingo" (an underground club classic), is a classic itself, and should "Jingo" to the top.  It won't be just a mirage when Dennis Muyet's special Disconet version overpacks your dance floor.  Special Thanks To: Debbie Benitez, Doreen Dorian, Brendan Bourke, Laura Kuntz, and, of course, Jellybean.  Everybody get up and dance, 'cause Pepsi + Shirlie are back with their hot new Polydor 12", "Goodbye Stranger".  Tuta Aquino created a Disconet megamix with a sizzling intro, a hot break, and exciting surprises that will have everybody gettin' up and dancin'.  Special Thanks To: Mario Rios.

P.S.  The commercial 12" will feature Henry Winslow's Disconet Edit of "It's A Shame" (As seen on the T.V. dance show I-D & as heard on the Hot 103 weekend radio party program) on side B.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  7:05 at 120 BPM, and 7:10 at 124 BPM.

Rainey (Megamix), and Michelle Goulet:

Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles wanted to do something special for The Saint's closing party; take one of the top floor packers and remix it just for the occasion.  Easily enough, they chose Rainey's "I Can Fly"; a Disconet classic.  Mark & Steven went into the studio, added new percussion, electrifying keyboards, supersonic sound effects, remixed and edited.  The response to the remix was overwhelming, and generated many requests to have it appear on Disconet.  So, here it is; "I Can Fly" (The Final Journey)-dedicated to The Saint.  Rounding off Bonus Side 2, is "Over and Over and Over" by Michelle Goulet on Island Records.  This powerful high energy cut, with its Europop arrangement and captivating vocals, is quickly becoming a favorite in the clubs.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:53 AT 139 BPM, AND 7:04 at 126 BPM.

Next month: "The Janet Jackson Megamix" by Tuta Aquino

"The Janet Jackson Medley" by Tuta Aquino will be presented on our June program.  Also it took 10 1/2 years, hundreds of songs, numerous 9 talented editors and mixers, over 11,000 miles of audio tape, 10,000 razor blades, 100 editing blocks, and, an amazing amount of splicing tape for Disconet to reach the 100,000 edit mark.

The Disconet T-Shirt

The shirt that the trend setting DJs will be wearing this season.  It comes in 2 styles; a high crew neck T, or sexy muscle T.  They're white, with a black & red Disconet logo, and available in sm., med., lrg., & x-lrg.  The Cost is just $10.- the chest is free.  To order send size & style desired, with a check, money order, or your MC/Visa # and exp. date.  Also include your telephone number and address (printed clearly).

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