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Swing Out Sister, Tears For Fears, and Mark Styles:

"Surrender", by Swing Out Sister is the third single to breakout from their Mercury/Polygram LP, "It's Better To Travel".  Once again the trio (Andy Connell, Corine Drewery, and Marin Jackson) delivers a sing-along dance tune that's sure to be an instantaneous hit.  The Disconet version, with extended intro and unique passages and breaks, will have your floor in a twilight world.  A very special thanks to Mario Rios for again co-ordinating exclusive mixes for Disconet.  Tears For Fears' classic '85 smash hit, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", is next.  Our man of endless surprises and wizardry, Henry Winslow, created a Disconet version that will have you ruling your crowd.  The mad, bad, and dangerous man of the keyboard, Mark Styles, returns with "Auto Pilot".  Mark has again created a hard-driving, bass pounding, electronic instrumental that will have your dance floor exploding.

SIDE A RUNS:  7:32 at 106 BPM, 5:20 at 114 BPM, and 5:40 at 120 BPM.

Billy Ocean, and Blue Moderne:

Billy Ocean drives in with "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" a powerhouse dance pop record on Jive/Arista Records.  Billy's vocal delivery, quite commanding and very seductive, is accompanied by a slick arrangement and an eight cylinder mix.  This song is a hit!  When you play Mike Carroll's Disconet edit your crowd will get out of their seats, and onto the floor.  Next is "No Use To Borrow" by Blue Moderne, a fascinating 12" on Atlantic Records.  This rythmic and percussive tune was produced and created by Ish, the master of the Miami sound.  Mike Carroll borrowed special precision razor blades to create a super sharp edit sure to cause a frenzy on your floor.  A special thanks to Dr. Fred Held of Justin Entertainment, and Ish.

SIDE B RUNS:  7:26 at 118 BPM, and 8:22 at 122 BPM.

Ilusion, Hazell Dean, and Jester:

Ilusion begins Bonus Side 1 with "I Want Your Love In Me"; a percussive Miami style club record on Epic Records.  Tuta Aquino remixed and provided additional production on the 12" release, an instant dance floor pleaser.  Tuta's special "Grand Ilusion" remix will energize your floor.  Diva Hazell Dean, a favorite with the club set, is next with her state side remix of "No Fool For Love" on EMI/Capitol Records.  A re-recording of the original 1985 British release, this cut is now perfect for radio and club play.  The Disconet version will knock you out; and we're not April foolin'.  Ending the side is "Gotcha" by C. Jester, who's come out of retirement to give us perhaps his best work ever.  We guarantee you haven't heard a song like this one in quite some time.  So put the needle to the record, and go "Gotcha".

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  6:12 at 124 BPM, 6:50 at 112 BPM, and 16:10 at 007 BPM.

Linda Singleton, Carol Lynn Townes, and Up Front:

Linda Singleton starts off Bonus Side 2 by belting out a soulful rendition of the Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell classic, "You're All I Need To Get By".  This passionate cover is a 12" release on Hence Forth Records.  The special Disconet version was created from remixes provided by the producer & label president, Hence Powell.  Special Thanks to Dr. Fred Held and Hence Powell.  Carol Lynn Townes keeps the groove going with "You Keep Runnin' Back", a strong dance/funk cut on Polydor Records.  With its funky bass line, driving percussion, and get-down vocal delivery, "You Keep Runnin' Back" should be a multi-format chart success.  Mike Carroll and his partner David Ashby have created a special Disconet version with (at least) 99 1/2 edits.  Up Front rounds out the side with their new Spring Records release, "Hold Me Tight".  The group's 1983 hit, "Infatuation", is still a club favorite.  "Hold Me Tight" should do even better.  Dennis Muyet's special Disconet edit will hold your crowd, and pack your dance floor.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  6:03 at 106 BPM, 6:20 at 110 BPM, and 6:10 at 123 BPM.

And So It Goes…

And So It Goes:  May 1, 1988 marks the end of an era.  That's when The Saint, New York's legendary entertainment complex, closes its doors.  This phenomenon of the entertainment world, opened on September 20, 1980 following a five million dollar renovation of the space that previously housed The Fillmore East.  Those lucky enough to have experienced a night at The Saint have been universally awed by the environment.  It's impossible to describe the 50,000 sq. ft. tri-level venue.  Not just another disco, The Saint is truly in a class by itself.  Its nickname, "The Pleasure Dome", says it best.  The complex is dominated by a huge aluminum dome, larger than The Hayden Planetarium's, that encases the massive 4800 sq. ft. dance floor.  The dome's starfield projector and endless dazzling lighting effects, combined with over 500 speakers driven by 26,000 watts of musical power, makes for a dance floor with a dimension of sight and sound not to be equaled.

The Saint was a place to dance, to hear new music from around the world, and to meet old friends and make new ones.  On April 30th, The Saint will hold its 36 hour marathon closing party; the last of many legendary nights of un-matchable disco dancing (including Disconet's 10th anniversary party held last October).  The memories of these nights will live on forever.

Special thanks to Bruce Mailman, Joel Teitelbaum, Jack Stoddard, the DJs, lighting crew, and the entire staff of The Saint for many nights of dancing and inspiration.

Love, Steven

The Disconet T-Shirt

The shirt that the trend setting DJs will be wearing this season.  It comes in 2 styles; a high crew neck T, or sexy muscle T.  They're white, with a black & red Disconet logo, and available in sm., med., lrg., & x-lrg.  The Cost is just $10.- the chest is free.  To order send size & style desired, with a check, money order, or your MC/Visa # and exp. date.  Also include your telephone number and address (printed clearly).

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