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Gloria Estefan & M.S.M. Medley, and The Jets:

Disconet's "Spring Break Program" starts off, appropriately enough, with the fabulous "Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Medley", produced by "Dr. Beat" himself; master-editor Tuta Aquino.  Get ready for a Miami heatwave; eight and a half minutes of four monster hits ("Bad Boy", "Dr. Beat", "Conga", and "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You") put together with the "Tuta touch" to give your entire crowd spring fever.  Why wait?  Put the needle on the record and let the party begin!  Next up are The Jets with their latest chart-climbing MCA Records 12" release, "Rocket 2 U".  Dennis Muyet's power-booster edit features a hot new intro, super-sonic breaks, and exciting surprises.  It's guarantied to send your dance floor into orbit.

SIDE A RUNS:  8:28 from 92 to 127 BPM, and 7:55 at 120 BPM.

The Kane Gang, and Taste-T-Lips:

If you've been waiting for some top-notch blue-eyed soul, "Don't Look Any Further".  The Kane Gang's new Capitol Records single, from their "Miracle" LP, is not just another cover song.  This brilliant interpretation of the Dennis Edwards classic remains true to the original, but with a soulful eighties feel.  This Disconet version by Steven will have your crowd grooving along.  Next is Taste-T-Lips' exciting new Polygram Records 12", "Hypnotize".  Our wizard of Disconet, Henry Winslow, created this special "House-T-Edit" with sound illusions and mysterious surprises that will hypnotize your floor.

SIDE B RUNS:  7:45 at 100 BPM, and 6:16 at 121 BPM.

Bananarama, and Pepsi & Shirlie:

Bonus Side 1 starts off with another Disconet exclusive, two special remixes of Bananarama's latest single, "Love In The First Degree".  This Disconet presentation was made possible through special arrangements by Mario Rios at London/Polygram Records.  The "House Mix" by Phil Harding, with new percussion, bass line, and special effects will drive your floor into a frenzy, and the Penthouse Dub by Mike Carroll & Steven Von Blau will have them dancing on the ceiling.  The excitement continues with a club remix of Pepsi & Shirlie's current chart hit, "All Right Now".  Pepsi & Shirlie recently took New York by storm with their performances at The Saint, 4D, and other Big Apple hot spots.  With the reaction and excitement that arose, Polygrams promo duo, Mario Rios and Pat Rascona, were inspired to rush into the studio and create a special club remix of "All Right Now".

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  8:03 at 123 BPM, 4:30 at 123 BPM, and 6:30 at 116 BPM.

Spagna "Call Me", and Vanelle:

International sensation, Spagna, starts off this side with her new Epic Records 12", "Call Me".  From Spagna's sensational album "Dedicated To The Moon", "Call Me" has become an instant hit in the clubs (especially with Larry Ozone's crowd) and is starting to cross-over onto radio.  Mike Carroll has created this exclusive "Fiber Optic" edit for Disconet that will reach out and touch your crowd.  Next up on Power Records is Vanelle with her current high energy 12" single "Set Me Free".  With that special Canadian high energy sound that Vince Degorgic is famous for, and Vanelle's sweet and sultry vocals, you know this will be a big hit in the clubs.  J.R. Clements who spins at The Rage in Birmingham Alabama, has created an edit that will send your floor into a rage.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:36 at 114 BPM, and 6:45 at 132 BPM.

Spring Break Party…

Sorry we missed seeing all the DJ's, promoters, and industry people who were in Miami attending the annual "Winter Music Conference".  However we were there in spirit as we were busy creating "The Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Medley", and other exciting remixes to kick off Disconet's "Spring Break Party Program".  "Surf's Up" -Let The Party Begin!!!

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