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Mike Carroll gives Whitney Houston's "Love Will Save The Day" a passionate club mix.  Mike tells Bananarama "I Heard A Rumour".

One of todays most extrodinary and talented singers, Whitney Houston, starts off this special side edited by Mike Carroll.  "Love Will Save The Day" is from her new album "Whitney", on Arista Records.  This album truly showcases Whitney's vocal talents, and is solid proof that Whitney Houston is a Legend of today and of tomorrow.  "Love Will Save The Day" was produced by Jellybean, and was written by Toni C. Mike Carroll has taken this all to short album cut and has worked it into a super club mix that will wow your crowd.

It's no rumour that Bananarama has another smash single.  "I Heard A Rumour", is Bananarama's latest single on London Records Ltd./Polygram.  This cruel summer tune is from the original motion picture soundtrack "Disorderlies".  "I Heard A Rumor" was produced by the Stock, Aitken, and Waterman, and was written by Dallin-Fahey-Woodward and S.A.W.  Our friend Phil. Harding (Big Bens Master Mixer) mixed this tune to the T.  Mike Carroll took advantage of all four mixes and has created this special version just for Disconet.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 6:16 at 116 BPM, and 7:40 at 126 BPM.

Henry Winslow gives "Lady Marmalade" a hot club remix.  "Full Circle", by Company B, gets a powerhouse Lee Eckinger Mastermix.

Jo Jo And The Real People do an intoxicating cover version of the classic "Lady Marmalade".  Tony Griffiths, Gordan Morgan, Dave Reilly, Phil Coxon, and The Creamy Whirls (Labrinski, Lamarra), make up this exciting new group.  Who else but Phil Harding, producer of this version, could make a classic out of a classic.  "Lady Marmalade" was written by B. Crewe and K. Nolan, with Mike Duffy doing the mixing for PWL.  Henry Winslow, who is always full of surprises, has created this exciting edit for Disconet that will have them jumpin' in New Orleans.

Company B returns with their fascinating chart-blaster, "Full Circle".  This latest 12" on Atlantic Records is a great follow-up to their cross over hit "Fascinated", making this the summer of Company B.  Once again Ish has put together a real dance floor pleaser.  Lee Eckinger took time out of his busy schedule to provide Disconet with this special edit.  Lee not only runs Advanced Music Promotions (Michigan's leading record pool), but also is the head DJ at Backstreet in Detroit (which recently celebrated its 8th anniversary).  We're sure that this fun filled edit will fascinate your crowd.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 6:10 at 116 BPM, and 7:37 at 118 BPM.

"Heart Over Mind", by Jennifer Rush, gets a Disconet mix by Steven Von Blau.  Mary Wilson tells Terry Sherman, "Don't Get Mad, Get Even".

Jennifer Rush sparks off Disconet's September program; one that will keep things hot, even though summer is over.  "Heart Over Mind", the title cut from Jennifer's internationally acclaimed C.B.S./Epic Records LP, is the follow up 12" to "Flames Of Paradise" (a duet with Elton John).  This cut is destined to be an out-of-the box club hit.  "Heart Over Mind" was masterfully produced by Harold Faltermeyer, written by T. Rhodes and T. DeLuca, and was remixed by Brian Reeves.  Steven Von Blau has given Disconet a special version of this cut that will have your floor in a frenzy.

Mary Wilson is next with "Don't Get Mad, Get Even", her smash hit from England on Nightmare Records.  Terry Sherman, who is one of the regular DJ's at The Saint here in New York, was recently doing a guest appearence at "Heaven", (one of London's premiere clubs) where he met Mary Wilson, and they quickly became friends.  While Terry and Mary were having tea at Harrods, they disscussed what a great idea it would be to have her song on Disconet.  "Don't Get Mad, Get Even", was produced, arranged, and written by Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench.  This special Disconet edit by Terry and Steven will really excite your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 6:54, at 124 BPM, and 6:57, at 128 BPM.

"Body Music", by Paradise, gets the Styles touch.  Lysa Lynn's "I've Got The Hots For You" gets a "Phil E. Jones Power Mix" that will heat up your floor.

Starting off our rhythmic side is "Body Music" by Paradise.  Paradise is a hot new group of four New York studio session players.  This infectious and soulful dance cut is sure to get your floor into the groove.  "Body Music" was written by M. Styles & R. Valentine, with Mark Styles producing.

Next is "I've Got The Hots For You" by Lysa Lynn.  This hot 12" single on Emergency Records, is sure to be an instant club and radio sensation.  Lysa Lynn has been singing since she was eight and is presently the lead singer in one of Long Island's hottest club bands called "Lysa and The Catch".  "I've Got The Hots For You" was written and produced by John Ferrara.  Phil E. Jones has created another special "Power Mix Edit" for Disconet that will heat up your floor.  (Special thanks to Curtis Urbina).

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 7:09 at 118 BPM, and 6:14 at 119 BPM.

Disconet is happy to announce that with the release of our October program, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  This special issue will be shipped to you as one of our regular monthly programs, just as we have been doing for the past ten years; every month, and on time!  Featured on this special program will be many un-released remixes of some of Disco's greatest classics, "At Midnight Medley #2", and of course a few sneak previews that Disconet is famous for.

After ten years, there's still only one original; and that's DISCONET (The Premiere D.J. Remix Service)

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