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DISCONET 1977 - 1987

The Madonna Medley II:

Where's the Party?  It starts the moment you set the needle down on "The Madonna Medley II".  Tuta Aquino (Our #1 in-house editor) has created a Megamix with seven of Madonna's smash hits.  This special medley with 1,000 (Yes One Thousand!!!) edits will have everyone celebrating our anniversary.

SIDE A RUNS:  11:06, at 110 to 137 BPM.

Hazel Dean & Claudja Barry

"You're My Rainbow", by Hazel Dean (Courtesy of EMI/U.K.) starts off this Disco Diva side.  This romantic dance tune will be an instant late night pleaser.  "I Don't Know If You're (Dead Or Alive)", by the legendary Claudja Barry, is next.  This is a special remix from one of many hot cuts on her Epic Records album, "I Claudja".

SIDE B RUNS:  9:10 at 110 BPM, and 7:36 at 124 BPM.

Patrick Cowley "Menergy" Remix

Sparking off our special high energy side is a Disconet remix of the classic 1981, hit "Menergy", by the late Patrick Cowley.  Patrick Cowley was one of many legendary producers whose first work appeared on Disconet, and how fitting it is that he is part of the anniversary program.  Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles have added exciting new tracks and surprising breaks for this special Disconet remix.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  11:53, at 127 BPM.

Danae Jacovidis/At Midnight Medley II

Eight years ago Danae Jacovidis created the "At Midnight Medley", which quickly became one of the classic medleys Disconet is known for.  What better way to celebrate an anniversary, than to create the next classic: "At Midnight Medley II".

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  15:36 at 102 BPM.

Notes for a Tenth Anniversary by Brian Chin

Mike Wilkinson opened something of a Pandora's box upon launching Disconet in the autumn of 1977.  No less an authority than The New York Times listed him among the entrepreneurial innovators of that year, noting that touchy DJs from Chicago sent Mike a parcel of dead fish to show just how they felt about being displaced.

I don't recall who the other innovators were, but time both proved and evolved the innovation that is Disconet.  The side-long programming aspect, which brought the playing of Tom Savarese and Bobby 'DJ' Guttadaro to your very turntable, reverted to the more flexible current format that made Disconet more explicitly a DJ tool, not a replacement.

Like so many of the things we do professionally in the disco business, Disconet was always an expression of Mike's personality and interests.  He was curious about music, and demonstrated this in the many Disconet import sneak-previews and world-premieres over the years -- as well as in his R&B and new-wave selections just when disco folks were most insecure about how we'd survive.  He appreciated DJs and studio craftsmen as talented individuals -- hence, Disconet's innumerable credits: everyone passed this way, from Jellybean Benitez, Steve Thompson and Raul Rodriguez to Tuta Aquino.  He certainly liked a good joke -- hence, "Its Good To Be the Queen."  And the seductiveness of an ingenious reworking never wore off, not on Mike nor on the extended community of listeners, which should certainly include anyone who'd ever heard Disconet medleys in heavy, if unofficial, rotation on radio or the commercially-released versions of ideas originated on Disconet.  (You know what they were.)

In the Third Avenue office that housed Disconet in 1978, Mike handed me two of the medleys I'd wanted desperately: Jellybeans's "In the Bush" and Bob Viteritti's Sylvester medley.  He also pressed a copy of the Raes' "A Little Lovin'" on me, assuring me it would be a major hit.  Typical.

Mike's idea worked for him, for his loyal subscribers and even for the dozen-or-so active and inactive companies patterned after Disconet.  (Often imitated, and often imitated, you might say.)  For me, Mike's life is a reassuring sign that the love of music itself can drive a career, and proof -- living proof -- that there's good will, opportunity and, ahem, profit in sharing music with everyone else who feels it as deeply.  Happy anniversary, Disconet, and God rest you, Mike.

Love, Brian

and more for your floor…

When Michael Wilkinson originally started Disconet ten years ago, I don't think he ever imagined what he was creating.  An amazing number of talented D.J.s, producers, and musical groups, (some of them household words today) had their initial exposure on Disconet.

Today, Disconet is still premiering new releases and innovative remixes and medleys, but, most importantly, it remains as a vehicle for disc jockeys to develop and share their talents.  The most recent to emerge is Tuta Aquino, one of todays most prolific, trend setting, and talented editors, and certainly one of tomorrows top producers.

The excitement of Disconet was created by many talented individuals who were willing to try something new and dared to push their imagination to the limit.  I would like to extend my thanks to all those who have worked and nurtured Disconet during its first ten years.  I especially would like to thank some of those who have helped and inspired Disconet to continue as the leading D.J. remix service: The legand and wit of Michael Wilkinson, Pat Rosiello (My partner and the one who keeps me in line), Laurie Ingber, Mark Styles, Bryan Cronin, Jennifer Rush, Craig Kostich, Debra Borses, Dave Jurman, Frank Murray, Marty Bleckman, Bruce Carbone, Curtis Urbina, Steve Ellis, Al Siewert, Jose Animal Diaz, John McKlaine, Bobby Shaw, Mario Rios, Dr. Fred Held, Henry Stone, Jim Shelton & staff at Europa Disc, Bernie Stein, Jay at Pro Print, Michael Stark, The Gang at Dance Music Report, Chuck The Jock Davis, The Gang at The Saint, Brian Chin, Nikki Lauren, Claudja Barry, Jurgen Korduletsch, Giorgio Moroder, Jayne Edwards, Rick Gianatos, John De La Vina, Phil Harding, Tuta Aquino, Joel Tietelbaum, Terry Iten & Ralph Higgins, Mike Carroll, Terry Sherman, Ian Levine, Chuck Parsons, Henry Winslow, Dennis & Lynn Wakil, Bessie Holzman, Doug DiFranco & Deirdre, and Bill Cothran.  Also to all the Disc Jockeys who keep us spinning, pool directors, producers, reviewers, and industry people.

Lastly to my friends and family (especially you, Mom), who have supported and stood behind me as I took on the difficult task of continuing the magic and excitement that Mike Wilkinson created.

Personally celebrating my 50th program,

Love, Steven

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