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"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew is mixed by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles.  Abby tells Steven to "Take My Heart".

"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew (featuring Nikki Lauren) starts off this special high energy side.  This cut is the debut 12" single for Von Adventure Records (212-505-2515).  Nikki Lauren appears courtesy of Emergency/Quark records, thanks to label president, Curtis Urbina.  This cover, version of the 1968 Mary Hopkin hit, was recorded while the group was or tour in Germany.  "Those Were The Days" was produced, arranged, and mixed by Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles, with Pat Rosiello as associate producer.  Nikki Lauren provided the extraordinary vocal arrangements.

Von Adventure Records would like to thank all our friends who have helped to make this record happen.

NightWave Records has another exciting new 12" release.  "Take My Heart" by Abby is a real out of the box high energy dance floor hit.  "Take My Heart" was produced by Jackie Mills, and arranged by Gary Chang.  Vocal production and mixing were provided by the ever prolific Rick Gianatos.  Steven's Disconet edit will really take your heart.

Special thanks to the gang at Nightwave.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 6:10 at 126 BPM, and 7:02 at 136 BPM.

"Boxed Out" Kid Creole And The Coconuts, "Carnaval" by the S.T. Techno Ensemble, and "You're A Sensation" by Furrever Friends, get the Disconet touch.

Kid Creole And The Coconuts start out this side with "Boxed Out", a cut from their Sire Records LP, "I, Too, Have Seen The Woods".  This cut has that unique percussive groove and infectious lyrics that say Kid Creole.  "Boxed Out" was produced by Coati Mundi and August Darnell, and mixed by Steven Stanley, Dave Wittman, and Michel Sauvage.

"Carnaval", by S.T. Techno Ensemble, is next.  This NightWave Records 12" originally appeared on the exciting Secret Ties LP, "All Through The Night".  This Latin groove instrumental will bring out the party mode in your crowd.  "Carnaval" was performed and mixed by Brian Soares, and produced by Brian and Gerry Caples, with John De La Vina and Kevin Toney co-producing.

Furrever Friends is the new group from the creators of Nolan "Yo Little Brother" Thomas.  "You're A Sensation" is the debut single from this feline trio.  The trio has set the trap, as this cut is a sizzling 204 B.P.M., with the intro at half-time for easy mixing.  Billy Heller arranged and produced this hot, percussive, danceable little number for TSE Records (212-243-7836).  Rumor has it that TSE's Bob Teeman and Stu Sleppin looked through many alleys and cat houses to find these fabulous babes.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 5:14 at 106 BPM, 5:21 at 128 BPM, and 5:02 at 204 BPM.

"Cross My Broken Heart" by The Jets, gets a super sonic remix by Tuta Aquino.  Jimmy Williams asks, "Do You Really Want to Wait?"

"Cross My Broken Heart", by the Jets, is the smash hit single from the Paramount Film "Beverly Hills Cop II" soundtrack LP on MCA Records.  "Cross My Broken Heart" was produced by Stephen Bray and Michael Verdick, remixed by Shep Pettibone, and edited by Shep and Tuta Aquino.  Tuta reworked the cut for this special super sonic Disconet version that won't leave your crowd broken hearted.

"Do You Really Want To Wait", is Jimmy Williams' premier solo release on Streetsoul Records.  Williams, is currently the lead vocalist for The Trammps, and was originally with Double Exposure.  This funky, soulful, dance tune was produced by David PIC Conley for executive producers Glenn LaRusso and Dorothy and Larry Spier.  We don't think Jimmy Williams will have to wait much longer for the recognition he deserves as a solo artist.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 6:10 at 119 BPM, and 6:16 at 116 BPM.

"Pow" by Terry Iten, gets a power house edit by Steven Von Blau.  Mike Carroll gives "Tears Of A Clown" by Bassix, an exciting club remix.

Terry Iten returns with "Pow", her new Cedar House Music 12".  Terry first appeared on Disconet (Vol. 9 #1) with her smash debut hit "What A Night", and recently with "Danny Don't Dance" (Vol.9 #6 a Disconet exclusive).  This socko cut was produced and arranged by Jeff Langley, written by Jeff and Amanda McTigue, with Amanda and Ralph Higgins as Associate producers.  "Pow" was originally mixed and edited by Nicki Siano.  Steven Von Blau has given Disconet a special edit, with a lot of punch to the "Pow"

Bassix is next with "Tears Of A Clown", an excellent cover version of this classic Motown tune.  This Epic Records 12" was produced by Bassix.  This is a perfect cover.  Bassix took all the memorable lyrics and musical hooks and added a smokey 80's production making it sound as fresh as the original.  Mike Carroll wasn't clowning around when he did this Disconet edit.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 7:02 at 128 BPM, and 6:14 at 122 BPM.

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