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Tuta Aquino tells Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine the "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You".  Steven Von Blau edits "I Know" by Paul King.

Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine's "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" sparks off this explosive July program.  "Rhythm" is the first single from MSM's "Let It Loose" LP on Epic Records.  Tuta Aquino comes through with another super-star edit for Disconet.  This rhythmic hit was written by Gloria Estefan and Kiki Garcia and produced by Gloria's husband and fellow band member, Emilio Estefan and The Jerks.  Tuta's touch will have them doing the conga.

Paul King is next with "I Know", the premier single from his Epic Records "Joy" LP.  This cut was co-written by Paul King, his producer Dan Hartman, and Charlie Midnight.  Disconet's own Pat and Steven have pull out the Disconet golden razor blade to edit this one.  I know this special version will really pack your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 6:25 at 127 BPM, and 7:00 at 122 BPM.

Henry Winslow remixes "Heartache" by Pepsi & Shirlie.  "Be Mine Tonight", by Promise Circle, gets a "Phil E. Jones Power Mix" that promises to explode your floor.

Pepsi & Shirlie, the former back up singers for Wham!, have a hit of their own with "Heartache".  This new Polydor Records single was produced by Phil Fearon and Tambi Fernando, and written by Tambi and Iris Fernando.  "Heartache" was mixed by Stock, Aitken, Waterman, & Hammond.  (whew, sounds like a law firm)

One of New Yorks ace DJ's, Henry Winslow, has given Disconet an edit that will have your heart pounding.

The Florida sound returns with "Be Mine Tonight" by Promise Circle on The Summer Records.  The 12" was produced by Ish, mixed by Ciro Llerena and Ish, and co-written by Ish and Henry Stone.  This Disconet extended mix edit was rearranged by Phil E. Jones, the "Power Mix Programmer" of Miami's Power 96 FM.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 6:28 at 126 BPM, and 7:08 at 123 BPM.

"High Voltage", by Evelyn Thomas, gets an electrifying mix that will light up your floor.  Steven Von Blau gives the Disconet "Touch" to NoHo.

"High Voltage" by Evelyn Thomas ignites this sizzling high energy side, with her new 12" on Paris International Records.  This Sunshine state tune was produced, arranged, and composed by Miami mogul Ray Martinez and power mixed by Phil E. Jones.  Steven Von Blau has given Disconet a real shocking mix, that will drive your floor into a frenzy.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dr. Fred Held, for the shock treatment.

Steven also gives "Touch" by NoHo the special Disconet treatment.  This Epic Records 12" was produced by Oyse Production Company, and engineered and mixed by Rod Hui.  "Touch" is one high energy number with real cross over potential.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:28 at 136 BPM, and 8:24 at 132 BPM.

Suren Terzian gives "The One You Love" by Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain a romantic club mix.  "Disc Drive", by Mark Styles & The Sunshine Crew, gets a Disconet remix.

Next is a classic M&M remix of "The One You Love" by Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain.  Suren Terzian has given Disconet a special edit mix of this un-released remix.  This cult classic on Conceited Records will have your early morning crowd in love.

Mark Styles & The Sunshine Crew return with "Disc Drive".  This funky instrumental was written and arranged by Mark Styles.  Mark & Steven Von Blau co-produced, with Steven mixing.  This exclusive Disconet remix will put your floor into high gear.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 8:57 at 96 BPM, and 5:40 at 114 BPM.

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