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"Something In My House" by Dead Or Alive gets a Wild Disconet House Mix by Steven Von Blau.

Those Mad, Bad, and Dangerous boys of Dead Or Alive kick off our wild April Fools program.  "Something In My House" is the follow up 12" to "Brand New Lover" (which appeared on Vol. 9 Pro. 2), from the Epic Records album "Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know".  This powerhouse record was written by Dead Or Alive and was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman.  The domestic release of this cut has four very different and exciting mixes and has been specially mastered for club and radio play.  Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive called up Steven Von Blau and said "I Want Surprises and exciting breaks on a Disconet version of "Something In My House".

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 8:02, at 131 BPM.

Octavia's "Cute Y" and Level 42's "Lessons In Love" get the Golden-Blade Treatment by Tuta "Prime Cuts" Aquino.

"Cute Y" by Octavia starts off this side masterfully edited by Tuta Aquino.  This is Octavia's premiere 12" for Pow Wow Records, one of New Yorks most exciting indie labels.  Octavia was one of the stars in "Mama I Wan't To Sing", a winner of a recent Apollo Amateur Night, and presently one of the hottest models in Paris.  "Cute Y" was written and produced by Kenny Beck.

Level 42 is next, with a special remix of "Lessons In Love" from the album "Running In The Family", on Polydor Records.  Level 42 recently appeared on Disconet (Vol.8 Pro. 10) with "Something About You", this new single is sure to be as big a cross over record for the group.  "Lessons In Love" was written by M. King, W. Badrarou, and R. Gould, and was produced by Level 42 and Wally Badarou.  Shep Pettibone did additional production and remixing with Steve Peck engineering.  The editing was done by one of our favorite In-House editors Tuta "Prime Cuts" Aquino.  This special Disconet version will really pack your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 5:55, at 112 BPM, and 6:29, at 114 BPM.

Claudja "Down And Counting" Barry asks, "Can't You Feel My Heart Beat"?  Sylvester claims it's a "Mutual Attraction".

The ever so prolific Claudja Barry just never seems to stop coming out with hit after hit.  "Can't You Feel My Heart Beat" is her follow up 12" to "Down And Counting" (Vol.8 Pro.13) on Epic Records.  Also at the present time she is finishing up an album filled with hot dance material.  The infectious and passionate lyrics and music was written by J. Evers, J. Korduletsch, M. Caplan, and C. Barry, with Korduletsch and Evers producing.  This special Disconet version by Steven Von Blau will really make your floor feel the beat.

Next is Sylvester, who always makes you feel mighty real, and takes your dance floor to heaven.  "Mutual Attraction" is the title cut and second 12" from the Megatone Warner Bros. Records album.  "Someone Like You" was the debut single and video that sparked off this musical treat of an album.  "Mutual Attraction" was produced and arranged by E. Van Tijn and J. Fluitsma, and with Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero remixing.  When you put on this Disconet version you just "Can't Stop Dancing".

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:24 at 106 BPM, and 8:00 at 102 BPM..

"Biscayne Boulevard" by The Sunshine Crew will heat up your floor.  "Each Time You Break My Heart" gets edited by Mike Carroll.

The Sunshine Crew premieres with a hot instrumental called "Biscayne Boulevard".  While Mark Styles and the girls were down at the NARM Convention in Florida, they came in one night from one of the parties and got inspired and recorded this tune.  Mark wrote and produced "Biscayne Boulevard", and mixed it with Steven Von Blau.

Nick Kamen is next, with his chart busting hot single "Each Time You Break My Heart", on Sire Records.  Also at the present time Nick is finishing up an album, due out this spring.  This tune was written and produced by his mentor Madonna along with Stephen Bray.  Mike Carroll has given Disconet an exciting edit that will really have your floor jumping.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 5:34, at 118 BPM, and 7:21, at 118 BPM.

Mary Scott and Stephen Murphey wins a DISCONET subscription. The lucky winner from from February's Vol. 9, Program 4 is Mary Scott who plays at The Plantation in Louisiana.  Mary's favorite selection was the 1986 Disconet Top Tune Medley.
The lucky winner from March's Volume 9, Program 5 is Stephen Murphey who plays at the Tin Ear in Spokane, Washington.  Stephen favorites selections were "Talk To Me" by Sylvester and The Original Cameo Parkway Medley.

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