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"The Pleasure Principle": A new Janet Jackson song, with a hot Disconet Edit by Tuta "Prime Cuts" Aquino & Roger Pauletta.

Janet Jackson, who has controlled the top of the charts for over a year now, keeps things on top with "The Pleasure Principle".  This is the newest single from her A&M Records album "Control".  "The Pleasure Principle" was written and produced by Monte Moir for Flyte Time Productions.  Shep Pettibone did a no-holds-barred remix, with our favorite in-house editor Tuta "Prime Cuts" Aquino doing the editing.  This exclusive Disconet edit by Tuta & Roger will really pack your dance floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 7:20, at 118 BPM.

"Oxygen" by Blue August Project, gets a remix by Steven Von Blau that will leave you breathless.  John Kydd's "Up The Ladder To The Roof" will top off your evening.

"Oxygen", by Blue August Project, starts off this exciting high energy side.  Advanced copies of this British 12" record have taken London by storm.  Our friends John D. McDonald and Phil Harding, who produced this cut for Blue August Records, can be reached in the U.K. at 01-590-2524.  This special extended Disconet version by Steven Von Blau has an easy intro, an exciting break, and many surprises along the way.  It will have your floor jumping.

Stepping up the pace to 135 BPM's is John Kydd, with a fantastic cover of the classic "Up The Ladder To The Roof".  This Nightwave Records 12" single has become an instant hit on the dance floor, and should easily cross over to radio.  Don't be shocked if you find yourself singing along with John and his friends Cindy Birdsong, Jayne Edwards, Lynda Laurence, and Scherrie Payne.  This cut was produced by Rick Gianatos, arranged by Brian Soares, and mixed by Rick and John De La Vina.  This powerhouse Disconet version will drive your crowd "Up The Ladder To The Roof".

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 8:26 at 124 BPM, and 7:05 at 135 BPM.

"8th Wonder Of The World" by Isley-Jasper-Isley, gets a Disconet Remix by Brian & Steven.  Mark Styles & The Sunhine Crew's "I-95" will put your floor in a 5th gear.

They'll be "Dancin' Around The World" to "Eighth Wonder Of The World", by Isley/Jasper/Isley.  This is the first single from the album "Different Drummer" on C.B.S Associated Records.  The trio, once a major part of the creative force behind the Isley Brothers, has been on their own now for three albums.  This cut was written, arranged, and produced by Ernie Isley, Chris Jasper, and Marvin Isley.  Steven Von Blau and Bryan Cronin did the commercial 12" remix on this cut.  It was done at Sound Works Studios in New York, with Alan Gregorie engineering, and with Tuta Aquino and Steven editing.  While in the studio, Bryan and Steven did a special remix just for this Disconet program that will really excite your floor.

"I-95" by Mark Styles & The Sunshine Crew is next with a sizzling springtime instrumental.  This the groups second single, which they were inspired to do while driving to the beach on "I-95".  Mark Styles produced this cut and Steven did the mixing for this Disconet exclusive.  For more information on the group you can call Steven Von Blau at (212-505-2516).

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 8:16, at 131 BPM, and 6:29, at 119 BPM.

"Certain Things Are Likely", by K T P, is certain to pack your floor.  "Rhythm Of Your Lies", by Jayne Edwards, gets a club mix by Iain Beveridge.

"Certain Things Are Likely", by K T P (Kissing The Pink), is another great dance record from England.  This top of the chart 12" hit on Mercury Records (Originally on Magnet U.K.) is the title song from their latest album.  "Certain Things Are Likely" was produced by K T P and Peter Walsh, and was mixed by Phil Harding.  Steven has taken out his golden blade for a very special Disconet edit.

Jayne Edwards is next with "Rhythm Of Your Lies".  This is Jayne's second 12" single on Nightwave Records.  "Rhythm Of Your Lies" was recorded at Monterey Sound, and was mixed at Larrabee Sound Studios in California.  This tune was written by James Lee Stanley and Tom Bishop, and was produced by Rick Gianatos.  Iain Beveridge of Boston' has given Disconet a hot club mix.  It's a real crowd pleaser.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side Side 2 runs 7:49, at 118 BPM, and 8:14, at 121 BPM.

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