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Mark Thomas and M&M remix "It Happens All The Time" by Nancy Martinez, into a super club version.  "Bam Bam Bam" by Left Lane, goes boom with a Jose "Animal" Diaz mix.

Nancy Martinez starts off this very special side with "It Happens All The Time", from her Atlantic Records album "Not Just The Girl Next Door".  Nancy has been a cult favorite within the club circut in the last few years with several imported dance records from her native Canada.  This cut was written by R.Dubuc & T.Robinson, produced by Teneen Ali, and was co-produced and mixed by M&M.  Mark Thomas, who plays at The Saint here in New York, teamed up with the mix-master team of M&M (Sergio Munzibai & John Morales) to create a special club version of "It Happens All The Time" just for this Disconet program.

Left Lane is next with "Bam Bam Bam" (I Came Here To Jam), their clever answer back to "Boom Boom Boom".  This is yet another juicy record coming up to us from the Sunshine State on Best Records.  "Bam Bam Bam" was written and produced by A.Hott, and was mixed by J.M. Jack.  Our Boom Boom Bam Bam Man Jose "Animal" Diaz gave us the only version to knock out your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 6:15, at 116 BPM , and 7:34, at 130 BPM.

Disconet premieres Terry Iten's "Danny Don't Dance".  "Slighest Touch" by 5 Star, gets an extended Disconet remix by Tuta "Prime Cuts" Aquino.

Terry Iten rocked New York City last month at The Saint's annual white party, performing her 1986 dance hit "What A Night" (Vol.9 #1).  Her current 12" "Pow!" on Cedar House Music Records is being pressed even as you groove to this Disconet sneak preview of her sexy, new cut "Danny Don't Dance".

Terry's powerhouse vocals drive this passionate tune written by Jeff Langely and Amanda McTigue, arranged and produced by Jeff Langley, and co-produced by Dino Sargent.  It's a hot cruise number guaranteed to keep them dancing.  For more information about terry and Cedar House Music you can call them at 212-772-8400.

With just the right touch, 5 Star raps up this side with "Slighest Touch" on RCA/Ariola LTD.  Tuta Aquino has given us a new intro, hot breaks and many surprises along the way.  "Slighest Touch" will really wow your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 7:09, at 126 BPM, and 6:18, at 122 BPM.

"I've Got The Night Off" by Kathy Kosins, gets a hot Disconet fiesta remix by Steven Von Blau.

You won't mind working, even though Kathy Kosins says "I've Got The Night Off".  This out of the box up-tempo cross-over dance record on Carrere/CBS, is an instant floor packer.  Kathy Kosins and Bruce Nazarian wrote "I've Got The Night Off", and Bruce Nazarian arranged & produced with Yves Dessca co-producing.  The original mix was done by Andy Wallace with Tom McCouley editing.  Steven has added a smoother and longer intro, and lots of fun breaks to really work your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 8:54, at 142 BPM.

"Fire" by Linda will heat up your floor with this Jim "Hip-Hop" Hopkins edit.  Mark Styles sparkles with "Tinsel Town".

Starting off this high energy side is "Fire" by Linda.  This hot dance record on 0n The Spot Records from California, is sure to start up a good sweat on your floor.  This is Linda's second solo effort after leaving the group Le Verde, which was best known for their hit "Die Hard Lover".  "Fire" was written and produced by Leo Frappier.  Now with this special extended edit by Jim "Hip-Hop" Hopkins your floor will be sizzeling.

Mark Styles is next with "Tinsel Town", a unique and moving instrumental that will have an hypnotic effect on your floor.  Mark wrote, produced, and mixed this Pliant Tunes song in his East 10th Street studio.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 8:47, at 136 BPM, and 5:54, at 122 BPM.

This month you will notice a couple of changes in the Disconet format.  For the first time Disconet has been Direct Metal Mastered, to bring you the best possible sounding product.  As always Disconet is pressed on German Teldec Vinyl.  Also with this program we have discontinued enclosing a feedback card with your program.  Your comments and suggestions, of course, are always welcome.  You will notice that we have responded to your requests for individual timings on sides with multiple selections.  Watch out for more exciting changes in monthes to come.

See you on the dance floor,
Steven Von Blau, Pat Rosiello, and Laurie Ingber.

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