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"Jimmy Because (My Name Is)" by Joshua and "Notorious" by Duran Duran get the Raul Dance Mix Treatment.

"Jimmy Because (My Name Is)" by Joshua starts out this special side edited by Raul.  This Atlantic Records 12", has created quite an underground buzz.  "Jimmy Because", was written by Fried and Shashkes, with Joe Mardin and Arif Mardin producing.

Duran Duran is next with "Notorious", their hot new 12" on Capitol Records.  This down-tempo funk groove really drives, especially with Nile Rodgers co-producing with Duran Duran.  "Notorious" was written by Taylor, Rhodes and Le Bon, with Daniel Abraham engineering in the "Summer of Love" 1986.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:05, from 95 BPM to 108 BPM.

Tony Lumen shines his light on "La Nuit" by Rose Laurens.  "Don't Leave Me This Way" by the Communards, gets an exciting remix by Lain Beveridge & Steven Von Blau.

Rose Laurens starts off this high energy side with her new WEA Musik GmbH, 12" "La Nuit".  Her single from last year, "American Love", has gained her cult status among the early morning crowd.  This new single is a romantic up-tempo dance cut, and offers her seductive, Edith Piaf like, vocals only in French.  "La Nuit", was written by R. Laurens, M. Strawvinsky and J.P. Goussaud, with Jean-Pierre Goussaud producing.  Tony Lumen and Steven Von Blau took this all too short 12", and gave it a more workable intro and an exciting new break for a hot club version.  Tony Lumen does lights fantastic regularly at The Saint here in New York.

Next is the latest and most exciting cover of the dance classic "Don't Leave Me This Way" done by the Communards on MCA Records.  The Communanrds hit sound is no surprise.  The lead singer, Jimmy Somerville, was the lead singer of Bronski Beat.  Richard Coles, who was also part of Bronski Beat, does Keyboards, while Sarah Jane Morris shares lead vocals, and Mike Thorne produces.  Lain Beveridge and Steven took this number-one club record and created a non-stop powerhouse Disconet version to excite your crowd.  Lain Beveridge has a degree in music, and edits computer software for Lotus Corp. up in Boston Massachusetts.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:17, at 132 BPM.

Miami Sound Machine's "Falling In Love" gets remixed by Steven & Raul.  "Victory" by Kool & The Gang, Gets A Tuta Aquino mastermix.

You don't have to be a bad boy, or be able to do the Conga, to find yourself "Falling In Love" with Miami Sound Machine's new Epic Records 12".  "Falling In Love (Uh-Oh)" was written by L. Dermer, J. Galdo, and R. Vigil, and was produced by Emilio Estefan, Jr. Raul & Steven have created a "Sunshine State" remix to brighten your floor.

Kool & The Gang is next with "Victory", the first 12" from their new Mercury/Polygram album "Forever".  Tuta Aquino, who first appeared on Disconet (Vol.8 Pro.9) with his classic mix of Janet Jackson's "When I Think Of You", returns with a kool remix of "Victory" that will turn your floor into a wild celebration.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:53, from 110 BPM to 124 BPM.

Exposé returns with "Come Go With Me", and gets a hot club remix by Jose "Animal" Diaz.  "Let Me!" by Stephanie Biddle will have them roaring.

Exposé, who premiered on Disconet (Vol.7 Pro.4) with "Point Of No Return", and appeared again with "Exposed To Love", (Vol.8 Pro.4), return with their new Arista Records 12", "Come Go With Me".  "Come Go With Me", from their upcoming in January "Exposure" LP, was written and produced by Lewis A. Martinee.  Jose "Animal" Diaz, who has them screaming at Hot 103 in New York, has done his usual craziness and created a wild and percussive version of "Come Go With Me", that will have your floor in a frenzy.

Next is Stephanie Biddle with her new Unidisc 12" "Let Me!".  This percussive high energy record from Canada will really get your floor going and, with it's strong radio potential should easily cross over into the American market.  "Let Me" was written by S. Tracy Eisenberg, G. Meland, S. Depaoli, with Eisenberg and Meland producing and engineered and co-produced by Robert Matichak.  This special Disconet version will continue the frenzy.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:17, from 122 BPM to 125 BPM.

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It's time once again to list your five favorite 1986 songs by title and artist.  We will compile your votes to develop the 1986 medley which will be on an upcoming Disconet program.

Mark Hayes wins a DISCONET subscription. Mark plays at The Woods in New Hampshire, and his pressing serial number on Vol. 9, Pro. 1 (#904) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Mark's favorite selections were "Nail It" by Stacy Lattisaw, and "Why Is It So Hard" by Talk Talk.

Happy Holiday from the DISCONET staff. Please note, the Disconet offices will be closed for the holidays starting on Thursday, Dec. 25, 1986.  We will reopen on Monday, Jan. 5, 1987.

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