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Steven puts the hammer to "Nail It To The Wall" by Stacy Lattisaw.  "I'm A Man" by Jimmy Lifton gets a powerhouse remix.

Stacy ("Let Me Be Your Angel") Lattisaw has grown up and is a strong contender in the big league with her new 12" single "Nail It To The Wall".  This cut is taken from her debut Motown album titled, "Take Me As I Am".  This out of the box all charts hit was written by A. Roman and S.B. Lunt, engineered by Michael Hutchinson, co-arranged by Fred Zarr and Jellybean, who also mixed and produced.  Steven Von Blau really took his blade and hammer to this one, for a non stop knock out Disconet edit.

Keeping things exciting and holding the pace at 120 BPM's, is Jimmy Lifton with his new Orphan Records 12".  This cover of "I'm A Man" (a Spencer Davis Classic) with driving rhythm, funky guitar, hot percussion and an original 'signature verse' should get good response from the R & B crowd as well as the high energy sector.  Strike Force Promotions, is handling this Orphan Records release and can be reached in NY at 212-751-8551.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:32, at 120 BPM.

Michelle wow says, "Long Time No See".  "Doctor For My Heart" by Grant Miller gets an extended Disconet remix.

Fresh on the scene is en exciting new singer.  Her name is Michelle Wow.  Her new 12", "Long Time No See" on Sudden Music's debut release, will really wow your crowd.  Michelle has taken her pest four years as e New Yorker end put them into this first release, which is from en upcoming album that she is presently working on.  For more information about Michelle end Sudden Music, you can cell them at 212-226-6985.

"Doctor For My Heart" by Grant Miller, is another hot German import on ZYX Records.  This passionate mid-tempo dance tune, with Grant Miller's sexy vocals end lustful piano end synthesizer work, will swoon your crowd.  "Doctor For My Heart" was written by Dieter Bohlen, end was produced by Tess et Huricene Studio's in Munich.  We've doctered up a special intro end added a heart warming break for this Disconet version.  Special thanks to Mr. Günter Blum of Bernhard Mikulski Distributors-ZYX Records America, NY.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:01 from 114 BPM to 117 BPM.

Steven asks Talk Talk "Why Is It So Hard"?  Terry Iten will have your crowd screaming "What A Night"!!!

Talk Talk, one of the best sounding bands live or on disc, starts off this special high energy side with "Why Is It So Hard?".  This song presently appears only on a rare international EMI E.P.  This dance and sing along tune has become a cult favorite over the past year or so and was written by M. Hollis and co-produced by Bob Buziak and Burt Berman.  Steven has given us a passionate and exciting edit to really move your high energy floor.

"What A Night" by Terri Iten, is next with her premiere Cedar House Music 12".  Jeff Langley who arranged as well as co-wrote "What A Night" met Terri in high school, with a story that sounds like a script from Fame.  Ralph Higgins co-wrote with Jeff, Alan Silverman engineered, and Roger Blanc produced this pulsating tune.  The Disconet version has an extended instrumental intro, along with added surprises, but be sure to check out the commercial 12" that has a beautiful acapella beginning.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 13:09, from 136 BPM to 144 BPM.

The floors are alive with the sound of Falco.  "Classic Dance" by Orient Affair gets a classic edit.

Your floors will get rocking, you'll feel the bodies swaying, when you spin the hot sounds of Falco's new Sire Records 12", "The Sound Of Musik".  This hard rocking number will instantly get them movin' with it's soulful guitar sounds and catchy lyrics.  "The Sound Of Musik", was written by Falco with Rob and Ferdi Bolland, who also produced and arranged the tune.  Ken Alan, a member of the Boston Record Pool, has taken advantage of all three mixes to create this special Disconet edit.

Keeping up with international affairs, our friends from that hot German label, Westside Records, will entice you with a "Classic Dance" by Orient Affair.  Offered on the 12" release is a vocal version with a hot D.O.R. feeling, and a wild instrumental dub.  Instrumentaly speaking Disconet has created a wild non-stop instrumental affair, to thrill your crowd.  "Classic Dance" was written by C.A. Bauer, recorded at Glashaus Studio, and was mixed by Alexander Henninger at Dynaton Studio.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 13:12, from 100 BPM to 136 BPM.

Matthew C. Switzer wins a DISCONET subscription. The winner from Volume 8, Pgm. 12 is Matthew Switzer who plays at the House Of Tilden in Pittsburgh, PA.  Matthew's lucky number, #452, entitles him to receive a free Disconet for the next six months.  Matthew's favorite selections were "Ain't Nothin' Goin' On" by Gwen Guthrie and "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna.  To be a winner, send in your feedback card!

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