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Raul asks Madonna "Where's The Party"?  Party girl Claudja Barry gets "Down And Counting" with Steven Von Blau.

"Where's The Party" you ask?  For Madonna it's just about anywhere in the world as her Sire Records album, "True Blue" is solid gold in over 20 countries.  Madonna co-wrote and produced "Where's The Party" with Stephen Bray and Pat Leonard.  Raul has given us quite a party remix of this tune to really excite your crowd.

Claudja Barry, whose boogie woogie dancin' shoes are still burning up the dance floor, is next with her hit Epic Records 12" "Down And Counting".  Produced by J. Korduletsch and J. Evers, it was originally remixed by Shep Pettibone.  Steven must have used a whole roll of editing tape on this mix, and if you are the first person to guess how many edits are in this mix (enter your guess on your feedback card) you will win 6 free months of Disconet.  So get down and counting, and good luck……

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:33, from 121 BPM to 126 BPM.

Donna Garraffi tells Allen Perada "I've Got You Covered", while Animotion is up to some "Strange Behavior" with Allen.

"I've Got You Covered" by Donna Garraffi starts out this special side edited by Allen Perada.  This is Donna's third dance single and her premiere Tremper Records release.  "I've Got You Covered", was written by Ed Terry and co-produced and co-mixed by Ed Terry and Nephie Centano.

Next is Animotion with "Strange Behavior", the title cut from their Casablanca/Polygram album.  This cut was written by D. Kirkpatrick and R. Sharp and produced by Richie Zito.  Allen Perada took this album cut and turn it into an exciting club version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:52, from 117 BPM to 121 BPM.

Lionel Richie will truly have your crowd "Dancing On The Ceiling" all night long.  Hold on for a real "Shock" by Limahl and Giorgio Moroder.

Lionel Richie, who has had your crowd running with the night all night long, will now have them "Dancing On The Ceiling".  His newest 12" single, "Dancing On The Cieling" from the Motown Records album of the same name, is another instant chart topper.  This infectious pop/dance tune was written by Lionel Richie and Carlos Rios and produced by Lionel Richie and James Anthony Carmichael.  This special Disconet version is filled with a lot of surprises and crowd pleasers.

The never ending story of Limahl is a real "Shock" this time.  "Shock" is from Limahl's new EMI-America album "Colour-All-My-Days".  This new album spotlites Limahl's vocal talents in a variety of different types of tunes.  "Shock" an up-tempo album cut was produced by Giorgio and was co-written by Limahl and Giorgio.  Steven has given this tune an extended intro, and many shocking surprises to make this into a workable club version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 11:36, at 139 BPM.

You'll really want to play this Colonel Abrams cut "Over And Over" again.  "New Beginning" by Bucks Fizz gets a brand new mix by Steven.

ATTENTION!!  Colonel Abrams will have your crowd trapped on the dance floor with his new MCA 12" "Over And Over", and that's the truth!  Colonel Abrams is another top artist who climbed up through the ranks of the club circut to become a cross-over sensation.  "Over And Over" is from Colonel Abrams self entitled MCA LP.  Abrams and M. Freeman wrote the tune and Abrams and Richard Burgess produced.  The remix was done by Louil Silas Jr. at Larrabee Sound Studios in Hollywood, California.  Now with this great Raul Dance Mix you'll have your floor coming back for more again and again.

Bucks Fizz, who originally appeared on Disconet volume 7, program 13, with the hit "I Hear Talk", return with the exciting high energy tune "New Beginning" (Mamba Seyra), on Polydor Records.  "New Beginning" was written by Mike Myers and Tony Gibber, and was co-produced by Andy Hill and Mike Myers.  This instant high energy club hit was remixed by London's very own Ian Levine.  Steven has given us a new beginning along with new breaks and crowd pleasing surprises.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 16:22, from 105 BPM to 118 BPM.

Tom Brown wins a DISCONET subscription. The lucky winner from July's Volume 8, Program 11 is Tom Brown.  Tom plays at tradewinds in Columbus, Ohio.  Pressing #313 brings Tom six free months of Disconet.  Tom's favorite selections on Program 11 were "Angel In My Pocket" by One To One, and "You're Mine Tonight" by Patti LaBelle.  To be a winner, send in your feedback card, with the serial number on the jacket of the A/B side pressing.  Good Luck!!

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