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Skipworth & Turner, Kid Frost and Lisa Lisa et. al. are now hotter than ever!

Skipworth & Turner hooked-up with Patrick Adams, who is one of those rare producers who helped create dance music in the early 1970s, and Bacho Manguel at the mixing board, all put together by exec producer Glen LaRusso.  The 4th & Broadway 12" is a smash here, as well as the UK.  Scott Blackwell, who does the VJing at New York's hot Private Eyes video club, and Marteen, musician par excellence, have restructured the song and added a piano solo to this special Disconet Remix.

Kid Frost is next, from Pebo Rodriguez's hot new ElectroBeat label in Los Angeles.  He's known as "The Latin Spice", and recently toured Mexico with a TV appearance on "Siempre en Domingo", the Dick Clark Show of Spanish-language TV.  His new song was remixed by Raul A. Rodriguez, so here's Raul's Street Mix of "Terminator."

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force complete the side with Valapucci's special remix of "I Wonder If I Take You Home."  This smasharoo is going all the way with Columbia behind it.  Full Force wrote and produced and Don Oriolo and Jurgen S. Korduletsch were exec producers.  Val made it smoother for dancing with a nice, overlayable ending to give them orgasms, your option is the dead-end after the peak, as well!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17:43, from 109 BPM to 117 BPM.

France Joli comes back to Disconet with her next smash, "Party Lights."  Steven Von Blau gives Freddie Mercury's "I Was Born To Love You" a special extended edit.

France Joli made her world premiere on Disconet with "Come To Me" (Prelude) way back when in the golden age of disco.  She was going to become the next Donna Summer, some said, which defies the normal odds, but with a voice like France's, why not?  Now France is with Epic and has an album full of good dance material eloquently produced by George Duke.  We've extended the "Party Lights" cut (which George also wrote), so get ready to welcome France back!!!

Freddie Mercury is next with Steven Von Blau's special Disconet extended edit of "I Was Born To Love You" from his Columbia 12".  Shades of "Hot Leather" on speed, but fresh enough to keep them dancing.  Freddie wrote the song, and co-produced with Mack.  He has an album, as well, so keep your eye on him!

Both France and Freddie could cross pop with the Epic and Columbia muscle behind them… let's get them both off to a great start with this Disconet program!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:00, from 137 BPM (beats per minute) to 140.

The S.O.S. III salute Solar Records with the super "Solar Medley."

Here's a great dance-oriented compilation of 20 of the great songs which Solar has released over the past seven years.  Dick Griffey started the label as an acronym for "Sound Of Los Angeles Records", and after a stint via RCA's distribution, Solar is now with Elektra.  Produced largely by Leon Sylvers, with Dick as exec producer, Solar developed into the modern-day Motown with a tight group of professionals creating some of today's finest r&b music.

The "S.O.S. III" (the record pool's namesake, or, Surgeons Of Sound when they're doing special mixes) have done a great job at showcasing seven years of hits into one very danceable set.  Robert F. Gregory, head of the S.O.S. Pool, has been a professional DJ for nine years.  José Nuñez has been playing for four years at various NY area clubs, and specializes in editing.  Fernando Fernandez, the third of The III, has been spinning for eight years and currently plays at Lismar.  Gabriel Posada engineered on an eight track machine to get some of those nice special effects.  Enjoy!

Artist Song P  Writer(s)
Shalamar "I Owe You One" 1979  J.Gallo-L.Sylvers
Shalamar "A Night To Remember" 1982  Meyers-Sylvers-Beard
Dynasty "Love In The Fast Lane" 1981  Shelby-Spencer-Beard
The Whispers "And The Beat Goes On" 1979  Sylvers-Shockley-Shelby
Dynasty "Here I Am" 1981  Shelby-Beard-Gentry-Lipscomb
Dynasty "Do Me Right" 1980  Shelby-Beard
The Whispers "In The Raw" 1981  Barbee-Sylvers-Meyers
Shalamar "Make That Move" 1980  Spencer-Shelby-Smith
Shalamar "Second Time Around" 1979  Sylvers-Shelby
Lakeside "Fantastic Voyage" 1980  Alexander-Beavers-Craig-McCain-Shelby-Stokes-Wood
Dynasty "I've Just Begun…" 1980  Shelby-Smith
The Whispers "It's A Love Thing" 1980  Shelby-Meyers
Shalamar "Take That To The Bank" 1978  Sylvers-Spencer
Shalamar "Right In The Socket" 1979  Spencer-Sylvers-Griffey
Midnight Star "No Parking On The Dancefloor" 1983  Simmons-Lovelace-Calloway
Midnight Star "Freak-A-Zoid" 1983  Calloway-Calloway-Simmons
Midnight Star "Operator" 1984  Watson-Calloway-Lipscomb
Midnight Star "Electricity" 1983  Watson-Calloway-Lipscomb
Midnight Star "Wet My Whistle" 1983  Calloway
Midnight Star "Scientific Love" 1984  Lipscomb-Watson-Gentry-Gant-Calloway
P Dick Griffey Prods., Solar Records, RCA, Elektra.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:20 from 112 BPM to 118.  A listing of the songs, artists and writers appears on the left in order of play.

Superhot summer flashback: Bob Viteritti's "Magnifique" remix still pumps today!

Magnifique's "Magnifique" originally from Ariola in Europe, and later on Siamese in the U.S., was one of those club classics that still get recurrent play because it still excites dancers.  Bob Viteritti, who began playing in Florida and then moved west to San Francisco and on to Los Angeles, did an excellent remix of the song which has become a collector's item.  So, guys, don't spend $30-$50 in those junkie bins… here is a fresh copy!!!

Our "summer reruns" will continue over the next few months with those classic sides you've requested.  Also, we are soliciting your suggestions for a rerun side on this program's feedback card.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 6:36 at 132 BPM.

DJ Kingfish wins the LCD chronograph. Kingfish plays at Zena's in Patterson, NJ, and the pressing serial number on Program 9 (#709) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  His favorites were "Lesson 3" by Double Dee & Steinski, "The Facts Of Life" by Tim Greene, "Let's Do It" by Jimmy "Bo" Horne, and "Stargazing" remixed by Casey Jones.  To win the watch, be sure to return the postpaid feedback card, print clearly, and enter your pressing serial number (on the upper right-hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.)  Good luck!

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