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Power Station's "Some Like It Hot" gets even hotter!  Raul and Steven give Elizabeth Daily's "Love In The Shadows" a new lease on life.

Power Station starts out this month's superhot Disconet program with "Some Like It Hot" from their Capitol 12" single.  The vocal and dub versions have been rearranged for even more floor excitement, and the real inherent popularity comes from the marvelous talent which makeup the group: Robert Palmer, John Taylor, Tony Thompson, Andy Taylor and Bernard Edwards.  The pop success verifies the directions which Trevor Horn took with Frankie going to Hollywood… the mass public is into frenzied edits, sound effects, and generally fresh new sounds.

Our third remix from the Casablanca "Thief Of Hearts" original movie soundtrack is next, a beautiful, energetic song called "Love In The Shadows" sung by Elizabeth Daily.  Raul and Steven have-done their usual best to extend the 4 minute LP version into close to 7 minutes of action for you.  Harold Faltermeyer wrote the music and produced, and Elizabeth wrote the lyrics.  Three dance hits from one LP makes this one an excellent value for your vinyl junkies and booth groupies… the movie may have bombed, but the album is terrific!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:35, from 127 BPM (beats per minute) to 132.

Hot stuff from the street for your sleeze sets.  Afrika Bambaataa' s "Rock America", Rama's "Go Go Get Down" and Citizen's "America.

Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" started the beat box revolution in 1982, and his music and fame have grown ever since then.  Tommy Boy is releasing his latest effort, produced and co-written by Garvin Christopher.  Tom Silverman and Dave Ogrin mixed at Quadrosonic in NY.  That wonderful guitar work is by Paul Pesco, who is currently on the Madonna tour and whose sister, Theresa, is one of the Two Sisters.  Garvin's previous productions include Grandmaster Flash and Chaka Khan, so watch out, "Rock America" should be a big one!

Rama is next with "Go Go Get Down", from their Sugarscoop 12" single.  "Go Go" music started in Washington, DC, and can be identified by its slow speed (104-108 BPM), heavy use of latin percussion and horns, and heavy, simple bass lines.  No one has hit commercially with go go yet, probably because it sounds boring on the radio… but you should see the people in the Washington clubs like The Room where guest rapper DJ Kool plays.  It's just as much heaven to their ears as disco was in the early 1970s to a lot of people.  MC Johnski also helps on the rap, and Michael Rudetsky did the horn arrangements for those wonderful Uptown Horns people, co-writing the song with producer Raul A. Rodriguez.

Citizen completes this street side with "America", produced and co-written by Michael Rudetsky for Rude Productions.  There is something raw and gripping about the track, and the vocals are loaded with emotions.  This should turn 'em on!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:00, from 94 BPM to 117 BPM.

Valapucci gives Alexis' "Don't Give It Away" the excitement of an emerging energy hit.  Santana's "Say It Again" gets the Disconet treatment and now roars!

Alexis is here with a high energy number called "Don't Give It Away", produced by Raul A. Rodriguez and soon to be a hot 12" on Select.  This is Alexis' debut solo single, and the musical treatment created for her by Raul and his talented musicians makes for some beautiful music.  Kelly Page originally recorded this song on Rams Horn, but it was quite a bit slower (around 120 BPM) with an entirely different point of view.  The great Valapucci was over from Milano, and took elements of the vocal and dub mixes to create for you this special extended Disconet mix.

Santana is next with "Say It Again", from their Columbia LP "Beyond Appearances."  Val Garay produced, and John "Jellybean" Benitez did the mix with Michael Hutchinson at the controls.  Ever since "Evil Ways" way back in the 1970s, Santana has been noted for his wonderful use of percussion and persuasive vocals.  Watch "Say It Again" go all the way pop and dance!  Especially with this exclusive Disconet version which combines the vocal and instrumental sides.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 15:11 from 136 BPM to 138.

Derwin Woods sings "Something Says Love."  Billy Stewart with "Dream" mixed by Bryan Cronin.

Derwin Woods is originally from Pittsburgh, and has done session work with The Bus Boys, The Emotions, and Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford (who wrote "Let's Hear It For The Boy.")  This is his debut solo single, produced by Danny Jordan for Jordan Sweet Productions.  At first it will seem old fashioned and out of date, but after a few plays, you and your audience will start to appreciate the magic in the tracks and Derwin's distinctive vocals.  By the time you're hooked, someone should be releasing this future hit commercially.  The song was written by Wood Newton and Jerry Michaud, and originally appeared as one of the cuts on Rita Coolidge's 1983 album.

Billy Stewart is next with "Dream", written and produced by Billy and mixed by Bryan Cronin.  Billy began his professional music career in 1971 as lead vocalist for the Warner Brothers' group 'Calhoon.'  He has toured with stars like Elton John, Al Green, KC & The Sunshine Band, Melba Moore and Deodato.  You might recall Bryan's previous dance music work on Holly Oas' "He's A Rebel" which went Top 20.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 12:00 from 117 BPM to 119 BPM.

Ross Russell wins the LCD chronograph. Ross plays at Scandals International in Richmond, VA, and the pressing serial number on Program 8 (#464) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Ross' favorites included the 1984 Top Tune Medley, LeFoxxe's "French Kiss", and the Harold Faltermeyer "Stolen Secrets" remix.  To win the watch return the feedback card and print clearly.

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