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The classic Patrick Cowley/Donna Summer "I Feel Love" MegaMix returns and sounds as fine as ever!

Here is the first encore performance of one of the truly great dance classics of all time… the "I Feel Love" MegaMix by Donna Summer and Patrick Cowley.  This work began to bring Patrick the recognition his talents deserved in 1978, and he went on to produce a host of electronic dance songs which clearly made their mark on the evolution of music into today's electronic age.  The song is also, perhaps, Donna Summer's finest dance song, which she co-wrote with Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellote and via the overdubs, with Patrick.  It was originally the last cut on the B-side of a Summer album, and went on to become a very strong single a year later.  12" singles weren't commercially available in those days, so the Casablanca promo 12" of the original "I Feel Love" became a true collector's item… followed a couple of years later by this Disconet classic.

The true test of a monster hit is its' staying power, and you can probably play this today and five years from now and find that dancers the world over still enjoy it!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:43 at 128 BPM.

Gina Lamour is gonna make you want her while Angie Gold has the safe sex song of the summer both with the special Disconet touch.

Ian Anthony Stephens keeps coming up with high energy dance songs with class, and his latest work is called "I'm Gonna Make You Want Me" by Gina Lamour on Calibre/PRT from the U.K.  Winston Sela co-wrote the song and arrangements with Ian, who produced with Phil Bodger at the console.  The basic Hazel Dean/"Searchin'" groove is there again, but with enough fresh aspects to keep your floor in great shape.  Vocal and dubs were used for this special extended edit.

Angie Gold is next with "East You Up", now on Personal in the U.S. and still keeping the U.K. Passion pressing plant busy.  Angie sings she's going to not only eat you up, but spit you out as well… good going, girl.  Les Hunt produced for AVM Productions, and the vocal and dubs were edited for you into this special Disconet version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 14:37, at 133 BPM.

Mac Mac with Jammalott Kingdom tells Lisa "Let Me Take You Home" mixed by Valapucci.  Sequal gets "It's Not Too Late" Disconetted.

Mac Mac with Jammalott Kingdom has the answer to Lisa's problems with "Let Me Take You Home (Lisa, Lisa)" on Musicworks.  Grandmaster Cash produced the original vocal, dub and accapello tracks for Money Talks Productions, which were mixed by by The Snake, Master Thought, Mac Mac and Grandmaster Cash and then skillfully assembled by none other than Milano's infamous Valapucci (whose Lisa Lisa remix on the last issue is now burning up dance floors the world over!)  Good fun with a pleasant groove, with many more to come as the public gets their next "O.D." song into place.

Sequal is next with a special Disconet version of "It's Not Too Late."  The Joey Boy vocal and dubs are now one, originally produced, arranged and composed by Miami's very talented Lewis A. Martinée whose "Point Of No Return" was such a big local hit earlier this year that Arista put it out all over the place.  There is something enchanting about this song once you've heard it a few times, and stop resisting so many sound-alike aspects which it has.  Underneath it all, there is enough fresh material here to spell another "H-I-T for Mr. Martinée & company!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 15:37 at 119 BPM.

Venus' "Hot Sun On Video" and Kenny Masters' "S.O.S.-Fire In My Heart" get special extended edits for you.

Coconut/Ariola has a big dance smash on their hands with "Hot Sun On Video" by Venus.  The Hendrik/Hartmann production for A La Carte Productions is strong and clean, and has been specially extended for you to give it even more punch.  The somewhat enigmatic lyrics don't really stand in the way of making this one of the freshest partying songs in a long time, just in time for the hot sun of the summer.

Kenny Masters is next with "S.O.S.-Fire In My Heart", originally on Hansa/Germany and coming soon in the states on Importe/12.  Norman Ascot and Hens Gies produced the song which was co-written by Kenny Masters and Bob Burrows.  There is a great combination of ingredients in this one… a rockish, fast pace, excellent almost Wham-like vocals, and some fine guitar work along the way.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 12:15 from 132 BPM to 155.

Ray Nalley wins the LCD chronograph. Ray plays at the V.I.P. in Pittsburgh, and the pressing serial number of Program 10 (#1323) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  We're sending Ray the watch that does practically everything.  Ray's favorite selections on Program 10 were "Say It Again" by Santana, "Dream" by Billy Stewart and "Go Go Get Down" by Rama.  Send in your feedback card to win!

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