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Shannon's "Let The Music Play" gets the Valapucci touch for 11 minutes.

Shannon has done backgrounds and jingles, and bumped into producers Mark Liggett, Chris Barbosa and Rod Hui along the way.  (Rod engineered the original Amy Bolton material, Chris has been one of New York's hottest jocks, and Mark produced Otis Liggett's hot cover of "Every Breath You Take" earlier this year.)

Chris wrote the haunting melody lines which were so skillfully keyboarded by Robby Kilgore, that you just know that "Let The Music Play" had to be a hit when combined with Ed Chisolm's pleasing lyrics.  And boy, what a hit and now Shannon is going "pop" as well.  Perhaps people still like dance music, deep down in their hearts.

The Emergency 12" is also coming out all over Europe now as well.

Valapucci has taken the two mixes originally done by Chris and Nelson Cruz, and has knitted them together into one serious 11 minute set.  The flow is smooth and consistent with the pleasing, laid-back lack of surprises in the original vocal mix.  Serious fun for the folks!

So now Shannon takes you on a magical trip even further than before so you guys can even check it out, too, along the way.  And if anyone now ha any doubt about why this is #1, please check your Blue Cross and then call Curtis!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 11:01 at 116 BPM (beats per minute.)

Private Sector sings "Finders, Keepers."  And George Kranz's amazing "Din Daa Daa."

Those four hot kids from Private Sector start this side off.  You may remember their "Like A Ton of Bricks" on Relativity earlier this year.  Well, they've teamed up with producer/ arranger/ engineer par excellence Mark Berry to turn one of the group leader Tommy Thompson's songs into some hip tracks called "Finders, Keepers" coming on MSB Records.

Mark did the mix at E.A.R.S. in East Orange, New Jersey, and the sounds combine some of the best elements of today's new music as well as new street music.  It's only 122 BPM, but seems atleast 20 BPM faster without the chain saw massacre effect that sometimes happens.

And speaking of laid-back dance energy, the original European mix that was such a mystery for so long but such a consistent hit at Larry Levan's Paradise Garage in the Big Apple is next.  It's called "Din Daa Daa" by George Kranz, from Chris Music/Vogue in France.  It works, and it works big… perhaps people like the sound of a human voice in place of all of the computer chips.  In any case, they'll all be addicted to "Din Daa Daa" for extra Christmas partying this year with a hot remix on Personal, so fasten your seatbelt for the return of the voice.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 12:00 at 122 BPM.

Gary Criss is back to take your floor to "Acapulco."

Gary Criss had a big, big hit a few years back called "Rio de Janeiro", and the 12" and album on Salsoul sold like hot cakes and won critical acclaim like Nightfall's special achievement award.

Producer Billy Terrell is back with another voyage to warmer climes with Gary, with a new song called "Acapulco."  The way it's going in Central America, that may be as far south as you would want to go these days.  Billy and Gary co-wrote the song, and Billy co-produced and mixed with Gene Leone for T.L.T. Productions at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia.  At the risk of boring you on your first few listens, we've taken the vocal and instrumental tracks and given them a very long intro into Gary's pleasing vocals.  But once these tracks catch on, you'll note the high level of party spirit from beginning to end.  Enjoy, and turn over every 20 minutes so you don't get burned.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 10:05 at 130 BPM.

Three hot imports keep your floor pumping: Digital Emotion, Gazebo and Koto.

Here's a nice 18 minute set of slower-tempo energy music from Europe, each with some great sounds that your floor will love.

The set starts out with Digital Emotion's "Get Up, Do You Wanna Funk" (pitched down just a little bit) from Break Records in Holland, complete with a special doubled ending for a little more fun with your crowd.  Adams & Fleisner wrote and produced for Cat Music.  (There's also a nice dub side on the Dutch 12" version.)

Gazebo is next with "Love In Your Eyes", from Freddy Naggiar's Baby Records in Italy and now one of the fine album cuts on Gazebo's new Baby/Quality U.S. LP release.  Gazebo (a/k/a Paul Mazzolini) is 23 years old, and is becoming quite a pop artist now in Italy and quite a few other important European territories.  He co-wrote the song (which we've edited slightly) along with producer Pier Luigi Giombini.

And finally, Koto's very hot instrumental called "Japanese War Games" comes marching on from Memory Records in Italy.  In addition to being import 12" hot jacket of the year with its far-out artwork, the Zanni-Cundari production sounds great and may have the same effect on your crowd as "Underwater" did a few years ago (although the songs are entirely different.)  Check it out!  And in case you're wondering what a "Japanese War Game" is, simply gain access to your laundryman's computer, change those numbers on the inside collar around, and watch World War III start on Saturday morning when the shirts are ready.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 18:05, from 119 BPM to 120 BPM.

Jerry King wins the LCD chronograph. Jerry just missed winning a contest at The Copa in Ft. Lauderdale, FL recently, but his luck turned for the better when he sent in his feedback report for Volume 6, Program 3.  Best of all, it was legible and we could even see that Jerry's pressing serial number was #1435, which matched the lucky winning number for that program.  So we've sent Jerry the watch that does practically anything to help keep him amuzed while playing at The Copa as well as the Marlin Beach.

Jerry's favorites on Program 3 were the Patrick Cowley/Two Tons megamix, Pam Stanley's "I Don't Want Talk About It" and Stefano Pulga's "Love Taker" extended edits, and Valerie Oliver's special edition "Get The Money."  Even Kraftwerk did well with Jerry!

To win the watch that others only dream off, be sure to return this program's feedback card and please write clearly.  Good luck!

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