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Frank Schmidt's golden razor gives added zap to China Crisis' "Working With Fire And Steel" and Kim Carnes' "You Make My Heart Beat Faster."

San Francisco's own Frank Schmidt has done two terrific extended edits for you on this program.  China Crisis' "Working With Fire And Steel" from Virgin/UK starts it off, produced by Mike Howlett and engineered by Alan Douglas and Gil Norton at Amazon and The Manor.  Frank combines the instrumental and vocal versions on the 12".

Kim Carnes is next with "You Make My Heart Beat Faster" from her new EMI-America LP, produced by Keith Olsen for the Pogologo Corporation.  Keith engineered along with Dennis Sager at Goodnight in Los Angeles.  Watch this one become a surprise club hit!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:25, from 142 BPM to a heart-pounding 151.

Koffie' s "And I'm Telling You" gets a special Disconet remix.  And Susan Stevens' "This Is Love" is now ready for your dance floor.

Koffie's "And I'm Telling You" on PanDisc has been keeping the floor pumping practically all over, and we've knitted together a hot new version which you should find even more useful and exciting, complete with the accapello beginning from the 7" version.  The song is from the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls", and was produced by Mitch Farber and Warren Schatz.  Bo Crane was executive producer.  So wakeup and smell the Koffie!

Susan Stevens is next with a special Disconet extended edit of "This Is Love" from her new LP on Rams Horn/Holland.  The LP is called "Get To You" (which is also one of the cuts), and was produced by ToJo Productions.

Susan is sweet as a spring morning, and the production balances a taste of the street with a well proven dance groove that is electronic enough to have a wide appeal with many of today's dancers.

Raul gave the song a nice, long intro (with a nice overlay out of Koffie), so you'll be able to use this as a side or for either of the two great cuts on it.

Susan's LP has a total of six cuts on it, and is well worth your investment if classic dance music is your audience's forte.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 13:57, from 134 BPM (beats per minute) slowing down slightly to 131.

The World's "Shoo Shoo Wah", Yaz's "Walk Away From Love" and Willie Walker's "Watching The Ladies Walk By" get extended edits by Gary Otto and Herbie Powers, Jr.

The World is Wayne Hammer and Jeff Slater, Jeff from Oregon and Wayne from Texas… and they became The World while both living near London and paying their dues as session players.  "Break The Silence" is the debut LP for Elektra, produced at Cherokee in LA by the group with Gordon Fordyce and Roy Thomas-Baker as Executive Producer.  We've edited "Shoo Shoo Wah" into a nice groove, or in Jeff's words, "…a great escape, somewhere to lose yourself."

Yaz is next with a special extended edit by Gary Otto, who keeps them pumping at The Coast Inn's world-famous Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach.  The song is "Walk Away From Love", originally produced by E.C. Radcliffe and Yaz at Blackwing in London.  It's from their popular Sire LP which also includes "State Farm."

A new artist called Willie Walker makes his debut to end this set.  The song is called "Watching The Ladies Walk By", written and produced by Tony Johnson from Buffalo, NY.  It's authentic funk with a delightful taste of the electronic street, thanks largely to an excellent edit by Herbie "Pump" Powers, Jr. Herbie combined the vocal and instrumental portions of the song to make it happen for you.  He's been giving you his best on each and every Disconet (which he masters at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs in New York City), so watch your bass speakers on this one!  Platinum Gold will be releasing Willie Walker shortly.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 19:25 from 118 BPM to 120.

Flashback to the 1981 Top Tune Medley.  The hits you voted for two years ago… while you vote for the 1983 hits on this program's feedback card.

In early 1982, we asked you to vote for your best songs of 1981.  These were put together rather eloquently by Mike Arato, John Matarazzo and Raul A. Rodriguez.  We're repeating the songs you made the hits of 1981 in this issue to inspire your thinking for the 1983 medley (plus medlies like this are fun occasionally, especially during the holidaze!)

It's a real trip into a musical era marked by some signs of change, but basically, the classic sounds made popular in the late 1970s still predominated the dance music of 1981.  Who knows what the 1983 medley will sound like?  That's up to you!

There's special space at the bottom of this program's feedback card.  You may vote for five (5) songs.  They don't have to be in order… just the five songs that you found were your strongest during January through December of 1983.

We'll be back at you in a future issue with your 1983 Disconet Top Tune Medley, so stay tuned.

Song Artist Courtesy 1981 Author(s)
"Heartbeat" Taana Gardner West End K. Nix
"Genius Of Love" Tom Tom Club Sire Tom Tom Club
"Pull Up To The Bumper" Grace Jones Island Baya/Jones/Mano
"Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)" Billy Ocean Epic/CBS Ocean/Martinez
"Try It Out" Gino Soccio RFC/Atlantic Soccio
"Love Rescue" Project PBI Benoit/Dyson
"Give It To Me Baby" Rick James Motown James
"Double Dutch Bus" Frankie Smith WMOT Smith/Bloom
"Feels Like I'm In Love" Kelly Marie Coast To Coast Dorset
"Give Me A Break" Vivien Vee Launch (1980) Simonetti/Meo
"Hit 'N Run Lover" Carol Jiani Ariola Wilbur
"Dance, It's My Life" Midnight Powers Importe/12 H. Brooks/M. Hill
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Boystown Gang Moby Dick Ashford/Simpson
"Walk Right Now" The Jacksons Epic/CBS (1980) M./J./R. Jackson
"Lay All Your Love On Me" The Bank Hot Spinner Andersson/Ulvaeus
"Set Me Free" Three Degrees Ariola Moroder/Bennett
"Hills Of Katmandu" Tantra Importe/12 Valli/Jackson
"Don't Stop The Train" Phyllis Nelson Tropique Bank/Dessca/Dessca
"Your Love" Lime Prism LePage/LePage
"Hooked On Classics" Royal Philarmonic Orchestra RCA Beethoven

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 17:19 from 100 BPM to 135 BPM.

Aron Siegel wins the LCD chronograph. Aron plays at The Cove in Atlanta, and the pressing serial number on Program 4 (#511) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Aron's favorites on Program 4 were the Billy Joel "Tell Her About It" and Dave Valentin/Bruni Pagan "Loquita" extended edits, "You Take My Heart Away" by Gillian Lane, and Two Sisters' "Destiny" (now in its final mix on a new Two Sisters LP.)

To win the watch that does practically everything, be sure to return this program's feedback card, write clearly and be sure to enter the pressing serial number shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.

And while you're at it, be sure to vote for your five strongest songs of 1983 so we can tally them into the 1983 Top Tune Medley.

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