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Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It" gets extended.  Dave Valentin with Bruni Pagan make beautiful music with "Loquita."

Billy Joel wrote it, Phil Ramone produced it, and John "Jellybean" Benitez did the Columbia special 12" mix… the ingredients spell HIT!  So here's a special extended version of "Tell Her About It", with a longer intro and breaks along the way for even more excitement.  The song provides a very positive message of love and communication, and should knock down the stereotype BPM hangups (much as Hall & Oates' "Maneater" did) that super fast temps won't be danced to.

Dave Valentin is next with "Loquita (Crazy Lady)", with vocals featuring Bruni Pagan.  Dave has had five very successful jazz albums for GRP/Arista, and this is Dave's first outing in the dance market.  Dennis Bell produced and co-wrote the tracks, which were engineered by Josiah Gluck and mixed by Dennis, Dave and Larry Rosen.  This special Disconet version combines the vocal and instrumental sides which will be on the commercial 12".  The groove is quite addictive, and the sound of Dave's smooth flute through your giant boom boxes should be a nice, refreshing addition to your energy music repertoire.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17:10, beginning at a panting 182 BPM and then slipping into 146 BPM.

Jimmy "Bo" Horne's "So Good To Me" gets a special Jonathan Fearing MegaMix.

Jimmy "Bo" Horne (who's classic "Spank" still keeps them dancing everywhere) is back on Sunnyview with a new song called "So Good To Me."  Jonathan Fearing mixed and engineered the FHL Production at DB Studios in Miami, and we're pleased to present Jonathan's special MegaMix version exclusively on this Disconet program.

DB Studios became the home of the Tequila Sunrise mix during this session, as somebody poured a nice ninty proof quart onto the board making Jonathan's assignment even more challenging.  He's brought a light touch to the tracks, with a nice fluffy electronic percussion all the way through.  The commercial 12" has a radio-length edit of this MegaMix, as well as a more traditionally instrumented mix.

Cueing bands mark some nice, extra long breaks along the way.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 10:55 at 117 BPM (beats per minute.)

Two Sisters are back with "Destiny."  Vococo heats it up with "Same Love."

Two Sisters are now completing their debut LP for Sugarscoop, and here's a preview of one of their energy cuts for the album entitled "Destiny" co-written by Sister Theresa Pesco and Raul A. Rodriguez who co-produced the song with Mark Berry.  The keyboard work is from Marcus Barrone, who produced the classic 1979 smash "Savage Lover" anti who's excellent keyboard work has been keeping dance floors hot around the world via COD's "In The Bottle", Valerie Oliver's "Get The Money", Two Sisters' first single "High Noon", and Gloria Gaynor's superhot "I Am What I Am."

Vococo is next with "Same Love", produced and mixed by Art Wood. Art's studio and concert drumming has brought him together with Bette Midler, Cher, Eddie Money and Dan Hartman.  Diana Wood is the other half of Vococo, who's past credits include backgrounds for Blood, Sweat & Tears, Linda Ronstadt, and cabaret appearances in Los Angeles and New York.  Special thanks to Will Crocker for turning us on to these exciting tracks.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:30 from 132 BPM to 130 BPM.

Two hot imports get special Disconet mixes: Lama/"Love Is On The Rocks" and Gillian Lane/"You Take My Heart Away."

Here are two very well produced imports which have gone through the Disconet modification center to be even more exciting for you.  Lama's "Love Is On The Rocks" was produced in Italy by Katmandu Productions (executive producer was Giancarlo "Easy Going" Meo), and is available on Numero Uno/Italy.

Gillian Lane's "You Take My Heart Away" is next, from DBA/Canada.  The D'Orazio-Bentivegna production is their best yet, even outdoing their very excellent 1982 "Motion" LP.  The hook is strong, and so are the keyboards.  And even the syndrom (which disappeared a few years ago) sounds in place.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:11 at 125 BPM.

Dale Herron wins the LCD chronograph. Dale plays at Club 506 in Silvis, Illinois and the pressing serial number on Program 2 (#1144) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  We've sent Dale the watch that does practically everything except put starch in your collar.

Dale's favorite cuts on Program 2 were the Donna Summer "She Works Hard For The Money" extended edit, Risque's "Burn It Up, Mr. D.J." and Carol Hahn's "Into The Night" special Disconet version.  To win the watch, be sure to return this month's feedback card and write in the pressing serial number shown on your upper right hand Side A/Side B jacket.

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