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Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, Kraftwerk and Lipps, Inc. make a hell of a set.

Party people, do you want to get down?  This set is a weird combination, but it shows (and flows) how techno, street and pop are working better with each other as music progresses.  The set starts with 1982's best-selling 12" from Tommy Boy, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force's "Planet Rock" written by the group with co-producers Arthur Baker and John Robie.

Next is Kraftwerk's newest song entitled "Tour De France" from the British EMI 12".  The Warner Brothers album will include "Tour" (which we have made into an extended edit to give you just a little more of those magical sounds which Kraftwerk still knows best how to make!)  You have been hearing quite a bit about the new Kraftwerk LP, and because they are such perfectionists, the five month delay should be well worth it because the people that wrote the book on electronic music with "Trans Europe Express" have many more chapters up their sleeves.

Steven Greenberg's Lipps, Inc.'s "Choir Practice" from the Casablanca Lipps, Inc./4 album completes the set.  Steven wrote, produced, played most of the instruments and co-engineered with Paul Stark.  Melanie Rosales and Margaret Cox provide the vocals, and even without words, there's a very pleasing message in the tracks.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 11:50, from 129 BPM to 135 BPM.

"Get The Money" by Valerie Oliver.  Good advice never beat to the street better!

Valerie Oliver has her debut release coming on Cyclops called "Get The Money."  Raul A. Rodriguez produced and arranged the song, which was written by Bill Smith.  Bob Fish was executive producer, and Mark Berry engineered the mix at Vanguard Studios in New York.

Valapucci even pitched in, and even without understanding a word of English, has combined the radio, dub and club mixes on the commercial 12" into a powerhouse 8:20 special Disconet mix for you.

It looks like the emulator is here to stay… it's the very sophisticated black box which repeats words or sounds with varying pitch and rhythmn (e.g. "A.E.I.O.U.", "High Noon.")  And Valerie's delivery even without all the fancy electronics is pleasing and from the heart.  So don't give up that honey if you don't got that money!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 8:20 at 115 BPM.

Stefano Pulga's "Love Taker" is now ready to explode with this Disconet edit by Raul and Steven Von Blau.

Stefano Pulga steps into the spotlight as a solo artist with "Love Taker", his new 12" on System Music in Italy.  Stefano has been involved with several hit records and groups coming out of Italy (Firefly, Kano, etc.), and knows what it takes to make the dance floor shake.

Raul and Steven Von Blau have done an immaculate razor job combining the vocal and instrumental versions to help make Stefano's production even more exciting for your audience.

Give "Love Taker" a few weeks and it should be one of your best floor packers in a long time.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 8:52 at 130 BPM.

Pamela Stanley's "I Don't Want To Talk About It" extended edit and Patrick Cowley's Two Tons "I Got The Feeling" MegaMix.

Pamala Stanley has to be one of today's most talented and versatile producers, arrangers, mixers… and she's even the fine lead singer behind Komander's very hot "I Don't Want To Talk About It."  The tracks were recorded and mixed at Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios in Dallas, Texas, engineered by John Mayfield, with associate producer Frank Mandaro.  This special Disconet extended edit gives you an easier intro, and uses portions of the instrumental version to build the song for even stronger floor reaction.  Just watch your dancers point their fingers at each other!

Two Tons 0' Fun (more recently known as The Weather Girls) are next with a very special Patrick Cowley MegaMix of their 1980 classic, "I Got The Feeling."  Harvey Fuqua produced the original tracks for Fantasy/Honey, which were originally mixed by John Kovarek.  Nancy Pitts was executive producer.  Patrick sent us his special MegaMix in 1981, and the tape surfaced during a massive cleanup of some 300 tapes in the Disconet studios a few weeks ago.  We believe that the mix is so strong that after the dust settles, someone's just got to put this one out commercially.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:10, beginning at 132 BPM (beats per minute) and then dead-ending into "I Got The Feeling" at the most energetic 124 BPM around.

John Collister wins the LCD chronograph. John plays at The Pier in Washington, DC, and his pressing serial number on Volume 6, Program 1 (#675) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  We've sent John the watch that does practically everything, and from all reports is even DJ-proof.  John's favorites on Program 1 were Hazel Dean's "Searchin"', Two Sisters' "High Noon", and Lisa Boray's "You."  Be sure to include the pressing serial number shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B pressing, and maybe you will the watch that takes a licking and loves it.

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