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Jose "Animal" Diaz's Special Request gets the Raul Dance Mix for "Salsa Smurph."

Jose "Animal" Diaz keeps them jumping at Elegante in New Jersey, and has produced his first record by Special Request entitled "Salsa Smurph."  The infectious tracks have become quite popular on both WKTU and WBLS in New York, and the Tommy Boy 12" seems to be spreading throughout the country.

The simple groove and breaks have been given added punch via the golden blade of Raul, who has combined the vocal and instrumental versions into a special extended Disconet side for you.  Like so many tracks which go on to be quite popular, the simplicity of the groove may escape you until the sound has had a chance to grow on you.  Give it a few spins!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 8:15 at 115 BPM.

Triple-header Euro side with rare Azul Y Negro, Norma Lewis, and Gaucho extended edit.

When artists are "discovered", like Azul Y Negro has been recently in the states, there sometimes is a wealth of previously unnoticed material.  One of his earlier 12" Spanish Phonogram has a delightful instrumental called "Mar De La Tranquilidad", which translates into "Sea of Tranquility."  Buried in this sea are rhythm patterns and some funky bass which sound like the 1983 street sound, yet, was produced by Azul way back in 1981.  Check it out… it starts out this special triple-header import side, and is a beautiful segway into Norma Lewis with "Maybe This Time" on ERC from England.

Tony Green produced Norma, and he hasn't lost his touch.  Remember "Come To Me" by France Joli?  Tony knows how to make a female vocal come across so well, yet retain energy and punch.  His arrangements, and particulary the brass section, are right on target.  The song is from Cabaret, and we added some extra looped "ahhs" at the end for added impact.  Let's hope we hear from Norma and Tony on some more Class A dance material!

The Kano boys (a/k/a Pulga, Ninzatti and Bergonzi) are next with an instrumental called "Dance Forever" available as a 12" import from System/Italy.  Steel drums meet the street with "Dance Forever", and this special Disconet mix combines the two versions on the import.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:28, from 128 to 127 BPM.

Jack Cardinal and James Pallares give added spark to Giorgio's Sparks' "Modesty Plays."

Sparks' "Beat The Clock" made the club scene jump a couple of years ago, and for some reason, their recent European hit called "Modesty Plays" was never released in the states.

Jack Cardinal and James Pallares, who keep the action going at Circus in Hollywood week after week, have extended the European 7" of "Modesty" into a 7 minute dance powerhouse.  The Underdog/Carrere French release is Giorgio production all the way, produced by writers Ron and Russel Mael with Greg Penny, and originally remixed by Brian Reeves.  "Modesty" was formerly a famous European comic strip heroine under the name of 'Modesty Blaze', and even though the words may still sound like that, the lawyers had the name of the song changed prior to its release in Europe.

Sparks will have a complete new album later this year on Elektra which should bring additional new (and welcome) material to you.  They were among the first to fuse rock and dance sounds into a pleasing combination, and have a lot more to offer dance floors and enlightened radio programmers.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:00 at 143 BPM.  A couple of bands mark the breaks and changes along the way.

Herbie gave this side so much pump you can park a Sherman tank between the grooves.

Amy Bolton sings "Get Up And Get It."  Charlie sings "I'm A Space Woman."

Amy Bolton has a new 12" coming on Cyclops, with a special dance mix of "Get Up And Get It" previewed here.  Amy co-wrote the song with George Wallace, who co-produced with Jimmy "Sticks" Bralower at 39th Street Music in New York.  Bob Fish was executive producer.  Like some of Amy's previous releases (like "What Does It Take To Believe That You're Number One"), the message is positive and pleasing.  Simply get up and get it, or, in the words of that great vinyl sage Curtis Urbina, "go for it."  When you wrestle with the real world, you know where it's at!  Check out those Fish rhythm break loops, too!

Charlie is next, ready for NASA's thirtyeight shuttle launch with "I'm A Space Woman" on MDO from Italy.  The key changes and chord structure keep the dance groove interesting, with enough backbeat and rhythmic dissonance to fit into the street sound.  There are special effects along the way, and if this isn't enough for you, get a hold of the Italian import which also has an instrumental side to play with.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 begins at 136 BPM, and then slips into Charlie at 125 BPM with a cold ending.

David Thomas wins the LCD chronograph.  David plays at the Monster in Key West, Florida, and his pressing serial number of Volume 5, Program 9 (#553) matched the lucky winning number for that program.

David's favorite selections on Program 9 were Valapucci's remix of "That's Good" by Devo, "Again And Again" by Nikki Lauren, and "In The Bottle" by COD.  (The Jonzun Crew's "We Are The Jonzun Crew" and The Rockets extended remix of "Atomic" weren't bad, either, according to David.)  In between keeping Fred Held relaxed on his occasional Key West r&r trips from the hazards of fast Miami living, David reports a great tourist season and tons of funk and clunk at the clubs giving the conch train ride a run for its money.

To win the watch that does practically everything, be sure to return the feedback card included with this program package.  Be sure to list your name, address, and phone number, and show the pressing serial number (on the sticker in the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record pressing.)

You might have the lucky winning number, and be wearing the electronic Bulova wonder which takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  Even Billy Sandor can wear it on his left hand without replacing the wrist band!

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