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The 1982 Disconet Top Tune Medley.  19 ½ minutes of your favorite 27 songs, mixed by Casey Jones.

We counted over 800 votes for your hottest songs played during 1982.  The variety of music (and votes) was the widest in a long time, yet the overall sound of 1982 was becoming more cohesive than the past few years.  Perhaps this is a good signal for 1983 and beyond!

Casey Jones put together your strongest 27 songs into a powerful 19 ½ minute set, with Raul engineering.  Casey has been playing at The River Club, Les Mouches and The Saint in New York, with occassional guest jaunts to California and Texas.

The songs you voted for are listed in order of play on the right.  You'll find that these make up an impressive percentage of 1982's best sellers… dance music (atleast) is more recession-proof than a lot of "disco's" doomsdayers were saying just a couple of years ago.  And many of your choices crossed (or are now crossing) pop, making more and better dance music an attractive label investment.

The 1982 Disconet Top Tune Medley (order of play)

Song Artist 1982 Label Author(s)
"Love Come Down" Evelyn King RCA Kashif
"I Specialize In Love" Sharon Brown Profile Golden-Scher
"This Beat Is Mine" Vicky "D" SAM Booth
"Get A Little" Patrick Cowley Megatone Cowley-Block-Carter
"Keep On" D-Train Prelude Eaves-Williams
"Walking On Sunshine" Rockers Revenge Streetwise Grant
"Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)" Man Parrish Importe/12 Parrish-Redriguez-Robie
"Beat The Street" Sharon Redd Prelude Matthew-Payne
"Don't You Want Me" Human League Virgin-A&M Callis-Oakey-Wright
"Situation" Yaz Sire Clarke-Moyet
"Right On Target" Paul Parker Megatone Cowley
"Glad To Know You" Cahs Jankel A&M Jankel-Dury
"Planet Rock" Soulsonic Force Tommy Boy Baker-Robie-Soulsonic Force
"Play At Your Own Risk" Planet Patrol Tommy Boy Baker-Robie
"Give Me Just A Little More Time" Angela Clemmons CBS-Portrait Wayne-Holland
"Megatron Man" Patrick Cowley Megatone Cowley
"Jump Shout" Lisa Moby Dick Hedges-Blum
"(The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up" Roni Griffith Vanguard Andrill-Poincia-Spector
"Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) Donna Summer Geffen Jones-Ross-Temperton
"Let It Whip" Dazz Band Motown Andrews-Chancler
"Do Ya Wanna Funk" Sylvester Megatone Cowley-Sylvester
"Come And Get Your Love" Lime Matra-Prism LePage-LePage
"Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight" Lime Matra-Prism LePage-LePage
"Gloria" Laura Branigan Atlantic Tozzi-Bigazzi-Veitch
"Stormy Weather" Viola Wills Sunergy Koehler-Arlen
"It's Raining Men" The Weather Girls CBS-Columbia Jabara-Shaffer
"Mickey" Toni Basil Radialchoice-Crysalis Chinn-Chapman

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 19:26, from 115 BPM to 144 BPM (beats per minute.)  The musical review of 1982 may be used as an entire set, or use portions of it as you see fit to keep their heads twisting and their bodies shaking.

Valapucci remixes the Busboys' "American Workers" for a cleaned-up funk groove that really dances.

The Bus Boys first performed at The Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles in 1979.  The group makes a unique combination of funk and rock into interesting songs with often provocative lyrics and commentary.  Brian O'Neal does keyboards and vocals, Kevin O'Neal does the bass and vocals, Gus Loundermon sings, Mike Jones does keyboards and vocals, Victor Johnson plays guitar, and that's Steve Felix on the drums.

"American Worker" is the title of their second LP for Arista, as well as the subject of this extended Disconet remix.  Valapucci came over from Milan to end, for all time, The Bus Boys' black vs. rock controversy.  With Mark Berry engineering at Vanguard in New York, Val has given The Bus Boys a pleasing, contemporary "new music" sound which very well may expand the audiences which will discover and appreciate the group.

Pete Solley produced the original tracks, which were engineered by Steve Klein assisted by Dave Ahlert.  Clive Davis was Executive Producer.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 7:18 at 137 BPM.

Firefly sings "Love Is Coming."  Ed Smit gives Premiere Classe's classic "Poupee Flash" a special extended edit.

Firefly has a new LP on MDO/Mr. Music in Italy, and their very danceable "Love Is Coming" starts off this side.  The energy and flow are consistent, and while there is nothing particularly new or startling about the song, it should be fun to play.  The dropout from the break may shake you up a little but, but count it out… and see how your dance floor likes it.  When in doubt, drop out!

Premiere Classe is next with a special extended edit of "Poupee Flash."  This became an out-of-print underground classic in The Netherlands and Belgium, and Ed Smit took the WEA/Belgium original version and added some extra twists and effects to give it new life and spark.  Ed began spinning at Downtown in The Netherlands, and in addition to overseeing Disconet in The Netherlands, Ed is also involved in record production and promotion for several dance-oriented labels.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 11:02, from 131 BPM to 143 BPM.

Natasha sings "AM-FM" for music junkies everywhere.  Slow groove is hot!

"AM-FM" is a song about the never-ending need to feed your ears with great music, sung by Natasha.  We've taken the vocal and instrumental tracks from Emergency and knitted them together into a special extended Disconet version.

The production has the groove and catchy, rap-lyrics which can grow under your skin.  Its simplicity will probably fool you on the first play, and as you get more familiar with it, you will hear new sounds and special effects on subsequent plays.

While basically electronic, "AM-FM" has a warm, human nature about it which can really help you heat up a slow set.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 9:20 at an amazingly slow 101 BPM.

David Keeley wins the LCD chronograph.  David plays at The Arena in San Francisco, and his pressing serial number on Volume 5, Program 8 (#1204) matched the lucky winning number for that program.

David's favorite selections were the extended edit of The Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In The Sky" and Joanne King's "Two Pillows", "Let's Stay Together" by Richard Woods, and the Three Degrees' three-song medley ("Giving Up, Giving In", "Falling In Love" and "Looking For Love.")

To win the watch that does almost everything, be sure to return the feedback card included with this program.  Please list your name and address where shown, and be sure to enter the pressing serial number which is shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.

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