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Terms Of Surrender sing the Turtles' classic "Happy Together."  Boris Midney with "D-D-D-Dance."

Terms of Surrender come from New York and London to combine the British new music style with basic New York beat box.  Their debut single for MSB Records covers The Turtles' classic 1960s smash, "Happy Together."

Mark Berry produced, so you know the tracks cook from the nice intro to the very last beat.

Boris Midney is next with "D-D-D-Dance", with the vocal version from his MI Records 12".  Like practically all of Boris' productions, his innovations and forward thinking take some absorbtion and getting used to… with the expected pleasure that the song will finally bite you when you least expect it, and then you can really start to enjoy it.  We remember when Ray Caviano had Roy Thode play an acetate of the first USA-European Connection at The Ice Palace in New York, and it cleared the floor!  What was this electronic stuff?  (Incidentally, Boris has a new USA-European Connection in the final stages of production now.)  So give it a few plays to wear in, as there is much going on in this song.  And because Boris did it with his top-notch 64 track equipment at Eras Studios, you can hear it all.  "D-D-D-Dance" is one of 34 songs Boris has recorded for his forthcoming show called "Pushkin - The Black Russian."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 11:54 from 114 BPM to 112 BPM.

Amy Bolton's "Over And Over" gets the Raul Dance Mix.  Frank Schmidt gives Ultravox's "Reap The Wild Wind" a hurricane of new energy for you!

Raul has taken the B-side of Amy Bolton's new 12" (just signed to Atlantic) and made "Over and Over" into a real dance powerhouse for you.  Jimmy Bralower and George Wallace produced the original tracks, which were reengineered by Steve Guardigli at 39th Street Studios.  Check out that famous Raul break near the end.  Bob Fish was executive producer.

Ultravox is next with a wonderful extended edit done by San Francisco's own Frank Schmidt.  "Reap The Wild Wind", from its Chrysalis LP, has been demanding club attention since its December, 1982 release, and now with Frank's new intro and extended breaks, the song really cooks.  Derrick provided additional wind sound effects for Frank's edit, and George Martin produced the original tracks which were engineered by Geoff Emerick.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:40 from 136 BPM (beats per minute) to 134 BPM.

Endgames' "First, Last-For Everything" gets extended by Ed Smit.  Madeleine Uzho sleezes to the beat with "Satisfied."

Ed Smit, your correspondent from The Netherlands, provides two exciting songs for this Disconet program.  The first is an extended edit of "First, Last - For Everything" by Endgames.  Using the original Phonogram/UK tracks, Ed's extended breaks and loops keep the song moving right along.  Steve Levine produced the original tracks for Do Not Erase Productions, and keep your ears out for Endgames' U.S. release on Vanguard with a hot 24 track remix by Ray "Pinky" Velazquez.

Madeleine Uzho is next with a nice piece of reggae-sleeze called "Satisfied which is being released on Tandan-SOS Records in Sweden and Break Records in Holland.

The Sandelin-Ekman team wrote and produced, and Ed did the mix at Polar Music Studios (Abba's home base) in Sweden.  Even at a comparatively slow 92 BPM, "Satisfied" cooks all the way… and has an especially pleasing moan and groan two-thirds of the way through reminiscent of George McCrae's great ones on "Can You Feel It."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:08, beginning at 121 BPM and then tricking them into 92 BPM with a bit of Ed's magical razor blade.

Intro now has an intro!  "Haunted Cocktails" extended edit by Frank Schmidt.

Intro has an exciting 12" dance record released on MCA/U.K. called "Haunted Cocktails.  Mike Hedges produced, and the import has a dub mix as well as a vocal.  Frank Schmidt has combined the two versions to perform major structural surgery which gives the song, a very useable intro, chorus, break and ending all the way through a series of pouring your favorite cocktails through those big boom boxes at 130 dBs.  (Fred Held will undoubtedly spot what Jack Daniels sounds like.)

The relatively mild pace (121 BPM) is covered up by intense sequencer patterns and real drive from beginning to end.  And don't let the drum roll in the middle scare you away… it's like throwing Mennen skin bracer on them!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 9:30 at 121 BPM.

Pete Pedone wins the LCD chronograph.  Pete plays at The Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain, NY, and the pressing serial number of Volume 5, Program 10 (#540) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Pete's favorite selections were the Valapucci remix of The Busboys' "American Workers", the 1982 Disconet Top Tune Medley mixed by Casey Jones, and the special Disconet mix of Natasha's "AM-FM."

To win the watch that does almost everything, be sure to return the feedback card in this month's program, and list the pressing serial number shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.  Good luck!

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