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"Bad Connection" by Yaz gets an extended remix by Alan Miller.  Mick Milk with "Half Life."

Yaz's "Upstairs At Eric's" album on Sire keeps spawning hits, including "Situation" and "Don't Go."  "Bad Connection" has been getting some club play from its 3:16 LP version, and Alan Miller gives you more than a double dose with his extended edit.  Alan started spinning in Seattle, and eventually moved to San Francisco to do lights at Studio West as well as play at N Touch.  E.C. Radcliffe and Yaz produced the original tracks, and Alan's extended intro and other golden blade touches should prove very useful to you and really please the many Yaz fans out there dancing.

Mick Milk is next with "Half Life", assembled from the vocal and dub versions on his new Cyclops 12".  Mick recently graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in fine arts, and has been composing and recording music for four years.  He lives in Staten Island, and his initial club appearances in New York City have earned him the respect of the music press which calls Mick "one of the most dynamic new talents to surface on the New York music scene in too long."  "Half Life" captures the essence of today's new music, with the pump and drive of a tornado that won't stop to keep them dancing.  Mick wrote it, and produced with Raul A. Rodriguez and Man Parrish.  Bob Fish was executive producer.  Check out the spacey ending.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:01, from 145 BPM (beats per minute) to 165 BPM.

Flashback to The 1980 Disconet Top Tune Medley by Mike Arato and John Matarazzo… remember these great ones?

Here are the 20 songs you voted best in 1980, mixed together ever so skillfully by Mike Arato and John Matarazzo.  Remember how "Fame", "Underwater" and "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" used to drive them crazy?  They probably still do.  And the 1980 Top Tune Medley is a great way to slow down the pace as it is sequenced from the faster hits to the slower ones, letting you get off at the BPM you're looking for.

The various songs, artists and credits are listed below in order of play.

We're repeating the 1980 medley to help inspire your thinking for the 1982 Disconet Top Tune Medley.  You may vote for five songs, the ones that were your strongest during 1982.  Please fill in the name of the artist and the name of the song on this program's feedback card.  Every vote counts, and will be instrumental in developing the 1982 medley which will appear on a Disconet in the near future.

"Fear" Easy Going 1980 Importe/12 (Meo-Simonetti)
"Underwater" Harry Thumann 1979 Baby (Thumann-Weindorf)
"Fame" Irene Cara 1980 MGM, Inc./RSO (Gore-Pitchford)
"Que Sera Mi Vida" Gibson Brothers 1980 Zagora/Mango (Vangarde-KlugerByl-Vangarde)
"I'm OK, You're OK" American Gypsy 1980 Importe/12 (Janchen-Janchens)
"It's A War" Kano 1980 Emergency (Pulga-Ninzatti-Addams-Mamared)
"Party Boys" Foxy 1980 TK (Ledesma)
"Funkytown" Lipps, Inc. 1979 Casablanca (Greenberg)
"Twilight Zone" Manhattan Transfer 1979 Atlantic (Hermann)
"Vertigo/Relight My Fire" Dan Hartman (and Loleatta Holloway) 1979 CBS/Blue Sky (Hartman)
"If You Could Read My Mind" Viola Wills 1980 Ariola (Lightfoot)
"Buenos Aires/ Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" Festival 1979 RSO (Webber-Rice)
"Celebration" Kool & The Gang 1980 De-Lite (Bell-Kool & The Gang)
"A Lover's Holiday" Change 1980 Warner Bros/RFC (Romanl-Willoughby)
"Love Sensation" Loleatta Holloway (and Dan Hartman) 1980 Gold Mind (Hartman)
"Can't Fake The Feeling" Gerladine Hunt 1980 Prism (Hunt-Dyson)
"Rapture" Blondie 1980 Chrysalis (Stein-Harry)
"Upside Down" Diana Ross 1980 Motown (Rogers-Edwards)
"Another One Bites The Dust" Queen 1980 Elektra (Deacon)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 18:35, beginning at 132 BPM and descending to 112 BPM.

Jose "Animal" Diaz gives "Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)" by Man Parrish an extended remix.

Jose began spinning at the old Gemini club in Queens, New York about 10 years ago.  He played at Les Fafelles (home of those great Butterfly Records promotion parties) and High Rollers for two years (now trading in its skating floor for the posh Red Parrot crowd), and Jose now plays at Elegante in Fairview, NJ.

Jose has also been doing special remix edits for WKTU in New York for over a year, and some of his repair jobs have been among the most requested songs by WKTU's listeners.

He had a field day with "Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)" by Man Parrish, using the 5:36 version as well as the 3:11 "Part 2" dub which are both on the 12" as well as new "Man Parrish" LP from Importe/12.  The song was written and produced by Man and Raul A. Rodriguez, and co-written by John Robie.  John has been instrumental in the success of Soulsonic Force's "Planet Rock" and Planet Patrol's "Play At Your Own Risk", and his keyboards add a great deal to "Hip Hop."  You heard John first on Disconet some time ago with "Vena Cava" (Volume 4, Program 9), and you might want to check that one out again.

Jose's golden blade has created a new intro from the claps in "Part 2", and keeps on pumping all the way to the dead echo end.  Few songs have stirred the juices of so many people in a long time, and Jose's new version will give you added ammunition!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:36 at 117 BPM.

Xclusiv with "Fools Are Friendly."  Donna Summer's "Highway Runner" gets an extended edit by Frank Schmidt.

Jeremy Paul wrote and produced "Fools Are Friendly" by Xclusiv for Le Maitre Music in Croydon, England, and their 12" single distributed by Sales People in London deserves your attention.  The song and production have bounce and groove in the sorely needed mid-120 BPMs.  Here is the 6:25 vocal version, with an instrumental backing up the 12" release.  Special thanks to Russell Coldewey for bringing this sleeper to our attention.

Donna Summer is next with a special extended version of "Highway Runner" edited by Frank Schmidt.  "Highway Runner" was written by Giorgio Moroder and Donna, and produced by Giorgio at Carla Ridge Studios in Beverly Hills.  The original 3:18 version appears on the Full Moon/Asylum double album movie soundtrack compilation entitled "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" (…at Ridgemont High, only the rules get busted!)

Frank turned the original tracks into a very danceable 6 minutes.  He's been spinning at the Eagle in San Francisco for almost a year, and all of your Donna Summer fans will appreciate his extended edit.  Speaking of which… that classic Patrick Cowley MegaMix of "I Feel Love/I Feel MegaLove" which was on Disconet over two years and exactly 26 programs ago (Volume 3, Program 7) is now available commercially on a Casablanca 12" from England.  Enjoy a winter of Summer!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 11:35, from 122 BPM to 132.

David Padilla wins the LCD chronograph.  David plays at F-Sharp in New York City, and his pressing serial number on Program 5 matched the lucky winning number for that program (#38.)  We've sent David the watch that does just about everything.  David's favorite cuts on Program 5 were C.M. Lord's "You're The Only One", Man Parrish's "Heatstroke" and "Miami Heat Wave" by The Love Twins.  To win the watch, send in your card!

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