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"Jack & Diane" by John Cougar gets a Raul Dance Mix.  Hall & Oates' "Maneater" is now ready for your dance floor.

The clubs missed one of this year's strongest #1 records, so Raul thought a nice 6:00 Dance Mix would be appropriate to help round out your programming repertoire.  John Cougar made his first album for MCA in 1976 which became a bin favorite when he hit it big a few years later with Rod Stewart's Riva label.  His current LP, "American Fool" has sprung several hit singles including "Jack & Diane."  You'll appreciate the looped drum intro and other riff extensions along the way which are really mandatory for a dance record (but not for pop radio, whatever that is), and probably discover why "Jack & Diane" is such a pop smash… even on your dance floor.  A hit is a hit is a hit.

And speaking of hits, don't miss this one which we've extended from 4½ to 6 minutes.  Hall & Oates know how to make music, and their new RCA "H2O" album is one of the few examples around today of why so many more people used to buy albums a few years ago… it is packed with simply terrific material.  "Maneater" is the first single which is jumping of the album, and don't let its briskly paced 179 BPM scare you away.  Great songs can be danced to, no matter what the BPMs.  Charlie "Mr. Casual" DeChant does the saxophone par excellence, and Neil Kernon engineered and co-produced at Electric Lady in between the creek floods last summer.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 12:17, with the highest BPM change ever programmed on Disconet (from 105 BPM to 179 BPM) which still works.

Techno pop tackles the classics with Alexis Atari's "In The Mood."  Beau Koder & The Kids sing "Snow Man" for the holidays.

Alexis Atari was born in London, and got into the punk scene at age 17, progressing to electronic music with his band Cause And Effect.  The band broke up, and Alexis got into "the best artistic medium available to an artist"---video.  He has recently completed a great video for Miami's Future of Entertainment, produced by Harry Coin and Sol Bradman.  Here's the music which goes with it, the Garland-Razaf classic "In The Mood."  It pumps like Glen Miller wouldn't believe.

Beau Koder & The Kids are next with "Snow Man", just in time for the holidays.  It's the story about a snow man who won't melt, and some fairly inquisitive kids who want to know where he got his snow… and if you were friends with this snow man, who would tell, anyway, as good snow is hard enough to find as it is.  "Snow Man" is a great way to bring honor, respect and recognition to your favorite snow man (and who knows what you'll get in your Christmas stocking!)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 8:53, from 132 BPM (beats per minute) to 125.

Jade gets an extended remix of "I'm Gonna Get Your Love."  And get the strobes warmed up for Risqué's "Thunder & Lightning.''

Jade's "I'm Gonna Get Your Love" was written and produced by Marc Racine and Danny Taillon for Star Records in Canada (distributed by PolyGram.)  Marc did the arrangements.  The 12" release has a long and short version (6:09 and 3:24) which we have worked into an 8 minute dance powerhouse for you.  There are some very street breaks along the way, as well as some nice looped vocals for added impact.

"I'm Gonna Get Your Love" is one of the most popular imports in the U.S. right now, and as the word gets out, more people will be getting a nice piece of Jade every night.

The Risqué girls are next with "Thunder And Lightning."  Their 12" from Polydor in The Netherlands contains a 6½ minute vocal as well as 6 ½ minute instrumental version, which were written and produced by John Tilly and Coen Bais.  We've added some phasing and echoing, but it's still those silky smooth Risque vocals which carry the song and make all of their releases (including "The Girls Are Back In Town" and "Starlight") tonic for the ears.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:45 building from 126 BPM to 132.

D.C. LaRue is back with "Making The Rounds/Deep, Dark Delicious Night."

D.C. LaRue was an early pioneer in dance music, with his "Cathedrals" LP in 1976 setting the standards by which dance music would be judged for years to come.  "Deep, Dark Delicious Night" was included on his first LP, and is combined with a new song into a suite entitled "Making The Rounds/Deep Dark Delicious Night" on this special Disconet extended edit.

D.C. wrote, produced and arranged.  The rhythm tracks were done at Eras Recording in New York, synthesizers in Providence, RI, and the mix was done at Larabee Sound in Los Angeles.

D.C. mixed the suite with Bob Stone, who had many a hit to his credit during the "golden years" of disco including Terri DeSario's "Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You", Donna Summer's "Last Dance", and D.C.'s own "Let Them Dance."

This is Bob's first dance mix since 1979, having turned to platinum rock including Frank Zappa's "Valley Girls."  As you will see, he hasn't lost his touch.

While D.C.'s lyrics and vocals offer some insight into the club scene (which really won't change until human behavior does), the groove is catchy and the song pumps.

A few bands along the way mark some interesting breaks and special effects.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 9:00 at 126 BPM.

Mike Lynch wins the LCD chronograph.  Mike plays at Dirty Sally's in Houston, and his pressing serial number on Volume 5, Program 4 (#230) matched the lucky winning number for that program.

Mike's favorite selections on Program 4 were the remix of Brenda Jones' "My Heart's Not In It", Will Crocker and Jack Cardinal's extended edit of Miro Miroe's "Nights of Arabia", "Show Me The Way" by Race, and K.C. & The Sunshine Band's "Superhit Medley."

To win the watch, be sure to complete your feedback card included in this program package.  Enter the pressing serial number that is shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.  And be sure to show your name, address and phone number.  No postage is necessary… just drop it in the nearest box.  Good luck!

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