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Special extended edit of The Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In The Sky."

The Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In The Sky" Arista LP has gone triple platinum worldwide, with "Eye" making a strong Top 3 showing on the pop singles charts during the latter part of 1982.  We've extended the LP version's 4:33 to over 9 minutes of "Eye", so now it will be more convenient than ever to give your audience a real chunk of pop appeal music mastered ever so skillfully by Frankford/Wayne's Herbie "Pump" Powers, Jr.

Alan Parsons produced, and Eric Woolfson was executive producer and provides the lead vocals on "Eye."  The recording was done at Abbey Road Studios in London, engineered by Alan, assisted by Tony Richards.

The extended edit starts off with an extra long intro, which will be particularly handy for long overlays.  The instrumental ending was kept intact to facilitate mixouts, and three bands mark alternative entry points.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 9:40 at 114 BPM (beats per minute.)

Richard Woods covers the Al Green classic, "Let's Stay Together."  "Two Pillows" by Joanne King gets a dance remix.

Richard Woods began his singing career in the national and Broadway companies of "Hair", and played the lead in the off-Broadway production of "The West Side Gang."  He did the lead vocals for the European studio group Trax' album, and lives in New York.  Tony Martino, who helped to invent disco via his innovative 12 West Club (now the River Club) has produced Richard's debut solo song, "Let's Stay Together."  Richard brings real vocal expertise to this Al Green classic, and the overall production is enhanced by Richard Tucker's mix (Richard does the lights par excellence at The River Club and also plays with Casey Jones during their New Music nights.)  Alant Productions has a fine piece of dance music!

Joanne King is next with a special remix of "Two Pillows" from her WEA/Filipacchi 12" release.  The Fauves Puma Production goes to proove that it's still a good idea to keep two pillows around, and if you don't, check out those special white sales at your local department store.  There is a mystical aspect to this song, with an almost surrealistic groove enhanced by tasteful phasing of some of the instruments and a very appealing lead vocal.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 13:00, building from 122 BPM to 127 BPM.

Classic flashback to The Three Degrees.  "Giving Up, Giving In", "Falling In Love", "Looking For Love" produced by Giorgio.

During the golden age of disco, there was a wealth of energy music which really didn't get played out, and the classier classics can still be programmed today for a surprise that really pleases.

Giorgio produced The Three Degrees for Ariola in 1978, and segued three songs together into one 17 minute set… "Giving Up, Giving In", "Falling In Love" and "Looking For Love."  The original Disconet mix was never released, as the three song set was split up in order to get another single possibility.  It has been one of our most requested Disconet classics from the earlier programs, and is repeated here in its original (and still unique) format.

Pete Bellote and Giorgio Moroder wrote the songs, which are delivered as only The Three Degrees can.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:09 at 134 BPM.

Questarr sings "She's Got You Going Down."  Splash's "When We Touch" gets an extended edit.

Questarr is a new group from New York, featuring vocals by Sandra Taylor, Connie Cheatem and Drexel Anderson.  Johnnie Penick wrote and produced their debut song, "She's Got You Going Down."  The song and production will probably grow on you, with the vocals adding a particularly energetic youth and street aspect to the melody and groove.

Johnnie recorded Questarr at Unique Recording, engineered by Michael Finlayson, with additional tracks and mix done at Celestial Sounds engineered and mixed by Chuck Ang and Larry De Carmine.

Splash is next with "When We Touch", with a special edit combining the vocal and instrumental versions of their Hive/Canada 12" release.  While the basics are familiar, the song itself is quite refreshing, and the vocals are sensuously energetic.

Alpine Grant produced, and the debut Hive label release is distributed by Coach House Records of Canada.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 11:35, from 122 BPM to 132.

Billy Sandor wins the LCD chronograph.  Billy plays at The Tender Trap in Pittsburgh, home of the Cherry Blue Flames (otherwise known as the flaming nectar of heaven which you drink with a straw as long as you don't have a mustache), and also runs the No Frills Record Pool (dance music's answer to People Express.)

His pressing serial number on Volume 5, Program 6 (#215) matched the lucky winning number for that program, and we've sent Billy the watch that does almost everything.

Billy's favorite selections on Program 6 were the "Maneater" and "Jack & Diane" remixes, "Making The Rounds/Deep, Dark Delicious Night" by D.C. LaRue (coming soon from Arial in San Francisco), and Jade's "I'm Gonna Get Your Love" remix.

To win the watch, be sure to enter the pressing serial number shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B record jacket.

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