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Scott Allan returns with "Pretty Woman."  Jan Miles sings "You Shouldn't Do Me Like That."

Scott Allan is back!  His "I Think We're Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow" suite on TK a few years ago still sounds good today, and his new song, "Pretty Woman" showcases Scott's singing talents extremely well.  Bobby DeSantis produced for Rolled Gold Productions, and Mike Arato did the mix with enough simplicity and energy to make "Pretty Woman" a fun trip.

Jan Miles is next with "You Shouldn't Do Me Like That."  The dance rock groove keeps bubbling throughout the song, and Jan delivers the "You Shouldn't Do Me Like That" message with style and grace.  Raul A. Rodriguez produced and mixed, with Howard Massey engineering at Electric Lady.  Cyclops will have a 12" single of this out soon, with a shorter radio edit and a nice instrumental in addition to this special club version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 12:10, beginning at 126 BPM (beats per minute) and clicking right into 138 BPM.

D'Llegance's "Chanson D'Llegance" gets a Will Crocker extended remix.

Will Crocker is back, hot on the heels of making The B.B. Band so hot for your floor.  He has another one for you… a special extended remix of "Chanson d'Llegance' by d'Llegance.  The original version was produced by Rick Gianatos and Ian Levine for Altair/Airwave.  The song has attitude and style, written by Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench (who also did James Wells' "My Claim To Fame.")  Rick and Steve Smith did the original mix, which was reconstructed by Will's golden blade.

d'Llegance is now completing an album, and group members Robin Alexander, Fred Foley, Karen Jackson and Gregory I   should have a bright future ahead of them.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:30 at 122 BPM.

Dance Classics 3: The First Choice Medley.  "Hold Your Horses", "Let Me Down Easy", "Good Morning Midnight" and "Great Expectations" still sound terrific.

Disconet's Dance Classics series continues with the third installment… a special medley of songs, circa 1979, by First Choice. "Hold Your Horses" was the big record, and the other three demonstrate how well done most of the disco boom material from Salsoul/Gold Mind was.

"Hold Your Horses" moves right into "Let Me Down Easy."  "Good Morning Midnight" and "Great Expectations" are next, written by Pete Bellote, Thor Baldursson and Mats Bjoerklund.  Tom Moulton did the mix and co-produced with Thor.  A special "Hold Your Horses" reprise completes the Disconet medley.  The lovely ladies singing are Rochelle Fleming (of "Dr. Love" fame), Annette Guest (of "Chances Go Around") and Debbie Martin (formerly with Brenda and The Tabulations.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 19:01 at a steady 130 BPM.

Here comes The Bang Gang with "Fill Me Up."  And The Managers have another hot one with "High On You."

The Bang Gang has an inspirational song with a nice, summery groove with "Fill Me Up" (with your LOVE!)  Raul A. Rodriguez and Jim McElwaine wrote the song, which they produced with Mark Berry.  Mike Arato did the mix at Boris Midney's Eras Recording, engineered by Ben Wisch and assisted by Marco Utano.  Sugarscoop will have a 3-cut 12" out, with this club version backed with a radio edit and a nice instrumental.  So put your pedal to the metal and enjoy.

The Managers are next, with a hot dance mix by Raul to give "Shake It Up" a little Managers company on your dance floor.  Ish Ledesma and Ricky Finch wrote and sang, and the group produced for Sunnyview.  You'll be high on The Managers new song, "High On You", within four or five plays… the construction is simple and it becomes a real artists' song with the relaxed, informal vocals carrying the groove.  The more you hear "High On You", the more you'll appreciate the subtle percussion changes and dropouts all the way through.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 12:22, beginning at 115 BPM and ending at 106.

Big Al Siewert wins the mystery song trip to New York.  We flew Al to New York from Chicago, and even snuck him into the very provocative New Music Seminar held recently at The Sheraton Centre in New York City.  It was interesting to note how many different forms of music, and different areas of the music business, can get together at a meeting like The New Music Seminar and have the personal communications that such a get together presents be so valuable.  If you missed it this year, plan on it next year!

Al was among the correct answers (it was "Half As Nice" by The THP Orchestra from their THP II Butterfly album.)  We put all the right answers in a hat, blindfolded Raul, and he picked Al's card.

Bruce Masi wins the LCD chronograph.  Bruce plays at The Bodyshop and Infinity in Hartford, Connecticut, and the pressing serial number on Volume 4, Program 13 (#1407) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Bruce's favorites were Viola Wills' "Stormy Weather" remix, Lisa's "Jump, Shout" remix, David.Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" remix, and Plastic Bertrand's "Stop Ou Encore" remix.  To win the watch, be sure to include the serial number on your Side A/Side B record jacket.

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