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ABC gives you "The Look Of Love" while Lee Prentiss asks "Have I The Right?"

ABC leads off the latest Disconet program with "The Look Of Love" from the group's debut album "The Lexicon Of Love."  ABC's prior hits, including "Poison Arrow" and "Tears Are Not Enough," have both become club standards and this latest should should heighten the group's popularity.  ABC wrote, Trevor Horn produced for Neutron and the Disconet version is a special Raul Dance Mix.

Next, Lee Prentiss makes her world debut on Disconet with a sizzling remake of the Honeycombs' classic "Have I The Right?"  The record will soon be released in Europe on Eurodance.  Mark Berry (whose other credits include the current Brenda Jones hit "My Heart's Not ln It") produced for MSB Audio-Visual Communications.  Jim McElwaine arranged and served as Associate Producer and Raul mixed.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:02, starting at 124 BPM (beats per minute) and clicking into 136 BPM.

Q-Feel goes "Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)."  And Scherrie Payne makes her solo debut with "Girl You're In Love/I'm Not In Love."

Jive Records, a small, independent label headquartered in England, has quickly built a reputation throughout the world for excellence in dance music.  Prior successes have included hit product from such groups as Tight Fit and A Flock of Seagulls.  Jive's latest release (distributed in the U.S. by Arista) is Q-Feel's "Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)," and the title says it all-this is high energy dance music at it's best!  Brian Fairweather and Martin Page wrote and produced for Zomba Productions Ltd. and Mike Shipley engineered.  The exclusive Disconet version showcases a brilliant editing job by Jonathan Fearing, whose custom mixes are heard daily on New York's WBLS.

Next, former Supreme Scherrie Payne makes her solo recording debut with "Girl You're In Love/I'm Not In Love," covering the classic 10cc recording.  A commercial 12" will be released shortly on Altair/Airwave.  Scherrie's soaring vocal performance is flawless and the all-star background vocalists include Mary Wilson, Freda Payne and Edmund Sylvers (Wow!).  Rick Gianatos produced and also mixed with Will Crocker, while the seamless arrangements were done by Tom Tom 84.  This exclusive Disconet mix should make those Summer nights even hotter!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 19:32, starting at a heart-pounding 140 BPM and then mellowing out at 124 BPM.

Karen Young takes a "Deetour" with Raul.  And (can you believe it?) "Eugene Goes To School!"

Karen Young is back!  Best known for her classic recording of "Hot Shot," Karen makes her debut on Atlantic with "Deetour."  Produced by Walter Kahn at his beautiful Queen Village Recording Studios in Philadelphia, the record was originally brought to our attention by Rafael Torres, who does dance promotion and is involved with A&R at Atlantic.  "Deetour" has already made it's mark in clubs and on the national dance charts and the exclusive Disconet mix, done by Walter and Raul, will undoubtedly add to the record's broad popularity.

Next, "Eugene Goes To School" by Crazy Joe and The Variable Speed Band.  Crazy's first recording, "Eugene" (Casablanca) received national radio airplay and was a favorite at many clubs.  This follow-up is certain to aid to the "Eugene" legend and is already creating a "buzz" at Northeast college radio stations.  The record was written, arranged and produced by "Crazy Joe" Renda at North Lake Sound Studios in White Plains, New York and Raul collaborated with "Crazy Joe" on the mix.  Don't be fooled by the novelty of the lyrics-- this is a hot dance track!  Importe/12 will be releasing a commercial version of "Eugene Goes To School" in time for the beginning of the school year.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:25, from 105 BPM to 115 BPM.

Simple Minds' "Promised You A Miracle" gets a special mix.  Plus Culture Club's "I'm Afraid Of Me."

Hot on the heels of The Human League, Simple Minds is the latest in the seemingly endless string of hit artists from Virgin in England.  The group has been somewhat slow to gain mainstream acceptance in the U.S., probably because of their tendency to write rather somber lyrics, but that's now history.  Their latest release, featured on Disconet, is "Promised You A Miracle," and the song highlights the band's talent for writing memorable melodic and lyrical hooks.  The special Disconet remix, with an extended introduction and break, should make Simple Minds accessible to dance audiences everywhere.  P. Walsh produced.

Next, Culture Club is back with the unique sounding "I'm Afraid Of Me."  Many of you will remember the group's debut record, "White Boy," which generated a "cult" club following in many areas of the country.  The special Disconet mix by Tarquin Featherstonshaw (listen to those horns!) makes the original extended dance mix by Steve Levine on Virgin even more appropriate for club audiences.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:01, from 120 BPM to 124 BPM.

Robert Fernandez wins the LCD chronograph.  Robert is President of the S.O.S. Record pool in the Bronx, New York and his pressing serial number on Volume 5, Program 1 matched the lucky winning number (#175).  Robert's favorite cuts were "A Place Called Tarot" by Tantra and "I Want To Get Closer To You" by Gonzalez.  Remember: To be eligible to win the watch, be sure to fill out and return your feedback card!

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