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Frank Corr remixes Jonny Chingas' "I'm Looking For An Automatic Lover" and Valapucci mixes Elton Motello's "Queen."

Jonny Chingas lives in Los Angeles, and has recorded several cuts for Billionaire records.  There is an energy-filled, very bubbly groove in "I'm Looking For An Automatic Lover" which has instant charm.  Frank Corr has taken the tracks to give them a very street attitude and provide your dance floor with even more energy-filled entertainment.

Frank's previous Disconet appearances include helping to bring Kelly Marie to the U.S. with an extended version of "It Feels Like I'm In Love", and he continues to spotlight just about all forms of dance music every weekend at The Crisco Disco in New York as well as an occasional West Coast party which the East Coast hears about the next morning while it's still going on.  The dropouts, raps and percussion breaks come from the man who knows how to work a crowd.  Check it out, all you automatic lover lookers!

Next, Elton Motello returns via a Valapucci mix of "Queen."  Val has extended the 2:50 track to a more suitable 6 minute dance edit.  The precise drumming of "Jet Boy, Jet Girl" keeps the song moving, with a heavier and serious use of guitar and synthesizer.  Alan Ward and Mike Butcher produced for RKM at The RKM Studio in Brussels.  Alan Ward's lyrics may even be clean enough for KROQ!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:54, building slightly from 141 BPM to 144 BPM.

Will Crocker & Jack Cardinal remix the B.B. Band's "All Night Long."

Will Crocker has contributed many excellent remixes for Disconet, perhaps his most famous being The Three Degrees' "Set Me Free" done with Trip Ringwald which brought the ladies stateside again.  Will was awarded 'Best Overall DJ' by The Southern California Disco DJ Association earlier this year, and he didn't even count the ballots (even though he runs the pool with A.J.!)  He's teamed up with Jack Cardinal, who came down to The Double Bar in Palm Springs after a stint up north at The Cha Cha Palace in Canada (how's that for a great club name?)

Will and Jack heard the potential in "All Night Long" by The B.B. Band the minute their Zanza (Italy) import began to make waves on the dance floor.  Tony Carrasco, one of Milan, Italy's leading disco DJs, co-wrote the song along with Marco Boncaldo.  D.I.D. produced for Zanza.  Will and Jack have added a longer intro, and have consolidated many of the vocal passages for a better build and flow.  If you're familiar with the import, check out what restructuring can do especially when the elements of a hit dance song are there to begin with.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 8:45 at 117 BPM with a nice cold ending.

Gonzalez with "I Want To Get Closer To You" mixed by Raul and Touche with "Wrap It Up."

One of the few British groups to score big in the U.S. before the current British invasion was Gonzalez with "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet", released on Capitol and programmed by Jeff Tilton on Volume 2, Program 6.  Gonzalez is back with "I Want To Get Closer To You", recorded in England and mixed by Raul Rodriguez at Vanguard Studios engineered by Mark Berry.  Colin Jacas wrote their new song, which fits right into the current summer groove.  Roy Davies is at the keyboards again.  The original 7" mix appears on Tooti Frooti Records from the U.K.

The next bigggggg street record is next… "Wrap It Up" by Touche, coming out on Emergency.  Dennis Bell and Claudette Washington wrote and produced.  They know their way around great records, having co-written and arranging "Fungi-Mama" for Tom Browne last fall.  This is Dennis and Claudette's first outting with their own group and song, and they're ready because the groove is there and so's the talent!  Check out those smooth vocals, and see how they are woven in between the Vocoder rap (or should it be "wrap"?) sections.  Ollie Cotton engineered and did the mix with Dennis.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 13:38, from 119 BPM (beats per minute) to a wrappin' 112 BPM.

Special Dance Edit of Tantra's "A Place Called Tarot."

The second new song from Tantra's forthcoming Importe/12 albums is "A Place Called Tarot", co-written and produced by Celso Valli and Antonio Cocco.  "Tarot" will first appear on a Collector's Series audiophile pressing in its full 16 minute version, backed with the full 15 minute version of "Ma-Cum-Ba."

Raul has provided a special dance edit of the tracks into a 9:59 summary which takes you and your dance floor to "Tarot" via the SST.  There is a lot more of "Hills of Katmandu" in this song, and yet Valli and Cocco have retained the many new areas already explored with "Ma-Cum-Ba" to give both songs a future orientation as strong as "Hills of Katmandu" had when it was recorded over four years ago.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 9:59 at 120 BPM.

Kevin Daly wins the LCD chronograph.  Kevin plays at Maneuvers in New York City, and his pressing serial number on Volume 4, Program 12 matched the lucky winning number for that program (#1043.)  Kevin's favorite cuts were the new vocal version of "Dance, It's My Life" by Midnight Powers, "To Have And Have Not" by Ronny, "The Girls Are Back In Town" by Risqué, and the remixes of "Don't Turn Your Back On Love" by Eloise Whitaker done by Howard Merritt and "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode done by Joe Hickman.  To win the watch, be sure and include the pressing number on your Side A/Side B jacket and enter this on the feedback card.

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