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Bobby DJ, Jim Burgess, Terry Churchfield (and Jeff Reitz), Raul and Valapucci heat the tracks.

Program 2 of Volume 3 is one of the most exciting and innovative sets of new music that we've had the pleasure to put together for you.  There are new mixes by Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Jim Burgess, Terry Churchfield and Jeff Reitz, Raul, and Valapucci.  The music ranges from classic disco and r&b to new wave rock mixed for the dance floor.  It's a diverse set full of exclusive Disconet world premieres and special medlies, and should prove very useful to you in the weeks and months ahead.

Love Me In The Moonlight / Valentine Ffrench.  Valentine was born in New York, and has spent the past few years in Europe and Japan working as a fashion model.  She met producer/ writer Eugene Moule in England a couple of years ago, and recorded "Continental/Carioca" for his EMG label in 1978.  Her new song, "Love Me In The Moonlight", makes its world premiere on this program.  It was written by Eugene and arranged and co-produced by John Mealing.

Diver / Allan Corby.  Allan has performed with the Doobie Brothers, ZZ Top, Rare Earth, and even Yoko Ono, and now he's starting out on his own.  He co-wrote "Diver", and sings the lead including an unbelieveably long note designed to stretch any diver's lung power.  Michael Berman, Domenic Cicchetti and Alan Korwin produced for Sudden Rush Music, and Jim Burgess provided many nice final touches with his mix.

Showdown / Martha High.  Martha was one of the original members of The Jewels, a female quartet based in Washington, DC which recorded for Chess Records and opened for Mary Wells, The Temptations and Gladys Knight and The Pips.  She met James Brown in 1965, and joined his national tour for two years.  After three years at home with her children, Martha rejoined James as his lead female singer and toured just about everywhere on Earth for eight years.  James decided it was time for his protege to go out on her own, so, he has produced Martha's first solo LP coming soon on Salsoul.  Bobby DJ Guttadaro did the mix at Blank Tape Studios in New York.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 19:55, beginning at 126 BPM and ending at one of the hottest 112 BPMs you've ever heard.

Shanghaied/Sweet Sensation (Medley) / 'Lectric Funk.  'Lectric Funk made it's world premiere on Program 12 of Volume 2 with "Shanghaied."  The group provided the music for the motion picture, "Gas Pump Girls", and was written by Issac and David Blech.  John Ferrara produced.  The 12" on Blockbuster has been receiving some attention, particularly "Shanghaied."  Both sides are becoming hotter and hotter in Pittsburgh, so it was no surprise when Terry Churchfield, assisted by Jeff Reitz, combined both sides into a special medley.  It's a great way to discover "Sweet Sensation" if you're only familiar with "Shanghaied", and Terry and Jeff have provided enough segments in their medley to provide several workable portions with (or without) the actual 12" normal version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 12:51 at a consistent 130 BPM (beats per minute.)

I'd Like To Get Closer/Do Me Good/There's A Way Into My Heart / USA-European Connection.  Boris is back in a big way.  After the first USA-European LP on TK's Marlin label received critical acclaim, and charted #1 for weeks on end, DJs and audiences have been anticipating the followup LP for several months.  It's now out, along with two other LPs also written and produced by Boris Midney (Caress on Warner/RFC and Masquerade's Pinnochio on Prelude)… so the Midney shortage is over and we can forget rationing and odd-even days.

The USA II album runs about 14 minutes on each side, and was edited down to 10:00 and 8 ½ for a promotional 12" single.  Always one to face challenge, winner of the Distinguished Service Metal for the "Love Attack" Medley and Purple Heart for "There's No Business Like Show Business", Valapucci has taken the entire USA II LP and developed a special version for you which runs just over 17 minutes.  His intro and outro invite long overlays, and he has consolidated several of Boris's breaks into two major events on the side.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:04 at 129 BPM.

My Boy Lollipop/Sugar Suite / Suzy Who.  Recently, we asked Bob Blank, who's one of the partners of Blank Tape Studios in New York, where music was going.  The people at Blank should have a good idea, because they're running on all eight cylinders 24 hours a day for 8 day weeks, recording some of the best disco, r&b and rock being done today (including Instant Funk, Musique I and Musique II, Curtis Mayfield, Patti Brooks, Double Exposure, Linda Clifford, The Contortions, Patti Smith, Todd Rundgren, Dr. Hook, Ian Hunter), as well as putting the final mixing touches on tracks like Kat Mandu's "The Break."  You've been hearing a lot about the "fushion" of disco and rock, and now instead of writing about the tremendous growth of disco, newspapers and TV are talking about how long will it really last and, after all, rock and roll is really coming back.  Ray even went to the Mudd Club.

Bob gave us one answer as to future music with some very hot tracks.  Not really disco, not really rock, but with the energy and potential to make it very fun to dance to.  Since we've been for that from the start, we were delighted to work with Bob and Raul, who distinguished himself by doing the "Come On And Do It" remix on Program 11 of Volume 2 and 'Never Gonna Say Goodbye" remix on Program 13.

The artist is a cute young lady called Suzy Who, and the song is an expanded version of the 1964 classic, "My Boy Lollipop."  Raul's piano introduction, used in the right place, will blow their minds.  Or, go right into guitar/synthesizer build.  The mix takes you well into hard rock, but then brings you back into I disco/rock-land.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 10:01 at 135 BPM.

New jackets by Vernaglia.  We've received several very nice comments on the new Disconet jackets.  In addition to being the strongest around, the comments on the new graphics have also been quite favorable.  The new jackets were designed by graphic artist/designer Michael Vernaglia.  Mike lives in Hoboken, comes into NYC almost daily, loves disco, and enjoys creating knockout designs with some meaning.  Look for his exciting graphics on the new Kat Mandu LP, with more assignments coming.

New pressing by Capitol.  One of the few plants in the world authorized to make the top-quality Angel pressings is now handling the Disconet pressings for you.  They're much heavier than average for better cueing, with a far lower defect percentage because of tighter quality control.  Our special thanks to Esther Carroll and Alice McCarthy at Capitol/Roselle for making sure that the finest disco music gets the finest pressings.

Scott Allan, Danielle and New York due for release.

It's great to see new artists and songs being tested on Disconet programs get picked up for actual release, and the last program scored 100%.  All three off the unreleased songs did so well that they'll be coming out as real records/albums.

Scott Allan's "I Think We're Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" medley was signed to TK, and a very interesting 12" will be Scott's first TK release.  One side has a longer disco version, based on your input.  The intro is the same, but there is an added 30 second verse and quite a few more "Sha na nas" at the end, including 8 sung accapello to provide you with an exciting, very blendable outro.  The flip is a 6 minute edit, with somewhat less clunk and more vocals aimed to sound better over the radio.

New York's "There Can Be No Escape" was signed to Buddah.  Patrick Adams, who produces the group, has just finished adding some string and horn sections, and Harry Webber, executive producer, is readying the group with some outrageous costumes for their first personal appearance.

Danielle (who sung "I'm On Fire") was picked up by Casablanca.  Randy Sills, who did the mix, and producer Rue Caldwell are already back in the studio on their next set of projects.  Let's hear it for keeping Randy off the streets!

Special thanks go to you for trying out new artists and new songs.  We know that you're being buried with new releases every week, and the artists and producers seeking to get an objective, real world feeling for their song to make the actual later release even more effective appreciate the time and thought that you're giving them on each Disconet program.

Frank Goodman wins the LCD chronograph.  Frank plays at The Second Story in Philadelphia, and his pressing serial number on Volume 2, Program 13 matched the lucky winning number of 115.  We've sent Frank the watch that does everything except do it with starch.  Frank's favorite songs on the program were "I've Got The Hots For You", "Hey, Baby!", Raul's "Never Gonna Say Goodbye" remix, and "Baby, Don't Stop Dancin."  He also reported that the EAR Plugs included in the program were a little hard to get used to, but that the waiters and waitresses found them to be very useful.

To win the watch, simply enter the serial number of your A/B-side record on the feedback card, complete the card, and drop it in the mail.  Postage is already prepaid.  Good luck.

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