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Bob Viteritti has hot new songs for you.

The 13 programs of Volume 3 begin with Bob Viteritti as Special Guest DJ on Program 1.  Bob plays at The Trocadero Transfer in San Francisco, and has developed four exciting and varied sets of dance music for you.  He also did the 24-track mixdown of one of the songs making its world premiere on this program.  (More on this later.)  And… A&M has provided the entire Ethel Merman Disco Album for your evaluation, with a special spot on the feedback card to vote for the song of your choice for a remix.

I'm On Fire / Danielle.  "Danielle" is a new group of three lovely ladies, produced and written by Rue Caldwell.  Rue is in the final stages of completing the "Danielle" LP, with Randy Sills Concept Mixes.  Randy is working at Doctor Musix in Hollywood with Peter Hirsh as Ace Engineer, and Bob is pleased to present "I'm On Fire" as a special preview of the LP.

The Break / Kat Mandu.  Dennis LePage, of Bombers fame, wrote this song to be the break of breaks.  With Kat Mandu performing, it has to win the Oscar for TK.  Joe LaGreca and Joe Marandola produced for Dee Jay Productions, Ltd., recording in Canada.  Steve Thompson and Michael Arato did the mix in New York at Sigma Sound.

How High / Cognac.  How high can a song take you?  Cognac had better have their oxygen bottle ready, because this song delivers to the stratosphere.  Simply smooth and superb.  Bobby DJ Guttadaro did the mix with Bob Blank in New York, and Salsoul will be releasing a 12" and LP in a few weeks.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 20:00, building from 124 BPM (beats per minute) to 129.

I Think We're Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow? / Scott Allan.  If you hear this before you see the label (or read this newsletter), it will probably take you a few minutes to realize that you're on a disco trip to the mid-1960s.  "I Think We're Alone Now" was written by Ricky Cordell, and originally recorded by Tommy James and the Shandells.

Carole King and Jerry Goffin wrote "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?", which became a hit with the Shirelle's version.  Both songs sold over 8 million copies!  Danny Jordan put it all together as part of Scott Allan's debut LP, arranged and conducted so well by Sammy Lowe (on odd days only so he could get gas to come into the city.)  Disconet produced this special version for a 12" disco single, with the super mix by Bob Viteritti.  Billy Marino engineered at Regent Sound in N.Y.

There Can Be No Escape / New York.  Here is Patrick Adams at his finest.  New York is a new group he's devised, along with executive producer Harry Webber (who co-wrote the song.)  This is one of the songs from their forthcoming LP, with a natural tie-in to the fragrance of Ambush in the lyrics which smells so sweet it's bound to become a music track for radio and TV commercials as well.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:58, beginning at 128 BPM and ending at 127 BPM.  As usual, Disconet's extra tight clunks require a good disco turntable for proper tracking (and that wonderful ear-smacking sound.)

Worldwide Party (Medley) / Max Berlin.  Max Berlin lives in France, and is married to Cerrone's sister.  He invites everyone to a "Worldwide Party" on his debut LP for Emergency Records (U.S.), which is also available on Baby Records in Europe.  The U.S. version runs about 22 minutes for both the "A" and "B" side, and Bob has provided you with a power-packed 18:40 version to fit on one side.  The intro was extended to facilitate longer overlay mix-ins as well.  We believe that in a few weeks (after audience break-in), you'll be very happy to have another exclusive Disconet version at your disposal.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 18:40 at 138 BPM.

Take The "A" Train Medley / Tuxedo Junction.  So many DJs got aboard Tuxedo Junction's "Chatanooga Choo Choo" on Butterfly last year that Bob has devoted a whole side to Tuxedo's latest LP.  Laurin Rinder and Michael Lewis produced.  There are seven songs on the "Tuxedo Junction / Take The 'A' Train" LP, and Bob selected four of them… "Take The 'A' Train", "Begin The Beguine", "That Old Black Magic" and "Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye."  They're beautifully segued together to give your audience 16+ of nostalgia with a very well produced disco beat.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 16:30, building from 112 BPM to 136 BPM.


A&M has provided a copy of The Ethel Merman Disco Album for your evaluation, and there's a note from Ms. Merman herself attached to the album.  (We will be translating the note, and forwarding it to The Great Valapucci in Milano to get his reaction.)  Check out all the cuts, and please vote for one song to be remixed on the feedback card.  Perhaps we'll be able to get Ms. Merman and Valapucci together behind an MCI 528, and see what they can do together.

"Last week I received 398 new songs and one Disconet package. Guess what I played first."

Wayne Geftman, Second Story, Philadelphia, PA

"It's nearly impossible to keep up with all the best new product.  The Disconet program packages we receive are a welcome aid in previewing the best of forthcoming releases from around the world.  Their remixes and medlies are usually superb, and Disconet's sound quality should now set the standards for the industry."

Lou Lacoste wins the LCD chronograph.  Lou's pressing serial number (#619) from Program 12 of Volume 2 matched the lucky winning number, and we've sent Lou an LCD chronograph with lap timer, light, day and date (which even shows what time it is if you know what button to push.)

Lou plays at Oil Can Harry's in Los Angeles.  His favorite songs on Program 12 were "Don't Stop" by Ish, the "Love Attack Medley" by Ferrara and Valapucci, "Start A New Affair" by Ruth Waters (which will be on her Millenium LP soon!), and "You Don't Know A Good Thing" by The Michael Zager Band (selected by Columbia as the single thanks to your input.)  Congratulations, Lou.

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