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Superhot Celi Bee Remix: "Blow My Mind."

Here is what may become known as Celi Bee's hottest dance record to date with another exclusive Disconet mix to make it work even harder for you.  "Blow My Mind" is the title track of Celi's forthcoming LP for APA Records.  Pepe Luis Soto wrote and really produced on this one.  Steve Thompson and Michael Arato did the initial mix (and boy, have those gents been giving a lot of tracks real polish and pizazz lately!)

John Matarazzo, who plays at Charlie's West in East Orange, New Jersey, did the special Disconet mix.  John has been spinning for five years, and used to hang out at The Gallery listening to Nicky Siano.  John gives the beginning an extra 4:00 with a secret whisper rapper, and lets you down gently with an extra 2:00.  There are three sections on the Disconet pressing: .Takeoff, The Song, and Landing.  Celi, you're hottt!!!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 12:12 at 127 BPM.

Kurtis Blow has some "Christmas Rappin'" for you.  Redhead does "The Creeper," Linda Dillard goes disco with "Open Your Eyes".

Kurtis Blow is a gent from New York who can rap.  And with the super tracks produced by J.B. Moore and Bob Ford, it's funk for the holidays, otherwise known as "Christmas Rappin'."

New wave soul is here.  The group was discovered in Liverpool, where disco is passe and "new wave soul" or "contusion fusion" music is in.  (We havn't ordered the 'DANCENET' stationery yet, guys, because discos are places where people get off listening to discs.)  Stephen Scheaffer, always ahead of his time, wrote and produced Redhead because "The Creeper" lurks on every dance floor.  Gary Devonshire is the lead singer.

And to finish fantastic funk, here is the secret long version of Linda Dillard's "Open Your Eyes."  The short 7" on Polydor was too good to pass up.  Mike Post produced, and we wish Linda and Mike all the best.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:55, from 114 to 119.

Diana Ross meets The Supremes Medley.

Last winter on Volume 2, Program 8, Bobby DJ Guttadaro did a nice set of old and new Diana Ross and The Supremes songs.  Diana was so thrilled that she hunted Bobby down at Ray's inaugural RFC Records party at Studio 54 to thank him for his good taste (but she couldn't find Bobby DJ as he was downstairs with Hamilton Jordan.)

Here's another combo which makes you wonder how few of today's songs will become as legendary as most all of The Supremes' works. Chico Super Starr, with Hankey in Hand, has developed a 6 minute remix of "No One Gets The Prize" from Diana's current LP, "The Boss."  This should save broken nerves switching back and forth between two 12" promos and the LP version of "Prize" considered by many to be the finest song on Diana's Motown LP.  Chico phases to amaze and repeats to add heat.

And from sunny Hollywood comes a real classic production of six outstanding Supremes songs, produced by the incredible Bill Motley and Trip Ringwald.  Since John Luongo was out of town, Bill and Trip used four tracks and added a drum, high hat, and guitar to "Stop In The Name Of Love", "Back In My Arms Again", "Come See About Me", "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart", "Where Did Our Love Go?" and the real killer of killers, "Baby Love."  As the photo below shows, it takes a big man with a long roll of tape (and patience) to come up with a classic classic.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs about 15:00, from 124 to 135.

Electra sings "Dance It Greek" (so get out your hankies!)

Electra is from Greece, and her name denotes her wonderfully electrifying charm and personality.  She showed us how people dance in Greek nightclubs, and this could start a new trend for discos throughout the world.  Instead of holding hands, people hold on to hankerchiefs and dance, dance, dance!

Electra has written a song about dancing it Greek style with her co-author Mitzi Dallas, with a beautifully authentic Greek arrangement and additional music by Costa Colligas.  These tracks will take you to new spaces, and provide a very unusual new sound for you (while retaining that famous Disconet clunk!)

Chico Super Starr worked with Costa on the mix, and also provides narration and background vocal.  Mike Wilkinson produced.  We think that your audience may enjoy a little low-key spoken word to enhance their evening's entertainment.  Electra was recorded and mixed at C&C Studios in New York.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 13:15 at 128BPM (baklavas per minute.)

"For TK, Disconet keeps us ahead of the pack."

Henry Stone, President TK Records

"Sure, we love to have our new releases previewed on Disconet programs.  But even more important are the unreleased new songs being tested on Disconet.  That's where we found Scott Allan's 'I Think We're Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow,' now on TK/Dash and breaking big in discos and the radio.  In times when every dollar has to work harder, it's great to get select new product that's objectively tested before release."

Robbie Leslie wins the LCD chronograph.  Robbie's pressing serial number (#357) matched the lucky winning number for Program 1 of Volume 3.  Robbie was the last great DJ to close the Sandpiper's 14 year run this fall, and his favorites on Program 1 were "How High", "I Think We're Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow", "Worldwide Party."

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