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Dolly DJ is discovered in Akron, and has hot new songs for you!

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guttadaro never told their son, Bobby DJ, that he had a twin sister because shortly after their birth, a clerical error at the Brooklyn General Hospital placed the girl with someone else.  Bobby DJ's sister was, to say the least, an early victim of the bureaucracy!  But, as luck would have it, DISCONET was invented to help bring DJs together, and we were dumbfounded at the remarkable similarities in mixing style and musical taste brought forth in a Guest DJ audition tape sent in by Dolly DJ, a new subscriber who plays in Akron, Ohio.  When Dolly DJ sent in her picture, we flew her to New York not only to be a Guest DJ on DISCONET, but to be reunited with her rightful parents and brother after three decades of painful separation.

(Special thanks to Bob Viteritti in San Francisco, Cosmo Wyatt in Boston, and Frank Hullihan, Chico Super Starr, Lance Weiss, Raul Rodriguez, and Bobby DJ for helping Dolly DJ pretest many of the songs which debut on Program 11.)

Double Cross (Remix) / First Choice.  First Choice's "Hold Your Horses" LP is doing well all across the country.  And since the world premieres of the title cut and medley on earlier DISCONET programs, Gold Mind retained Bobby DJ to give "Double Cross" and extra hot remix.  Dolly DJ could hardly pass it up!

Gimme Some Lovin' / Olivia Newton-John.  Buried treasure on Olivia's MCA LP, "Totally Hot", is a totally hot version of "Gimme Some Lovin'."  John Farrar produced and arranged.

Don't You Write Her Off / McGuinn, Clark & Hillman.  The nucleus of The Byrds is back merging their legendary sound with contemporary outlook and technology.  Their Capitol LP is worth your serious attention to where great music is at.

Hold Tight / Bread.  A new version of Vicki Sue Robinson's smash?????  Not a bit… this is the original, sung by the group whose member wrote it… David Gates, of Bread.  On Elektra.

I, I, I / Osmonds.  The Osmond Brothers are "Steppin' Out", on the it new Mercury LP.  The title cut, "Baby's Back", and the song Dolly DJ selected, "I, I, I" are among the hotter tracks.  Maurice Gibb and Steve Klein produced.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 21:02, beginning at 120 BPM (beats per minute) and ending at 115 BPM.  Be brave… there is a giant drop in tempo from Olivia's song into "Don't You Write Her Off."  But in the right place, a complete change in mood and tempo can be a very exciting change for your audience.

Feel This Thing / Hello.  Hello is an English group with a growing European following.  They've had 9 "Top 10" singles throughout Europe, and should be coming stateside soon with "Feel This Thing" along with a very hot LP.  Watch out, Blondie and Rod Stewart… Hello should be a good buy!

I Am A Song / Paradise Brids.  From Ibach in France, The Paradise Birds are sweet music to your dance floor.  "I Am A Song" is the title cut of their LP which is bound to cross over the Atlantic, and on to radio, as well.

Step, Step / Eclipse.  Here is a preview of Eclipse's very hot followup to "You Really Got Me."  The group was nominated for three awards at Billboard's Disco V Forum, and Pierre Gauthier, the group's leader/producer, is gaining international recognition for his contributions on Kebekelektrik, The Bombers, and Gino Soccio's LPs.  Peter Beau is Eclipse's new lead singer, and Pierre wrote "Step, Step" with Paul Levesque.

You Can Get Over / Stephanie Mills.  Which cut?  Which cut?  Which cut?  That's the question now on a very fine 20th Century-Fox LP from Stephanie Mills.  Dolly DJ chose "You Can Get Over", and there's alot left to choose from.  Stephanie has delighted Broadway audiences as Dorothy in "The Wiz ", and she's been made very danceable with producers James Mtume and Reggie Lucas (who co-wrote the song.)

All Through Me / Laura Taylor.  Dolly DJ feels that this song should be as big as smash as Laura's "Dancing In My Feet" was earlier this year… as ever, it all depends what you play it out of.  "All Through Me" is on Laura's Good Sounds LP, remixed and edited by Cory Wade and Steve Thompson for the 12" T.K. Disco version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 20:02, building from 120 BPM to 132 BPM.

The Real Thing / Daddy Dewdrop.  Peter Hartz at Cashbox loved the backup side to Daddy Dewdrop's T.K. Disco/Inphasion 12" of "Nanu, Nanu" (Volume 2, Program 7), and just wait until he hears what the magical remixing ear and crafty editing hands of Randy Sills have done to it.  "The Real Thing" is now real ready for your dance floor, and an even stronger followup to "Nanu, Nanu."  As for Daddy Dewdrop (who gave us "Chick-A-Boom, Don't Ya Jes Love It"), he's getting his LP finished.  And since he's 15 feet tall, he knows Randy will keep giving him great mixes… or else.

Love Magic / John Davis & The Monster Orchestra. After we premiered "Ain't That Enough For You" on Volume 2, Program 12, we've been as eager as you have for John's new LP.  It's starting with a 12" from CBS/SAM.  Smooth & hot!!!

Double Or Nothing / Lani Hall.  This is the title song of Lani's new A&M LP, with a special disco mix that Lani did herself.  If the voice sounds familiar, that's right… Lani was lead vocalist for Brazil '66, and has an "in" with the label as she's also Herb Alpert's wife.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs about 20 minutes, building from around 122 BPM to 128 BPM.

Raul gives Poussez 14+…(WOW!!!) …so "Come On And Do It."

Alphonse Mouzon is a very talented jazz drummer who must have gone into a disco one night and thought, "Why not me, too?"  He went to work last fall on an LP for Vanguard, a very prestigious jazz label which was also becoming enchanted with disco.  The result was "POUSSEZ!", which is one of this year's finest disco LPs to date.

There are four songs on the LP, and A.J. Miller in Los Angeles summed it up for us when he said he worked all four songs back and forth for an hour, with the floor at Bloody Mary's ready to take even more.

We put the first cut, "Come On And Do It", together with Raul Rodriguez, who's now head DJ at New York, New York.  Raul is from Cuba, and has been working at New York for the past two years.  Even though Raul swears he's no relation to David, he played Instant Funk's "I've Got My Mind Made Up" the day he got it on DISCONET, and reports that now even John Addison is getting to like it.

"Come On And Do It" was written, produced, arranged and conducted by Alphonse, who did the original mix with Mark Berry.  Danny Weiss was executive producer.  Working with two track tapes and the aid of a studio equivalent to 48 turntables and 24 hot DJs, Raul has constructed a very special version of this song for you.  The initial build is extended, that wonderful moaning by Linda Le Desma is highlighted, and the phasing and echoing should help you drive them wild!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 14:42 at a consistent 124 BPM.  There are six bands on the side to permit easy cueing if you don't want to use the entire length.  CAUTION: During pretesting of this side, a 53 year old couple stopped dancing and reverted to serious necking and petting when the fog machine went on.

Ray Mastracchio wins the LCD chronograph.  Ray plays at the Club Max in Boston, a charter DISCONET subscriber.  His pressing serial number (#123) on Program 9 matched the lucky winning number.  We're sending Ray a super LCD watch with elapsed timer, light, day, date and month readouts that also tells what time it is.  Ray's favorite songs on the program were "Wuthering Heights", "Great Expectations", "Feelin' Love" (which is coming!), and the super Top Tune/1978 Medley.  Congratulations!

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