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Chico Super Starr plays hot new stuff and mixes!

We're very pleased to have the talent and skill of Chico Super Starr as Guest DJ on Program 10.  Chico was born in Berkeley, California, and had his first spinning job at The Brew in Denver.  He moved back to San Francisco, and played at the Rendezvous and The Windjammer.  He's been playing at The Anvil in New York for the past two years to a very demanding audience, with lots of area DJs going to this club which never seems to close after their own clubs have closed for the night.  Chico has entertaiment in his blood, and is an excellent singer and dancer as well as DJ.  He's totally committed to helping to build disco to its full potential, and commented that the product has been getting so much better lately.  "Producers are getting so hip today, that you'd think some of them were DJs!"  Chico presents nine very fine songs on the first record of this two-record program.

Sweet San Francisco / Queen Samantha.  Queen Samantha is coming back with a new LP from TK/Marlin.  The group has gotten hotter since "The Letter" (Volume 1, Program 12) while still retaining its unique sound.  Charles Ibgui and Harry Chalkitis produced.

A Nice Feeling / Caroline Crawford.  Caroline has been singing backgrounds for Bohannon for four years, and her debut Mercury LP is one of Chico's favorites.  Bohannon wrote and produced.

Hold On To Love / Seawind. Tommy LiPuma has produced this new group on Horizon/A&M, and Chico picked "Hold On To Love" from Seawind's new "Light The Light" LP.  It's going to get radio action, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a 12" soon.

What A Fool Believes / The Doobie Brothers.  Ray is helping Warner Brothers' talented artist roster find its way onto the dance floor, and "What A Fool Believes" is distinctively Doobie and delightful to dance to.  Ted Templeman produced, and Jim Burgess mixed the special 12" version with additional percussion by James Maelen.  The Doobie's new LP is entitled "Minute by Minute."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 19:18 at a consistent 120 BPM (beats per minute.)  Chico would like to dedicate this special set to all of h is friends in the San Francisco area and at BADDA, the Bay Area Disco DJ Association.

Get Another Love / Chantel Curtis.  Chantel is very hot in France, and Pierre Jaubert's production is coming stateside via Wally Roker's Key Records.  Ernest Donable wrote the song, which was mixed at Sigma by Glen Blacks.

Dancing In The Moonlight / Keane Brothers.  This young, talented duo has their debut LP on ABC/Montage entitled "Taking Off", and they are.  "Dancing In The Moonlight" was specially adopted from the LP version by Stuart Alan Love and Kevin Beamish.  Lamont Dozier produced, with Papa Bob Keane executive producer.

Music Is My Way Of Life / Patti LaBelle.  Patti's new Epic LP is her finest work to date.  "Music Is My Way of Life" was remixed and edited by John Luongo, and produced by Skip Scarborough.  Other songs from the LP should work well for you, also.

Get On Back / Joe Thomas.  Instrumentals that really work on your floor are too few and far between, and Joe Thomas' new TK/LRC LP has some exciting dance cuts.  Here is one of six.

Lollipop / Edwin Birdsong.  Edwin's first LP for Philadelphia International continues to show how advanced his structure and craftsmanship is.  After a few plays, you and your audience will get to really dig Edwin's lyrics, which should get an award from the candy makers trade association for hyping bars in the bars.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 21:17 at 124 BPM. 

Simon, Brad and A.J. give you French Kiss.

Simon Soussan's followup to his Polydor/Harem "Arpeggio" LP is here.  The group is called French Kiss, and consists of Lamarr Stevens.  Muffi Durham, and Yvette Johnson.  The title cut, "Panic!", was mixed by Brad Blair, and made a beautiful setup for "Right Combination", which was mixed by A.J. Miller.  (Other cuts on the LP were mixed by Mario Gonzales, Pete Sosa, and Will Crocker.)  Simon said that Brad and A. J. mix well, so enjoy the side.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:21 at a consistent 132 BPM.

Captain Mike meets Brian and "Here Comes The Night" Medley.

Rounding out this program is the new disco song as well as a special medley of some of the real classics from the group which has turned millions of people around the world on to their music for 15 years… The Beach Boys.  Captain Mike, who vividly remembers just getting his driver's license in 1963 as "Surfin' USA" was trembling out of the AM radio, constructed this set to show that with super groups like the Beach Boys, it's really been there all the time.  Peter "Hallajeula 2000" Davis provided the extra tambourines, and Mike & Mary, Peter "Hands" White, and Chico gave us the clap.

The set starts out with "Here Comes The Night", the Beach Boys debut disco single on Caribou/CBS.  Bruce Johnston produced, mixing with Randy Sills and Curt Becher.  After their scream reminescent of John Benitez's "In The Bush" Medley, and some wonderful synthesizers, strings and percussion arranged by Bob Esty, it's old home week, with "California Girls", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Do It Again", "You're So Good To Me", "I Can Hear Music", "Wendy", and "Help Me Rhonda", all of which appeared on Capitol between 1965 and 1969.  The medley goes back to "Here Comes The Night" with an extra 25 second percussion overlay at the end to sparkle some creative mixes on your part.  (Gino Soccio's "Dancer" and Ferrara's "Wuthering Heights" are two of several super segs.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:06, beginning and ending at 132 BPM.

"For the disco DJ, Disconet is a continuing source of new ideas and material."

Terry Churchfield, Pittsburgh, PA

"I became curious about Disconet last summer, and tried out a few programs.  I grew to like the idea of hearing other DJs play and hearing alot of new material.  I play individual cuts and a whole side when want a break.  And their specially produced medlies are usually very hot crowd pleasers."

Billy Stooke wins the LCD chronograph.  Billy returned the feedback card from Program 8 of Volume 2, and his pressing serial number (#717), matched our lucky winning number.  Billy's favorite songs on the program were Witch Queen's "Bang A Gong", Lorraine Johnson's "Feed The Flame", Rosebud's "Have A Cigar" and Wardell Piper's "Captain Boogie."  Billy plays at The Rendezvous in Worcester, Massachusetts, and reports to Billboard, Cashbox, Record World, Discothekin', Disco News, and his mother if he won't be home that night.  Congratulations, Billy!

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