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Valapucci strikes again.

Valapucci, perhaps Milan, Italy's most interesting DJ because he sometimes lets the whole song play three times (e.g. his fabulous "Contact" Medley featuring Edwin Starr on Volume 2, Program 7) has struck again with four exciting sets of dance music for you.  Since artist development is the buzzword today, we'll be flying Valapucci back to the U.S. for a special promotional tour of Program 12.  Just wait until you see this gentleman actually mouth the mixes you'll hear on these sets!!!  He's created a special medley with one of the songs from Ferrara's "Wuthering Heights" LP which DISCONET premiered earlier this year, and three additional sets with some of the best new music you'll be hearing (and hearing about) in the weeks and months ahead.

Start A New Affair / Ruth Waters.  This song is instant energy.  During pretest, two-thirds of Woodlawn's paying customers got up and danced.  It got so hot at the Ice Palace on Fire Island when Roy Thode played it that the Memorial Day clouds even parted for a while.  Ruth is from Texas, where she attended Texas State University and performed in several Austin and Dallas clubs.  She's six feet two inches tall (well, honey, she is from Texas!) and her talents seem to exceed her stature.  John Davis produced Ruth's debut LP for KARMA Musigproduktion which will be out on various European labels, and on RCA here.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini / T.M. & Heat.  After Ruth heats up your floor, it's time for a swim.  But… she's afraid to come out, afraid to come out!!!  To the week, this is the 19th anniversary of a song which no one would buy which sold 6 million copies.  And that bikini has grown up with a great disco sound and sonic smooth talking.  Danny Jordan and Paul Vance produced, who wrote the song with Lee "Earnest In Love" Pockriss.  Sammy Lowe arranged and conducted, and Harry "O" from La Gallery 109 in The Bronx mixed.  It's coming on Blue Star records just ill time for a super summer.

Life's A Party / The Michael Zager Band.  Here's the title cut.  It will take you and your audience to new spaces.  It's the first time we've heard 6/6 time in a disco song, yet it's done so subtly that your audience won't know they're almost waltzing.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 22:00, from 126 to 128 BPM.

Don't Stop / Ish.  Ish (Ledesma) is Foxy's lead singer, and has written and co-produced his own solo LP for TK/Clouds.  It was irresistible on the LP, so TK is releasing a special disco version on a 12".  Valapucci presents the 14" version here.

Deshabille Moi (Undress Me) / Louis Lesther.  This started out as a 3 minute single on Fleet (Holland), and Joe Sutton's Shadybrook label picked it up for the U.S.  Frank Hullihan did wonders in the mix for a 12" version, so your locker room should be busy.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 16:33, from 117 to 125 BPM.

Love Attack Medley / Ferrara.  The "A" side of Ferrara's Midsong International LP, "Wuthering Heights", got started on Program 9.  The title track was based on the hook, and divided into three acts.  The "B" side of the LP contains three songs, including "Love Attack" in a 3:27 version.  "Love Attack" has started to takeoff as a 12" single, remixed by Tony Gioe and John Ferrara, who wrote, conducted, arranged, and produced.  Valapucci has taken the 5:45 remix and created a special version for you which probably won't get heavy radio rotation.

This "Love Attack" medley has four acts:
  (1) Mix-in (38 seconds of drums);
  (2) Getting There;
  (3) Sleazed To Please;
  (4) Phased To Amaze.

Valapucci would like to thank the DISCONET Breathing Section as well as our subscribing discos in New York City where many of the sounds were actually recorded.  Have fun with this one!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 13:07 at a consistent 132 BPM (breaths per minute.)

You Don't Know A Good Thing / The Michael Zager Band.  There are two excellent songs from the forthcoming "Life's A Party/The Michael Zager Band" Columbia LP on this program.  "You Don't Know A Good Thing" begins this set.  The special Zager touch is obvious, and the subtle evolutions that Mike is bringing to the dance floor should be very pleasing to your audience.  Mike arranged, conducted, and produced, and Jerry Love (who still has the world's largest collection of interesting hats) was executive producer.

Steppin' Out / Ray Dahrouge.  Ray's "Rendezvous With Destiny" Polydor LP marks the first time he's been in front of the microphone himself, having established an excellent reputation as a writer and producer for other artists.  Billy Terrell co-produced with Ray, and John Davis arranged and conducted.  This is the 12" disco version (which follows "I Can See Him Making Love To You"), and Valapucci got so turned on by the phasing that he's added some answering at the end.  He also used that super drum break as a segway into the next song.  Hot stuff!

Shanghaied / 'Lectric Funk.  Isaac and David Blech wrote this song for a movie, and got John Ferrara to arrange and produce a very hot disco/rock record.  It's coming on Stanley Cohen's Blockbuster label, and brings the Far East to your floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 18:49 at 130 BPM.

Help Mike, Jerry and Columbia pick the single.

If you were Love/Zager Productions and Columbia Records, would you pick "Life's A Party" or "You Don't Know A Good Thing" as the first radio single from the LP?  (Remember… Ray started out in the mailroom, and since they never ask the mailboy such questions, here's your chance to demonstrate your keen insight and skill!!!)  Go over both songs carefully, and then check off your choice at the bottom of this program's feedback card.  Please also explain your reasons in the space provided.  Mike Zager, Jerry hove and all the folks at Columbia thank you in advance for your insight.

John Shaw wins the LCD chronograph.  John plays at The Veranda in Austin, Texas, and his pressing serial number (#313) on Program 10 matched the lucky winning number.  John said that Chico Super Starr's mixes were superb, and his favorite songs were "What A Fool Believes", "Get Another Love", "Music Is My Way Of Life ", "Panic", and the fabulous Beach Boys "Here Comes The Night" Medley.  Congratulations, John.  To win the watch, be sure to complete your feedback card and enter your pressing serial number of your "Number 12" record jacket.  Good luck!!!!

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