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Bobby DJ Spotlights Diana Ross. 15 hot songs to help melt the winter.

Program 8 of Volume 2 is a three record program, including the entire Love Symphony Orchestra LP remixed by Tom Savarese and two DISCONET records.

15 is the lucky number for Program 8… three are 15 songs on it, including a flashback to 15 years ago from the lady who lead the group which had 15 #1 singles over a 10-year period.  Bobby DJ begins the program with a special DISCONET "Spotlight" on Diana Ross, lead singer of the Supremes for 10 years, and now a multitalented superstar on her own.

Love Hangover / Diana Ross.  This is Diana's biggest disco hit to date, and set many trends for songs which followed its 1976 release.

Going Down For The Third Time / Diana Ross And The Supremes.  This was released 10 years before "Love Hangover" in 1966, and Bobby DJ is always amazed at how current most all of Diana's songs sound.  The single was the "B" side of "Reflections."

Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart / Diana Ross And The Supremes.  This was released in April, 1966, and like all of Diana's songs on Motown, shows that today's disco sound was really three all the time.

What You Gave Me / Diana Ross.  This is the special disco remix of "What You Gave Me" from Diana's current Motown LP, "Ross."

Where Did Our Love Go / Diana Ross And The Supremes. Your crowd may scream into this one, from June, 1964… and superheat today.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 18:34, building from 80 BPM (beats pre minute) to 142.  The next time someone asks you to play Diana Ross, you will make an extremely good impression!!!!

Captain Boogie / Wardell Piper.  Wardell began her professional career as a member of First Choice in 1970.  She later went out on her own as the solo opening act for The Three Degrees and The Spinners.  Wardell met Rubin Cross and John Fitch (who had just written the smash "Shame" for Evelyn Champagne King), and the vibes were just right.  Wardell was immediately signed by Midsong International on the strength of the single version of "Captain Boogie" Rubin and John wrote and produced.  The single is starting to get some airplay, and this complete revamp/remix for a forthcoming 12" extended version is sure to heat up "Captain Boogie" even more.  Superhot stuff.

Bang A Gong / Witch Queen.  Gino Soccio co/produced this famous T-Rex song with Peter Alves, and it will be out shortly as a 12" and LP on Nature, distributed by RCA (who now seems to be distributing just about everyone except Columbia!)  The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section started the tracks, with additional recording at Phase One in Toronto and Studio Six in Montreal.  Percussion kudoos go to Gino Soccio, Peter Alves, Malika, and Luke Boivin, and the marvelous synthesizer effects were provided by Denis Lepage.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 16:50 at a consistent 134 BPM.  Both songs lend themselves extremely well to long mix-ins and mix-outs, and Bobby DJ's one minute overlay is spiralled.

Feed The Flame / Lorraine Johnson.  Lorraine's second LP for Prelude, "Learning To Dance All Over Again", has been getting quite a bit of play with the title track and "Feed The Flame."  Lorraine is from Huntsville, Alabama, and makes exciting music with her writer/producer team, Moses Dillard and Jesse Boyce.  (Jesse even helped with the background vocals and keyboards, and Moses with the keyboards.)  Francois K. (who caught the simple last name syndrom from his Prelude teammate Roy B.) (can Starr A. be next?) remixed "Feed The Flame" for a promotional 12", which were edited for television and this DISCONET program.

Tahitian Orgy / Voyage.  This is a special conversation between "Kechak" and "Tahiti" from the TK/Marlin "Voyage/Fly Away" LP.

I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper / Sarah Brightman And Hot Gossip.  This is the hottest record in England now, and Ariola is releasing Steve Rowland's production for Hansa complete with forced deviations, increasing pulse rates and (horror of horrors!) Captain Strange being accused of being a DROID devoid of emotion!  Get out your metallic silver jackets, guys.

Have A Cigar / Rosebud.  Rosebud, from France, has made some bright new disco versions of Pink Floyd songs, and "Have A Cigar" will be out soon o n T.K.  Hot stuff here.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:58, from 128 to 136.

Sun After The Rain / The Salsoul Strings.  Silvetti's beautiful new song has been given an extra hot dance treatment, arranged by Thor Baldursson and produced by Tom Moulton.  The Salsoul 12" will be out soon with both a vocal and instrumental side, mixed by Tom Moulton.

Dancing In The Halls Of Love / Alessi.  Alessi is really two people… Billy and Bobby (or, as John Addison would say, Alessi-Alessi.)  The 24 year old twins' latest A&M LP is enjoying much radio success, backed by a U.S. tour.  Billy and Bobby wrote and produced.

Les Femmes / Martin Stevens.  Martin began to get U.S. exposure with his CBS (Canada) 12" of "Love Is In The Air", which is included on his new LP along with "Les Femmes."  The language doesn't really matter when you have such fine production, and we'll look forward to an English language LP soon.

Shine On Silver Moon / Marilyn Mc Coo & Billy Davis, Jr.  John Luongo took the tracks from "Marilyn & Billy" on Columbia, and created in "Shine On Silver Moon" what Bobby feels is John's best remix to date.  The mood and the music keep building.  This song is really taking dancers into new spaces.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 17:30, from 122 BPM to 124.

"The Love Symphony Orchestra" LP, complements of Talpro, is included in this DISCONET package.  "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" was programmed earlier on Volume 2, Program 3, and the new version of the LP was remixed by Tom Savarese.  Enjoy!!!!!

Billboard Disco Forum V.  The best way to see just about everything new in disco hardware and software is to plan your trip to the Fifth Billboard Magazine Disco Convention.  February 26-March 1, at the New York Hilton.  We'll see you there.

"For Prelude, Disconet helps get new songs playing… and keeps them alive."

Marvin Schlachter, President, Prelude Records

"Disconet's Volume I, Program 12 last June included the world premiere of 'In The Bush' by MUSIQUE.  This helped to bring serious attention to the song and get immediate play.  And their specially produced 'In The Bush Medley' on Volume 2, Program 5 has helped to keep the song alive in discos five to six weeks longer than we'd normally expect."

Richard Mair wins the LCD chronograph.  Richard plays at Wednesday's in New York City, and his pressing serial number (#605) from Program 6 matched the lucky winning number.  Richard's favorite songs on the program were the 12" "At Midnight" and "You Saved My Day", "Araxis Space Ship", "Dance It Freestyle Rhythm" and "Don't Let Them Stop The Music."  We've sent Richard a digital LCD watch that does almost everything as a thank you for returning the feedback card.

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