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7 world/US premieres (and 2 more hot songs) from Bobby DJ.

Bobby DJ Guttadaro has created three varied and exciting sets of dance music for you to help start the year off right!

It Hurts So Good / Rhonda Heath.  Rhonda is the lead singer of Silver Convention, and teaming up again with writer/producer Michael Kunze, Karma (Germany) will have Rhonda's new LP soon which most of the world will be dancing to.  "It Hurts So Good" is the first single from the LP, and will be released in Germany and England later in January.

After Midnight / Valverde Brothers.  John Cale's classic song, "After Midnight", produced by Tony Hendrik for Hansa Music (Germany) is now out on Epic (Canada) via Gary Salter's Inter Global Music.  The LP also includes a nice, refreshing version of "Layla", and should be getting exposure and release in other areas.

Disco Boogie / L.E.B. Harmony.  L.E.B. Harmony was on Bobby DJ's first DISCONET program last year.  Volume 1, Program 4 included "Childhood Forever", and the group was then known as Recreation and Harmony.  "Childhood" is included in L.E.B. Harmony's new LP for Disques Melba along with "Disco Boogie" and other upbeat dance numbers.

(You've Got) My Love, My Life, My Soul / George Mc Rae.  George put TK's Miami sound on the map around the world in 1974 with "Rock Your Baby."  It was voted the Number One single of the year by Rolling Stone, Cashbox, Record World and the Dutch Pop Music Poll.  George's newest monster, also written and produced by K.C. and Rick Finch, is more fine dance entertainment for your audience.  George is 34, and was born in West Palm Beach.  He began singing with the Roosevelt High School Glee Club, and eventually formed his own group, The Jivin' Jets.  While serving in the Navy at Pensacola, he met and eventually married songtress Gwen McRae, and acted as her manager until he recorded "Rock Your Baby."  George says there's no mystery to the gold and platinum Miami sound records he's racked up all around the world… "The sound has universal appeal, and sing it hinges so heavily on rhythm, language doesn't seem to be any barrier to its acceptance."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17:20, building from 120 BPM (beats per minute) to 126 BPM.

Island In The Sun / Dark Tan.  Dark Tan has developed into Australia's leading disco group, and their latest song, "Island In The Sun", is getting top play throughout the country.  On Laser, distributed by RCA, the song was originally 4:30, and as it took off in discos, it was remixed to 8:30.  Gene Pierson produced, and Bobby believes that Dark Tan will be getting serious attention throughout other areas of the world during 1979.

Nanu, Nanu (I Want To Get Funky With You) / Daddy Dewdrop.  When Robin Williams first said "Nanu, Nanu" on ABC-TV's "Mork & Mindy" show, Inphasion Records was listening.  Randy Sills has outdone himself in the mix, which keeps throwing more fun and tempo at your audience with each unfolding segment.

Heavy Makes You Happy / Claudja Barry.  Bobby believes that Claudja's newest LP is her finest work to date.  There are several numbers to choose from, many of which may be ripe for disco extensions.  The LP is from Lollipop Musik, produced by Jurgen Korduletsch.  Keith Forsey provided the percussion, and Tom Savarese was disco consultant on the album.  Bobby chose "Heavy Makes You Happy", and recalls that it was the Staple Singers' first big song in 1970, when he was playing at The Zodiac in New York City (which is now the Catch a Rising Star cabaret.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:35 at a consistent 128 BPM.

I Got My Mind Made Up / Instant Funk.  Instant Funk goes back seven years as a backup band and as individual recording musicians for several top artists.  Their musical nucleus consists of Kim Miller on guitar, Scotty Miller on drums, and Raymond Earl on bass.  Joined by Denny Richardson on piano and Charles Williams on congas, the group became Instant Funk, produced by Bunny Sigler.  Kim, Scotty and Ray wrote "I Got My Mind Made Up", and were joined by Eric Huff (formerly with The Ritchie Family Musicians), George Bell (formerly with Village People), Larry Davis and Johnny Onderlinde.  The single has started to get some R&B attention, and with Larry Levan's special disco mix, the extended version which Bobby picked should be one of 1979's first big disco/funk songs.  Larry has put so much into this song, that you owe it to yourself and your audience to get several tastes to truly savor each of the elements, on Salsoul.

Always There / Willie Bobo.  Willie is one of the world's leading jazz drummers.  His new Columbia LP, "Hell Of An Act To Follow", includes "Always There", produced by Wayne Henderson.  This is real music, and real percussion.  Enjoy!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 16:30, building from 116 BPM to 128.  The special "TEST PRESSING" label and secretive white jacket which comprise Program 7's bonus record are designed to impress visitors to your booth.  "Test Pressings" are only given to specially selected DJs (like you!) to try out a new release, and next to a 48 track original master (or atleast an acetate), should become a special part of your repetoire and most treasured disks.

Valapucci's "Contact" Medley featuring Edwin Starr (the remix of remixes!)

"Contact" by Edwin Starr, from 20th Century-Fox Records, became hot in discos the first time it was played.  The attraction of this song comes from its energy and vitality, and the spirited artistry of Edwin Starr.  Valapucci, who normally hangs out in Milan, was over in the States for the holidays, and we're pleased to present his special DISCONET remix of "Contact" to give you even more of the excitement of Edwin Starr.

Edwin formed his first band when he was 14 years old in Cleveland, and won a week-long engagement as co-star with Billie Holiday on the nationally syndicated "Uncle Jake Show."  During the 1960's, he performed extensively throughout Europe, and says that European music has had a great effect on him.  His first Number One song was in 1970, "Agent 00 Soul", followed by "War (What Is It Good For?)", "25 Miles", "There You Go", "Stop Her On Sight" and "Stop The War Now."

Edwin's new LP, "Clean", has been reviewed as stylish, classy, yet heartfelt and warm.  Three of the six songs were produced by Lamont Dozier, and the other three, including "Contact", were produced by Edwin.  The LP's wide appeal stems from Edwin's objective of presenting a wide range of music in one package.  Edwin says "If I was a punk rock artist I'd be trying to appeal to the punk rock people.  If I was a total soul artist I'd be trying to deal with a total soul audience.  But I think there is a vaster market out there.  I'm more excited about "Clean" than anything I've done for quite some while."

Valapucci has extended all of the elements which make "Contact" at 7:21 exciting.  You may find it hard to believe that this remix runs 17:30.  The drums at the end have also been extended to permit longer overlays into your next record.  There are also a couple of inserts from Dan Hartman's "Instant Replay" and T-Connection's "At Midnight" to keep the people on your dance floor wondering what you're up to.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 17:30 at a consistent 132 BPM.

Top Tune/1978 Medley.  To help us put together the hottest disco songs of 1978 into one medley, there's a spot for your top choices at the bottom of this program's feedback card.  We realize that it's almost impossible to select only three choices…but, that's what we're asking you to do.  Please list your three favorites by title and artist.  (The order of your listing has no effect on how each "vote" will be used to compile the medley.)  Thanks very much in advance for giving it some thought and attention so that we can get back to you with (what we all hope!) will be as exciting and useful a tool as the Top Tune/1977 medley was (and still is.)  Any song you used during calendar 1978 (irregardless of release date) is eligible.

Tom O'Brien wins the LCD chronograph.  Tom O'Brien wins the chronograph for Program 5 with Pressing #60, Tom started DJing in Chicago, and moved to Seattle last year where he has a mobile operation ("Tomcat's"), and regularly plays at Geronimo's Cadillac in Everett, 30 miles north of Seattle.  "Tender Is The Night", "Souvenirs", and "If There's Love" were Tom's favorite selections on the program.

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