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Jeff Tilton with 11 new releases mixed to kill.

Jeff (through Boston-Boston) has been a charter subscriber from over a year ago, and he sent us a very well done "audition tape" a couple of months ago.  We're very pleased to have one of Boston's leading disco DJs playing for you on this special Christmas program.  Jeff reviewed several new LPs (and unreleased tapes) to develop three varied and exciting sets of dance music for you with 11 new songs.

Face To Face / The Dells.  The Dells will be back loud and clear when their new ABC LP comes out.  Jeff chose a special lengthened disco version of "Face To Face", which hopefully will come out as a 12".  The Dells new magic comes, in part, from their original producer - Mel Carter - who worked with the group on their latest materials.

Glad I Gotcha Baby / Beverly and DuaneAriola has just signed this very talented duo, and while they're not a "disco act", per se, Jeff couldn't pass up the very upbeat catchyness of this song.  Beverly and Duane wrote it, along with Will Hatcher (who produced.)  Woodrow Wilson was executive producer. (Now we know where he went after settling the war.)

You Saved My Day / Cheryl Lynn.  Jeff believes that Columbia has a disco gold mine in Cheryl's new LP.  "Got To Be Real" and "Starlove" are doing well in their 12" disco version, and additional songs are bound to follow, including the one he picked.

At Midnight / T-Connection.  Cory Wade, one of disco's most innovative producers, has developed what should become another disco classic from the T-Connection.  The radio version is on their new TK/Dash LP, and a 12" of the version Jeff used is coming.  Cory has given you a three minute conga/drum introduction, which Jeff used as a rhythm underlay for the end of Cheryl's song.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 22:37, building slightly from 114 BPM (beats per minute) to 120.

Araxis / Araxis Space Ship.  Araxis has landed, and there's a message along with all of the fun in this new song from I.P.G.  The 12" French disco single should be released in early 1979 as an LP wish additional materials.  Jeff has found this to be one of the strongest imports he's ever used on his audience.

Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet / Gonzalez.  When John Dixon left Capitol's Los Angeles office for EMI in the U.K., we asked him to wakeup the U.K. to disco in the U.S.  And here's a great start… with 15 members, based in London.  Lenny Zakatek is lead vocalist, and Roy Davies is on the keyboards.  The original version of "Haven't Stopped" was recorded in England and Los Angeles, and became England's #1 disco tune last fall.  John Luongo did additional mixing and editing to create this new version, on Capitol.

Dance It Freestyle / Mantus.  Will Crittendon co-wrote and produced this new song on S.M.I. with Mantus.  John Benitez and Will have mixed two versions of it, and each has a lot to offer the DJ in terms of programming variety.  If it doesn't sound like Mantus to you, that's because Jeff started about 3 minutes into the song where the mellow synthesizer begins.  It builds right back up, and is excellent at the end in terms of transitioning to the next record you want to play.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 16:59, from 132 to 134 BPM.

Disco Concerto / Eine Kleine Disco Band.  Bugs Bower has written a classical/disco piece with a very intriguing sound.  It's part of the Eine Kleine Disco Band's new MMG LP entitled (are you ready???), "Saturday Nacht Fever.  Ira Moss produced.

Holiday / Moulin Rouge.  From "Nacht Fever" to a new version of the Bee Gee's million seller, by a new group produced by Mike Zager.  The LP and 12" will be out on ABC/Phoenix, and it's hot!!!  It's Zager at his best, and why not, since Jerry Love was executive producer.

Looking Out The Window / Jannie Hoeg.  Here is a very popular Danish artist, on Sonet.  Her new LP, "The Way I Am" includes this smooth new song with excellent production for your dance floor.  Wolfgang Kafer arranged and conducted.

Don't Let Them Stop The Music / Bonnie St. Claire.  Another taste of Europe, from Born Free records in the Netherlands.  Have the courage to try out the very nice slowdown towards the end… it's a nice change of pace, much like "Last Dance."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 19:14, from 126 to 134.

Bobby DJ's Christmas Medley is simply Supreme. (Donde esta Beach Boys????)

After a minute of super percussion for easy entry, The Jokers start the medley (from N.S.B. in Canada) with "Gloria Medley."  Next, backed by the DISCONET rhythm section, it is actually the real Beach Boys' Capitol classic, "Little St. Nick."  The Supreme "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", from their 1965 Motown classic, were also reincarnated for the dance floor.  Charo's very upbeat "Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus?" is next, produced by Tom Moulton on Salsoul.  "Santa Fly", by Martin Mull on Capricorn really gets down (and who can believe this is sung and written by the host of "Fernwood 2-Night".)  Basic Black and Pearl do their get down version of "White Christmas" from Polydor (Canada), and then for the braver DJs willing to try 85 Barks Per Minute, it's The Singing Dogs with "Jingle Bells" from RCA.  Their LP was never completed, as one of the lead singers got hit by a car.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 19:05, from 132 to 85.

Gary Larkin wins the LCD chronograph.  Gary returned the feedback card from Program 4, and his pressing serial number (#163) matched the winning number.  Gary's been a DJ for 15 years, and just moved from The Giraffe to the Loose Baloon in Pittsburgh.  He's a correspondent for Disco News and RMR Report, and also reports to Billboard.  In addition to having the largest wrists in the east, Gary publishes the G&B Report.  Gary believes that teen disco will continue to become more popular in 1979, drawing more radio attention to disco music with it.  His favorite songs on #4 were "Hold Your Horses", "True Love Is My Destiny", and Bob Viteritti's "Dance and Feel Medley."

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