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U.D.S. Boys
You Oughta Know
Eurotracks: Issue Thirteen (13)
Money, Hoes & Power
Hot Tracks: Street Tracks 57
U.K. One
Yeah! (U.K. One feat. Tia & Chantel
Ultimix: Funkymix 6
If U Were Mine
Prime Cuts: Volume 3, Issue 1
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Hot Tracks: NRG Series 44
Ultra High
Are You Ready For Love
Ace-DJ Remix: Volume 13
Reap The Wild Wind
Disconet: Volume 5, Program 12
Cry India
Direct Hit: Sector One
Remix!: Club Vol. 8
Uncanny Alliance
Everybody Up
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 13-6
Happy Day
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 13-7
I Got My Education
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 12-2
I'm Beautiful Dammitt!
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 12-7
Uncle Kracker
Follow Me
Ultimix: Ultimix 83
Baker St.
Ace-DJ Remix: Volume 7
Hot Tracks: NRG For The 90's Vol. 17
Hot Tracks: Best Of NRG For The 90's Vol. 4
Underdog Project, The
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 20-3
Un Disco Un Lattina
Always Coca Cola
Eurotracks: Issue Five (5)
Unique II
Break My Stride
Remix!: Club Vol. 5
Unit 28
I Want My Freedom
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 17-5
Discotech: Four
Discotech: Best Of Issues 1 to 10
Bone It
Ultimix: Funkymix 16
Until December
Until December
Hot Tracks: The Edge - Level 2
Hot Tracks: The Edge - Quadrant 11
Hold Me Tight
Disconet: Volume 10, Program 6
Uptown Girls
(I Know) I'm Losing You
Hot Tracks: Series 6, Issue 1
Prime Cuts: Volume 1, Issue 3
Ultimix: Ultimix 19
Ultimix: Ultimix 49
Ultimix: Best Of Ultimix 2
Ultimix: In The Beginning
I'm Gonna Love You
Prime Cuts: Volume 1, Issue 6
Ultimix: Ultimix 13
Urban Cookie Collective
High On A Happy Vibe
Direct Hit: Volume 8
The Key, The Secret
Eurotracks: Issue Sixteen (16)
Hot Tracks: Roadkill! 1.07
Urban Dance Orchestra feat. Marla McLean
I've Got To Know (If You Want My Love)
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 17-5
Helpless (I Don't Know What To Do Without You) (Urbanized feat. Silvano)
Rhythm Stick: RS 4-1
Urban Soul
Love Is So Nice (Urban Soul feat. Ceybil Jeffries & Troyetta Knox)
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 17-4
Urgent C
You'll See
Hot Tracks: NRG For The 90's Vol. 28
Hot Tracks: Best Of NRG For The 90's Vol. 6
USA-European Connection
Come Into My Heart/Good Lovin'
Disconet: Volume 1, Number 7
I'd Like To Get Closer/Do Me Good/There's A Way Into My Heart
Disconet: Volume 3, Program 2
Caught Up (Usher feat. Fabolous)
Ultimix: Funkymix 84
Ultimix: Ultimix 113
I Need A Girl (Part One) (P. Diddy feat. Usher & Loon)
Ultimix: Funkymix 59
My Boo (Usher & Alicia Keys)
Ultimix: Funkymix 83
My Way
Ultimix: Funkymix 32
U Don't Have To Call
Ultimix: Funkymix 59
Yeah! (Usher feat. Ludacris)
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 23-1
Hot Tracks: Street Tracks 74
Ultimix: Ultimix 115
Love Sees No Colour
Hot Tracks: Roadkill! 1.07
Hot Tracks: Street Tracks 18
Hot Tracks: Best Of Street Tracks Vol. 4
Ultimix: Funkymix 39
Ultimix: Ultimix 50
Tukka Yoot's Riddim
Hot Tracks: Street Tracks 19
Hot Tracks: Best Of Street Tracks Vol. 6
Uptown Downtown
Ace-DJ Remix: Volume 12
Open Your Mind
Discotech: Sixteen
Hot Tracks: Roadkill! 1.05
Hot Tracks: Roadkill! 2.20
Remix!: Import/NRG Volume 5
Rhythm Stick: RS 4-2
Rhythm Stick: CD-06
Direct Hit: Volume 3
Discotech: Twentyone
Easy Breezy
Ultimix: Ultimix 108
Utah Saints
Something Good
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 11-4
What Can You Do For Me
Discotech: Nineteen
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 12-3
Ultimix: Ultimix 47
Ultimix: Ultimix 62
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Discotech: Eleven
Hot Tracks: Hot Tracks 11-4
Rhythm Stick: RS 4-1
New Year's Day
Hot Tracks: Hot Rocks Volume 3
Hot Tracks: The Edge - Level 2
Hot Tracks: The Edge - Quadrant 8
Hot Tracks: Collectors Set Disc #10
Night And Day
Rhythm Stick: RS 2-6
Pop Muzik
Direct Hit: Sector Eleven
Take Me To The Clouds Above (LMC vs. U2)
Ultimix: Ultimix 106
Sting Me
Disconet: Volume 5, Program 5
Uzho, Madeleine
Disconet: Volume 5, Program 12
Disconet: Dance Classics Two

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