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Larry Levan


Remixer: Larry Levan & Friends
Labels: A&M, Garage, Island, MCA, Polydor, Prelude, RFC, Salsoul, SAM, Sleeping Bag, Warner, West End...
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Anthony & The Camp
Open Up Your Heart (1988 Jellybean)
Suspense (1988 Jellybean)
Steve Arrington
Summertime Lovin' (1980 Salsoul)
Patti Austin
Honey For The Bees (1985 Qwest)
Black Mamba
Vicious (1984 Garage)
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Bad For Me (1979 Elektra)
Bumble Bee Unlimited
Love Bug (1976 Red Greg)
Jimmy Castor
It's Just Begun
Central Line
Walking Into Sunshine (1981 Mercury)
Janice Christie
Heat Stroke (1986 Supertronics)
Class Action
Weekend (1983 Sleeping Bag)
Let's Do It (1980 SAM)
The Cookie Monster
C Is For Cookie (1976 Sesame Street)
The Cut
Kindness For Weakness (1986 Supertronics)
Dinosaur L
Go Bang! #5 (1982 Sleeping Bag)
East Village People
Love's Gonna Get You (1982 SAM)
Eastside Kid
Love's Gonna Get You (Too) (1982 SAM)
Fearless Four
Just Rock (1981 Enjoy)
First Choice
Double Cross (1979 Salsoul)
Aretha Franklin
Jimmy Lee (1986 Arista)
Frontline Orchestra
Don't Turn Your Back On Me (1982 RFC/Quality)
Taana Gardner
Heartbeat (1981 West End)
No Frills (1981 West End)
Paradise Express (1979 West End)
When You Touch Me (1979 West End)
Work That Body (1979 West End)
Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (1982 West End)
Gwen Guthrie
Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (1986 Polydor)
Close To You (1987 Polydor)
Getting Hot (1985 Garage)
Hopscotch (1983 Mango/Island)
It Should Have Been You (1982 Island)
Outside In The Rain (1986 Polydor)
Padlock (1985 Garage)
Peanut Butter (1985 Garage)
Rocking Chair (1988 Warner)
Seventh Heaven (1983 Mango/Island)
Ticket To Ride (1987 4th & Broadway)
Hanson & Davis
I'll Take You On (1986 Fresh)
Dan Hartman
I Can Dream About You (1984 MCA)
We Are The Young (1984 MCA)
Loletta Holloway
Strong Enough (mixed with Francois Kevorkian) (1992 Active)
The Greatest Performance Of My Life (1979 Salsoul)
Ednah Holt
Serious, Sirius Space Party (1981 West End)
Changes (1983 MCA)
Inner Life
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1981 Salsoul)
Make It Last Forever (1979 Salsoul)
Instant Funk
Body Shine (1979 Salsoul)
Crying (1979 Salsoul)
Everybody (1979 Salsoul)
I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) (1978 Salsoul)
Slap, Slap, Lickedy Lap (1979 Salsoul)
Jamaica Girls
Need Somebody New (1983 Sleeping Bag)
Grace Jones
Feel Up (1982 Island)
David Joseph
You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (1983 Mango)
Chaka Khan
Tearin' It Up (1983 Warner)
Can't Play Around (1982 RFC/Atlantic)
Ronnie Laws
Smoke House (1987 Columbia)
I Know You Will (1981 Salsoul)
Loose Joints
Is It All Over My Face (1980 West End)
Tell You (Today) (1984 4th & Broadway)
Jeff Lorber
Facts Of Love (featuring Karyn White) (1986 Warner)
Man Friday
Love Honey, Love Heartache (1986 Vinylmania)
Jump (1986 Vinylmania)
Winners (Warner)
Janice McClain
Smack Dab In The Middle (1980 RFC/Warner)
Merc & Monk
Carried Away (1985 Manhattan)
New York Citi Peech Boys
Come On, Come On (1984 Garage)
Dance Sister (1983 Island)
Don't Make Me Wait (1982 West End)
Life Is Something Special (1982 Island)
On A Journey (1983 Island)
Billy Nichols
Give Your Body Up To The Music (1979 West End)
Jeffrey Osborne
Plane Love (1983 A&M)
The Borderlines (1984 A&M)
Tony Paris
Electric Automan (1985 Vanguard)
Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju
Every Way But Loose (1982 Sutra)
Bert Reid
Groovin' With You (1984 Next Plateau)
Smokey Robinson
And I Don't Love You (1984 Motown)
Nile Rodgers
State Your Mind/Stay Out Of The Light (1985 Warner)
Jimmy Ross
First True Love Affair (1981 RFC/Quality)
Jimmy Ruffin
Fallin' In Love With You (1977 Epic)
The Salsoul Orchestra
How High (featuring Cognac) (1979 Salsoul)
Bunny Sigler
By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You) (1979 Gold Mind)
First Time Around (1979 Salsoul)
Skyyzoo (1980 Salsoul)
Handsome Man (1979 Salsoul)
Let's Go Dancin' (mixed with Francois Kevorkian) (1981 West End)
The Strikers
Body Music (mixed with Francois Kevorkian) (1981 Prelude)
Someone Like You (1986 Warner)
Can't Shake Your Love (1981 Motown)
Third World
One More Time (1985 Columbia)
The Rock (1987 A&M)
Narada Michael Walden
The Nature Of Things (1985 Warner)
Tracy Weber
Sure Shot (1981 RFC/Quality)
Esther Williams
I'll Be Your Pleasure (1981 RCA)
Retta Young
My Man Is On His Way (1978 Turbo)

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